Large black leather compartment wallet

Are you satisfied with the performance of your troops? Why not give them a CE gift that can satisfy them in turn? So, opt for this large black leather compartment wallet for your works councils. It's a great employee gift choice to give every now and then.

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Your troops will be more motivated by receiving a colleague gift from you for their daily performance. You won't have to wait for big occasions. This company committee gift is easily offered for small everyday occasions. Remember that you can also customize it as you like.

A CE gift to improve your team's motivation

It is sometimes important to motivate your team to improve productivity within the company. For this, you can offer them this large black leather compartment wallet as gift committee company. It is an ideal choice to satisfy them and you don't have to wait for big occasions to give it away. This CE gift is practical for everyday use. The transport of banknotes and coins is always essential for everyone. So, don't wait for the big moments. Moreover, you can also personalize it so that your employees can always remember you.

A practical employee gift with a nice design

The wallet large black leather compartments actually has characteristics that make it an ideal choice of CE gift. First of all, its leather material is very classy and resistant. It is easily suitable for all genres without exception. Its rectangular shape gives it a lot of compartments. First, there are compartments for business cards and ID cards. There is then a mesh compartment, two bill compartments and a pocket with coin closure. The price of this employee gift is not expensive at all. This is why you can offer it, even outside of major corporate events.

A customizable CE gift

A personalized CE gift is always a beautiful sight. The oval metal plate is intended for the personalization of this CE gift. Your articles will be more original and they will set your employees apart from the competition.

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