Babyliss travel hair dryer

How to please your employees or business partners? What employee gift worthy of the name could strengthen your professional links? Why not give this Babyliss travel hair dryer as a CE gift? This is sure to impress the fairer sex and enhance your image.

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Turn to a CE gift operating budget original is the best solution to satisfy its employees. A high quality custom made gift that will surely make people happy at the end of the year. This type of corporate committee gift is more than just a present, it is also a token of recognition and commitment..

A high-tech company committee gift: Babyliss travel hair dryer

Do you want to optimize the visibility of your business over the long term with gifts company? In this case, do not hesitate to choose a high-tech and efficient product. The resulting consequences will be beneficial for your brand. Offering this beauty device will surprise the women in your company. Both trendy and very practical, it makes a perfect thank you gift. Thanks to its lightness and its foldable ergonomic handle, it can be taken anywhere. It features an impressive 1200 watt performance for quick drying with an air speed of 50 km / h. Equipped with 4 speeds, it is possible to adjust the temperature and the air flow according to the nature of the hair and the desired result. And finally, this object has a 23 x 80 mm concentrator for quick and easy shaping. Receiving this CE gift can restore the motivation of your employees and other business partners.

Affordable high tech CE gift

The cheap employee gift market is very dynamic with always new creations and new features. It is for this reason that it is easy to find this hair dryer quality at a very affordable price from many advertising object specialists. They never stop finding trendy and striking ideas that meet the needs and desires of as many users as possible. Business leaders are relying on these new creations to best meet their privileged targets.

Customizable CE gift in the image of the company

You have a wide choice of relevant solutions to promote your brand image. Among these solutions, you can offer a personalized CE gift from the best catalog on the market. You can personalize your dryer with your brand logo, a slogan or even a small advertising message. The goal is to allow better visibility after a large audience. By personalizing this fashion product, it is easier for your employees to become an ambassador of your brand.


1200 watts: quick drying

Air speed: 50 km / h


4 speeds / temperatures: to adjust the temperature and the air flow according to the type of hair and the desired result

Fresh air: fixes the hairstyle QUICK STYLING

23x80mm concentrator: quick and easy shaping CONVENIENCE

Foldable ergonomic handle, can be taken anywhere

Storage pouch

Dual voltage (120 / 240V), worldwide use

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