Hoover hydropower vacuum cleaner turquoise blue

You want to motivate your employees by giving them a CE gift that can show them your support. The best is therefore to offer a corporate gift that will be useful to them on a daily basis. This hydropower vacuum cleaner is a gift that can only please.

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To show your appreciation and attention to your colleagues, a trendy corporate gift is ideal. Think of this Hoover hoover with cyclonic technology. As well as giving a quality CE gift, you're also giving them the advantage of having a device that is practical for their daily lives. For something more original, this is a gift that you can personalise. Discover our works council gift catalogue.

Hoover bagless hoover: for an easy-care CE gift

To ensure that your business gifts don't sit in a corner, it's a good idea to choose something practical, especially if you're planning to buy a cleaning machine. This Hoover hoover is easy to maintain and does not require a bag change after each use. It has a washable filter. With its bagless vacuum system, cyclonic technology and water filtration, this is a hoover that offers real convenience. All in all, it is a very functional business gift. Its 1600 W power provides optimised airflow for perfect suction.

A corporate committee gift that suits everyone

The advantage of choosing this Hoover hydropower hoover The turquoise blue as a corporate gift is its suitability. It is a cleaning device for all types of floors. It comes with a mini turbo brush to collect pet hair. This is a plus for your employees with pets at home. It is also equipped with foam filters for your colleagues who suffer from allergies. The height adjustment is done by a telescopic tube according to the user's height so that you don't bend over. This is an asset for those who have back pain. All in all, it is a corporate gift that will please everyone.

Customisation to your advantage

Nothing beats a personalised company gift to make it unique. To ensure that you have an original Kdo CE, opt for personalisation by adding your logo or slogan.

Performance :
Its 1600 watt power ensures perfect and efficient vacuuming.
Equipped with simple cyclone technology: the airflow is optimised with its double level of filtration of the remaining dust (air and dust separation).

Dusting performance on carpets or hard floors :
It comes with 3 brushes:
- a double position brush to vacuum on all types of floors: smooth floors, carpets, etc.
- a parquet brush to take care of your fragile floors like parquet.
- a mini turbo brush to combat pet hair.

Filtration :
It has several levels of filtration in 3 stages:
- Single cyclone filtration retains the largest dust particles.
- water filtration which retains the finest dust and pollen and maximises air filtration.
- Its washable HEPA filter and foam filters are ideal for allergy sufferers.

Practicality :
The telescopic tube allows you to adjust the height of the tube to suit your height and avoid bending.
No need to unplug the hoover when you move from one room to another thanks to its 8-metre range.
This hoover has 4 rubberised wheels to take care of your floors.
The carrying handle makes it easy to move.

Accessories :
It is supplied with a universal brush, a furniture brush and a crevice tool stored on the unit.

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