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For the Christmas festivities, you want to offer your employees a corporate gift that everyone can enjoy. For a business gift that's sure to be loved by everyone, go for this trendy Dyson vacuum. It has everything of a cleaning device that makes you want to have it at home.

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The Christmas party is an occasion to offer a christmas business gift remarkable. It is also a time to take advantage of your gifts and make them a personalized corporate gift to increase the visibility of your company. This trendy vacuum cleaner from Dyson has everything to grab attention and is immediately noticed.

A corporate gift of privilege to show your gratitude

You want to offer a corporate gift impactful to thank your employees, and take the opportunity to offer them a corporate gift that is useful to them on a daily basis. This Dyson vacuum cleaner is a device that all your co-workers will thank you for. It is a device with a remarkable design and which has everything to sublimate. Its function as a high-tech device is a major asset. It is equipped with cyclonic technology and offers easy and optimized use. With Ball technology, it moves without any difficulty.

For a corporate gift that catches the eye

Business gifts are a great opportunity to build awareness of your business and do some publicity. With a trendy corporate gift, you will be sure to reach your goals for new prospects. This Dyson parquet vacuum  is a new generation cleaning device. With its bagless system, it is equipped with an optimized dust collector with 2 suction modes thanks to a double position brush and its articulated hard floor brush. Its consumption is 28 kWh per year on average. This gives your employees a device with good energy performance.

The customization option to enhance your corporate gift

Providing a personalized business gift offers the opportunity to promote your business. Do not miss the offer on the personalization of your device to have an original device. Your employees will be delighted to have at home a good memory that shows them your gratitude.

Dusting performance on carpets or hard floors :
It comes with:
- A double position brush with 2 modes: powerful or maximum suction, it sucks up fine dust encrusted on hard floors and carpets.
- An articulated hard floor brush that rotates 180 ° to clean in hard-to-reach places.
- A soft brush with soft bristles for cleaning delicate surfaces and objects

Filtration quality :
With a filtration grade of A, it is perfect for allergy sufferers, asthma sufferers and pet owners. It captures microscopic particles down to 0.5 microns, including pollen, mould and bacteria.

Radial Root Cyclone ™ technology :
This cyclone technology rotates the air so fast that centrifugal forces eject dust and dirt from the air stream and send it directly into the transparent collector. Save on bags!
A larger amount of microscopic particles is extracted by interior cyclones.
The DC33C Allergy Parquet effectively picks up dirt, dust and allergens.

Ball ™ technology :
It spins on itself!
It is equipped with a central steering mechanism for better control and easy movement. No difficult manoeuvres, the ball also houses most of the heavier components, for a lower centre of gravity and better stability when in use.

Emptying the collector :
Nothing could be easier to empty the collector of this bagless vacuum cleaner!
Fast and hygienic, you only need to press a button to release the dust. Direct contact with the dust is thus avoided. Thanks to the transparent 1.2-litre dust container, you always know when it needs to be emptied.

Accessories :
It comes with a 2-in-1 accessory to get rid of dust in the hardest to reach places.
No extra costs! The filter is permanent and washable (wash at least once a month) and there are no bags to buy.

Practicality :
Its lightweight and robust polycarbonate tube can be adjusted to the desired length.
The 10-metre range means you don't have to switch the hoover on and off too often.

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