Electrolux vacuum cleaner ergorapido red

Do you want to broaden your scope by offering corporate gifts to your customers? This Electrolux vacuum cleaner will not fail to take effect. For an advertising object, it is a powerful device useful in everyday life, which will arouse the envy of those around your customers. You will quickly get a positive impact.

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You can reach new customers by providing corporate gifts that are coveted by other potential customers. To obtain a positive result, it is therefore necessary to offer advertising company gifts relevant. This Ergorapido vacuum from Electrolux has everything to attract attention. You can personalize it to make it a unique promotional gift.

Apsirateur Electrolux for a high-performance corporate gift

Offering original goodies offers the opportunity to reach new customers through customers who are already loyal to you. So choose a corporate gift impactful like this Electrolux vacuum cleaner which, in addition to being a luxury gift, is a device that makes everyday life easier. For an advertising object, it is a gift that will not fail to find its place. Cleaning has never been easier with a performance device like this. It provides a 2 in 1 function with its dual function stick vacuum cleaner and hand vacuum cleaner for cleaning floors and surfaces such as tables, sofas, seats and car interiors. You will make them a satisfied customer with their corporate gift

For a high-tech promotional item gift

High tech is the trend of home appliances. It would therefore be wise to offer a personalized promotional item that is topical. This Electrolux Ergorapido red vacuum cleaner has everything of a new generation device. It offers many advantages with its Brush Roll clean technology, cyclonic technology, its EasySteer brush, and its pleated filter. It can be used wirelessly and has an autonomy of 35 minutes with a power of 18 volts as well as 2 variable speed drives. In short, it is an ultra modern device.

A unique advertising gift for more impact

This Electrolux vacuum cleaner can be embellished with your company logo to make it a personalized promotional item. You will have more chance to establish your notoriety with a unique company gift.

2 in 1 :
The 2-in-1 function means that you always have an upright hoover for floor cleaning and a handheld hoover for surfaces such as worktops, tables, stairs, sofas and car seats.
To release the handheld hoover, simply press the buttons on either side of the handle. Then put it back in place and you will have an upright hoover with a rotating motorized brush that can be used on all types of floors.

Brush Roll Clean technology :
Tired of having to remove hair caught in the brush by hand? A simple press of the pedal on the rotating brush lowers a small blade that cuts all the hair and pet hair around the brush in a few seconds. They are then sucked into the dust pan. They are gone in a flash without having to dismantle the brush!

Cyclonic technology :
The ZB3212 is equipped with cyclonic technology that separates air from dust more effectively, providing optimal separation for efficient cleaning in a single pass.

EasySteer ™ brush :
The 180 ° articulated EasySteer brush makes this vacuum cleaner very manoeuvrable for accessing the most difficult to access areas.

Pleated filter :
The pleated filter with its quick cleaning system for more performance.

Lithium-ion battery, autonomy and wireless :
High power of 18 volts for 35 minutes of operation. With no power cord to get in the way, you can clean multiple rooms easily.

Ergonomics and practicality :
Practical, its LED front lighting is ideal for vacuuming in corners and under furniture...where light is lacking.
It is equipped with a 2 speed variator to modulate the power according to your needs (only in broom function).
Cleaning the filters is quick: the dust (which falls from the filter) is collected directly in the tray and you only have to empty and wash it.
The accessories (long nozzle and furniture brush) are stored on the charging support.
No risk of falling because it stands on its own.
Always keep it within reach by placing it on the wall or directly freestanding.

Accessories :
The loose brush and the long nozzle are integrated on the load support.

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