Black sport fashion abdominal wheel

Exercising for better shape will become easier with this abdominal wheel. It will be able to delight the beneficiaries when it is offered as a corporate committee gift. It is indeed a good Gift Idea Which will certainly be very well received.

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An abdominal wheel is a versatile tool for working the body. It is a CE Gift Idea which will be well suited to strengthen your company's reputation. This CE gift is very practical for fitness, which will appeal to its users.

An employee gift for motivation

This employee gift will make users more motivated. It offers a strengthening of the whole upper body, especially the shoulders, arms, chest and back, which allows to be more dynamic. This CE Gift Idea will therefore make your employees perform better physically, and psychologically afterwards. This CE gift will then be beneficial for all.

A thank-you gift for your staff

Works councils are among those who ensure the smooth running and development of an organisation. It is therefore only natural to thank them by giving them employee gifts. The Christmas holidays are a good opportunity for gifts, and this Gift Idea is very timely. You can even prepare a corporate gift box, including several items related to your company, to show your gratitude.

A Gift Idea That Can Be Personalized

You can personalise this corporate gift so that it carries your identity. You can put a small sticker on it, or wrap it in a gift pack or box with your logo. Personalised company gifts are always very popular, as they reinforce the feeling of belonging and always evoke a certain pride in being part of a group. Thus, this abdominal wheel as a CE kdo of this kind, whoever obtains it will feel great satisfaction.

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Color black / green
Cut Ø18.5 x 24.7 cm

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