White bluetooth bathroom scale

Are you looking for goodies to offer to your customers? Choose this bathroom scale equipped with Bluetooth technology. This personalized advertising object will highlight the name of your company. You will also differentiate yourself from your competitors. It is the ideal tool to boost your visibility with your customers.

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During a special event or during the holidays, giving goodies to customers is essential. This is an opportunity for you to improve your business and professional relationships. Give a gift promotional item is also a way to promote your company and gain visibility. This is an opportunity for you to improve your turnover.

An advertising object to know your weight

This personalized advertising object is presented as a scale intended to calculate the weight as well as other indicators. This 8 in 1 equipment is able to calculate the fat rate and determine the percentage of water and bone mass. You can also use this promotional item to find out your muscle mass, your BMI (Body Mass Index) and your calories. In short, this equipment allows you to know whether or not you are overweight. It is also essential for determining the vitality of the organism.

Easy to use goodies

This scale Bluetooth is appreciated for its ease of use. To set the rate of fat mass, it diffuses a gentle electric current through muscle tissue as well as into fat. The data provided is completely reliable, stable and accurate. Very practical, this promotional gift can transfer the data provided to your Smartphones or tablets. To do this, simply connect them through your Bluetooth system and then use its dedicated application. You can download the latter for free. Note that this device is compatible with a terminal running Android or iOS.

Goodies to personalize as you wish

These goodies can be personalized according to your needs and tastes. You can engrave your company name, logo and slogan on it. This will allow you to improve your visibility and your notoriety with your collaborators or your employees.

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