Gray electric toothbrush

For the end of the year, why not offer your customers this electric toothbrush as goodies? This advertising object has many advantages: practical, aesthetic and efficient. It is the ideal tool to promote and enhance your brand image. It also allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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Currently, offer cheap promotional items to customers or employees becomes an essential gesture for a company. It is a special opportunity to thank the professional partners for their loyalty and commitment. This gesture also helps to retain them and get closer to them. It is an effective way to enhance the image of the company.

Goodies to provide better dental health

This object advertising  is appreciated for its performance. It effectively cleans the gum and eliminates dental plaque thanks to its very rapid oscillations. This promotional gift is provided with a brush made of Tynex DuPont fibers which allows cleaning of the gum and teeth with great gentleness. Its ergonomically shaped handle makes it easier to grip. The gestures therefore become more comfortable, easier and more intuitive, which makes brushing easier. This accessory is provided with a waterproof case according to IPX7 standards. It is therefore resistant to water and humidity.

Maximum efficiency goodies

This toothbrush is equipped with a built-in 2 minute timer which is very practical, because the user can thus respect the brushing time required for better dental health. It is therefore no longer necessary to time. All you have to do is start the timer and you're good to go! This personalized promotional item has 3 speed levels. The user can therefore control the speed steps for better cleaning.

Customizable goodies as you wish

This advertising object can be personalized according to the image of your company. Do not hesitate to engrave the identity of your company on it by printing your logo or your slogan. For special events, why not write personalized messages like best wishes or wishes. It's up to you to choose the style you want.

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