Wine and delicacies box

Finding a CE gift for a business is not always easy. To please your employees and to stand out from your competitors, you have to show more originality. So, if you are running out of gift ideas for the end of the year party, why not offer this box of wine and delicacies!

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In the business world, as the Christmas and New Year holidays approach, many business leaders focus on the issue of CE gift to offer to their clients. This gift is of great importance as it allows you to perpetuate your professional relationships. It is also an excellent way to increase your visibility.

A high quality CE gift to enhance your brand image

The CE gift to offer to works councilsThe choice of a product should be made carefully, as it will convey your brand image. To do this, choose items that promote your company. This pack is composed of high quality products. It includes a 75 cl Château Mareuil wine accompanied by a sommelier. It comes with a venison pâté, a wild boar pâté and a hare pâté that can be savoured with a good glass of wine during the holidays or at a gathering with family or friends.

A personalised and aesthetically pleasing CE gift

This CE gift is appreciated not only for its quality, but above all for its aesthetics. The products are put in a very attractive grey box. It is easy to open and very practical to carry. This personalised CE gift can be placed on a table, a shelf, or as a decorative element in a home or office. Inside, each product is neatly arranged in a compartment so that it can be presented aesthetically.

A gift for works councils to personalise!

Customise the wine and delicacies box offers you many advantages. You will be able to promote your name to other customers but also to your competitors. To do this, don't hesitate to personalise your personalised CE gift with your logo, your slogan or even with personalised messages such as your wishes or greetings.

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