42 inch Philips LCD TV

Finding a customer gift is fairly easy, the hardest part is finding something that appeals and appeals to you. Why not opt for a Philips 42 inch LCD TV if you are missing the idea. It is with this kind of business gifts that you will create an emotional bond between you and your collaborators or clients.

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Undoubtedly the idea of the most original and appreciated customer gift there is. It has innovative features that will move and impress your employees. As customer gift at the cutting edge of technology, it will do the trick if you want to stay close to your professional contacts.

Philips 42-inch LCD TV: the perfect end-of-year customer gift

To stand out from your competitors, choose a customer gift that lives up to your reputation. For a dynamic and innovative image, for example, choose high-tech as end of year customer gift is ideal. This is the case with this pretty television which will accompany its recipient all year round, because it offers incomparable longevity. It is a 107 cm LCD TV, equipped with a 16: 9 format, 1080p HDTV with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, a contrast of 50,000 and a brightness of 400 cd / m². Not only is it stylish, but this TV also offers high picture quality. In addition, it integrates a TNT HD tuner, a double HDMI and a USB port. All of these capabilities make him the perfect support for your communication strategy.

LCD TV: a personalized customer gift

The high-tech personalized customer gift is the ideal item to optimize awareness and enhance the brand image of your company. This is the case with this LCD TV which is very practical in everyday life and which is the subject of much covetousness. Offered in the image of your company by engraving your logo, it will have an even greater impact on your customers.

Choose customer gifts that appeal to customers

Customer gifts have been a form of communication used by large companies and SMEs for years. But to be effective, you have to choose the object that meets the desires and needs of its recipient. This TV will meet your most demanding customers.

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