Bosch relax ultimate discount vacuum cleaner

Are you looking for a CE gift idea to offer to your employees? The most touching gifts are those that will be useful to them and that will not end up in a corner. Think of this Bosch relax ultimate vacuum cleaner for a quality employee gift.

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Thanks to a CE gift idea you can show your appreciation. If you want to give a works council gift that can be useful on a daily basis, this Bosch vacuum cleaner is ideal. With its customization option, you can have a personalized message or your logo written on it and make it an original gift.

Bosch vacuum cleaner: for a high-performance and good quality CE gift

Give preference to quality business gifts to surprise your colleagues. This Bosch Ultimate vacuum cleaner is the kind of CE gift which will not fail to have its effect on your employees. It is a design and high quality cleaning device with optimized performance. It's the kind of employee gift that makes you want to be offered. It is suitable for all types of floors, which is an advantage for a works council gift that suits everyone's needs. It is also an ideal device for sensitive people with allergies or who suffer from asthma.

A CE gift with many advantages

Relevant works council gifts are those that offer many benefits to the recipient. With this Bosch relax ultimate vacuum cleaner, you are sure to have a company gift with all the options one could dream of having from a vacuum cleaner. Besides its high performance, it is equipped with a filter with automatic cleaning. With a CE gift idea like this, you are sure to offer something that all your employees will appreciate. It is a corporate gift that is a pleasure to receive.

Personalize your CE gift to make it a unique gift

The most memorable CE gifts are those that are original and unique. To make this vacuum cleaner a personalized company committee gift, you can include a personalized message or put your company logo on it.

Energetic efficiency :
With an A energy efficiency rating (a standardised measure of energy consumption and dusting performance), this hoover is designed to save you energy and enjoy all that performance.
Its average annual consumption is 28 kWh / year (calculated on the basis of one hour per week on an area of 87 m²).

Dusting performance on carpets or hard floors :
The BGS7ALL68-GS-70 Relaxx'x Ultimate comes with 2 brushes to vacuum all types of floors: hard floors, parquet, tiles, carpets...
- a double position brush for carpets, rugs, etc.
- a hard floors brush to take care of your fragile hard floors.

Filtration quality :
With a filtration quality level A, the hoover is perfect for people with allergies, asthma or pets as it is equipped with a permanent and washable Hepa 13 filter, which retains micro-dust particles (air cleaned to 99.997%).

Automatic filter cleaning:
Thanks to SensorBagless technology, you don't have to clean the filter, the hoover does it for you!
Sensors continuously measure the airflow. As soon as the filter is saturated, the cleaning function is automatically triggered. Within seconds, the filter is cleaned and the hoover works optimally again.

Ultra silent :
Benefit from a low noise level of 68 dB(A) so you don't disturb the people around you when vacuuming. Ideal if baby is napping!

Practicality :
For perfect maneuverability and total freedom of movement, it incorporates 4 multidirectional wheels.
The 3-liter container empties easily and quickly.
Its 11-metre radius of action allows you to vacuum large areas without having to unplug it from the power outlet.
Take advantage of the parking position to interrupt your vacuuming or to store the unit more easily.
Automatic cord rewinder.
Compact, it is easily stored.

Accessories :
Clipped on, you get 3 in 2 accessories: radiator nozzle, upholstery nozzle and a small brush.

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