Electrolux cyclonic design blue vacuum cleaner

For the Christmas holidays, you can offer company gifts to your employees by betting on devices that are useful to them on a daily basis. Think of this Electrolux designer vacuum cleaner. It's a business gift that they are sure to appreciate. Efficient and practical, it is a device that is equipped with high technology. This is all to your advantage.

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New technology is now inevitable on a daily basis. For a christmas business gift of quality, this ultra design vacuum cleaner is perfect. It has all the features necessary for perfect cleaning thanks to its ergonomics. With this device you will make your colleagues happy with their corporate Christmas gift.

Electrolux vacuum cleaner: for a powerful corporate gift

The Electrolux vacuum cleaner has everything of a vacuum cleaner that can be envied for both its quality and its performance. Its vacuum function for all types of floors is an advantage. It will therefore suit all your employees. This corporate gift has everything to seduce: energy efficiency, high dust collection performance, efficient suction technology and high-level filtration quality. It is a well thought out corporate gift idea to strengthen ties with your professional partners and to show your appreciation.

A practical company gift for everyday life

The most captivating business gifts are those that provide many benefits to the recipient. Choose this vacuum Electrolux cyclonic design blue for its practicality and its many strengths. It has 2 parking positions and can be stored without too much effort. Its handle also offers ease of transport. It is fitted with an Ergoshock system to avoid impacts with furniture. Which makes it more interesting. Its EasyEmpty emptying system is also an asset. It is a very interesting corporate Christmas gift to make life easier for your employees.

Personalization for an original corporate gift

At your request, this designer hoover can be branded with your company logo to make it a personalised corporate gift. You can also choose to inscribe a personalised message and make it unique. You will have the advantage of reminding your recipient of your appreciation and why not an opportunity to increase the visibility of your company.

Energetic efficiency :
With an A energy efficiency rating (a standardised measure of energy consumption and dusting performance), this hoover is designed to save you energy and enjoy all that performance.
Its average annual consumption is 31.2 kWh / year (calculated on the basis of one hour per week on an area of 87 m²).

Dusting performance on carpets or hard floors :
The ZSP CLASS Silent Performer Cyclonic comes with a DustPro dual position brush: for vacuuming on all floors.

Silence Pro System technology :
This technology allows efficient and low noise suction with 76 dB on all types of floors.

Filtration quality :
With a filtration quality level A, the hoover is perfectly suited for people with allergies or asthma, and who own pets.
It is equipped with a washable Hepa 12 filter and a motor filter.

Practicality :
In order not to damage your furniture and for perfect maneuverability, it is equipped with wheels.
An Ergoshock system: flexible bumpers around the shell to prevent impacts on the bottom of furniture, plinths, chair legs.
Take advantage of the 2 parking positions (horizontal and vertical storage) to interrupt your vacuuming or to store the appliance more easily.
Carry it easily thanks to its comfortable carrying handle.
Electronic power variator to adapt to all types of floors.
Equipped with the Easy Empty system for easy and hygienic emptying.

Accessories :
It is both a small nozzle and a long nozzle for hard-to-reach areas clipped to the handle

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