AEG black glass bathroom scale

Choose this AEG black glass bathroom scale as business gifts for your employees and partners. Its classy and modern design makes it a luxury business gift, worthy of the prestige of your company. But it also shows the esteem you have for your social actors.

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Weight is an important health indicator that every individual should take into account. By offering this AEG black glass bathroom scale as business gifts to your employees, you offer them useful and pleasant at the same time. In addition, it is a business gift that follows current technological developments.

A business gift that suits all your employees

The AEG Black Glass Personal Scale is a useful business gift for anyone. Although it is not a professional object, it is an instrument which is useful for health. A person's weight determines their state of health. It's a corporate gift which will please your employees. In addition, weight gain can be done every day, so it is an object for daily use that can easily remind the existence of your business at any time. Plus, you can add your personal touch.

High tech business gifts

These are high tech business gifts at the cutting edge of technology thanks to their various smart features. Indeed, this business gift can give an analysis of an individual's weight, body fat percentage, water content, muscle and bone mass, daily calorie needs as well as BMI value of the person. It has an LCD screen for high definition display and its memory allows the monitoring of 10 user profiles at the same time. This scale is made of stainless steel to resist water.

A business gift that you can personalize as you wish

Personalized business gifts are a great way to remind people of your business, but you can also give them as a customer gift. Thus, you can put your company logo on the surface of the object and its user will be able to see it each time it is used.

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