9 inch black universal tablet sleeve

Everyone says it, the perfect corporate gift is one that will be useful to the person who is going to receive it. If you want to be sure to make an impression with your holiday gift, this tablet cover is a great choice! It is a simple and practical accessory that your employees will need on a daily basis.

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Looking for an end-of-year gift idea? Think of this tablet cover. Simple and inexpensive, it's the corporate gift ideal for winning the hearts of your employees, without exceeding your budget. Its advantage? The fact that it can be personalised.

Universal tablet case: the perfect corporate gift

Not all your employees have the same taste. Finding a specific corporate gift for everyone is a difficult task, and above all, it will cost you too much. To avoid mistakes without exceeding your budget, offer a standard corporate gift that will unite everyone. This tablet cover is an excellent choice, especially when you consider that almost everyone uses a tablet at work. It is a cheap business giftBut it will still earn you points with your various employees.

Give a practical and stylish corporate gift

When choosing your corporate gift, keep in mind that it will serve your company's image. That's why you should choose a carefully designed corporate gift like this universal tablet cover. Its ultra-flat design allows it to fit perfectly around the curves of the device and to slip easily into a bag. The inner lining of shock absorbing bubbles allows the case to protect the device in all circumstances. The zipper closure makes it easy to access the device at any time. Practical, isn't it?

A customizable corporate gift

Giving a high-tech corporate gift at the end of the year is good, giving one personalised with your colours is much better. As with business gifts, a personalised corporate gift will have more impact than an ordinary item. By adding your company's logo or name to the cover, you make it a unique object that will immediately remind people of your company.

Thanks to its ultra-thin neoprene design, it perfectly fits the shape of your device and slips easily into your bag when you are on the move. The inner lining made of anti-shock bubbles allows the cover to perform its protective role to the end, in all circumstances. The zip allows for quick access to your tablet if needed. Dimensions: 21 x 26.7 cm.

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