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Specialized in the distribution of personalized business gift With your logo or an advertising message, we offer you more than 5,000 business gifts available in our online catalogue. Decreasing prices according to the quantity ordered. Make your employees, clients and partners happy with our different product ranges. Corporate gifts must be selected according to your final target and convey the image of your company. 

Corporate gifts, how to choose?

For a company, sympathy capital is the cement of any lasting and maintained customer relationship. Do you share this mindset? It's time to explore the concept of corporate gifts! Thanks to a useful and attractive business gift, you are sure to leave a lasting impression on your customers. A wide selection of original corporate gift with innovative products. Don't forget, a corporate gift allows you to leave a mark on the minds of the customers and partners you wish to reach through our online quote request on our product pages or through our contact space. To do this, you just need to define the quantity of your corporate gifts and the type of marking you want to make. The budget, the colours and the type of event are all elements to be taken into consideration when choosing your corporate gifts. 

Corporate gifts funded by your CE

Finding an original and personalized CE gift is now much easier! To stand out, turn to High-Tech gifts, less conventional than traditional office supplies. Financing this order with an EC budget is today a plausible solution for many companies. The law requires the establishment of a Works Council - or CE, as soon as the minimum workforce of 50 employees is reached. Elected for 4 years, the EC has social, cultural but also economic attributes. It contributes to the defense of employees, and offers them exclusive offers at discounted prices: cinema tickets at reduced prices, vacation rentals with advantageous reductions ... It also grants funds for the design of CE gifts personalized and promotional items bearing the company's image. Thanks to the budget naturally allocated to corporate gifts, you can afford to reward your collaborators and employees.

Reward your employees with your CE budget

As the end-of-year celebrations approach, corporate gifts financed by the works council budget are a real strategic asset! These corporate gifts allow you to maintain a cordial and lasting relationship with your employees, partners or shareholders. Need some inspiration? Visit our catalog high-tech gifts! A multitude of corporate gifts to please everyone. For the end of year celebrations (Christmas, New Year) or to celebrate the approach of the summer holidays, think about spoiling your best customers! Depending on the period, do not hesitate to consult our exclusive offers, regularly updated. Stand out, change from the traditional basket filled, filled with chocolates, sweets and other sweets of all kinds: thanks to us, go to the high-tech corporate gift!

Corporate gifts at Cadeaux-Hightech.fr

At the cutting edge of modernity, newly created companies tend to diversify their offers of promotional items. Like them, make the choice of new technologies with our different ranges of High-Tech corporate gifts: touch pad, Hard disk, watch phone… The choice is vast on Cadeaux-hightech.fr! In this way, you offer your service providers a unique corporate gift that is practical and usable on a daily basis. An excellent marketing showcase, with remarkable efficiency!

Gifts-hightech.fr is the essential specialist in CE gift, corporate gift and business gifts. This is why we offer a wide range of high-tech products for companies or works councils. Thus the budget for social activities but also the operating budget for works councils allows you to enjoy discounted prices on thousands of freebies. Reward your employees with a personalized CE High-Tech gift.

A corporate gift will always please

For a year, your people have worked hard to move your business forward and grow. They may be tired or demotivated by the work they do every day. Don't they deserve a gesture from you to say “thank you” for all this work? What could be better than giving them a corporate gift or a CE gift to please them? Happy employees are also employees who will work harder and harder. Do not hesitate to take a look in our catalog which is full of choices concerning a gift for employee.

The corporate gift budget: Are you looking for a cheap corporate gift?

The corporate gift and the CE gift are subject to very strict regulations. Indeed, a cheap corporate gift or a employee gift especially must not exceed 5% of the total sum of the social security ceiling. This year, the total amount of a corporate gift or a CE gift per employee must not exceed 168.85 EUR. In this case, they will therefore be exempt from social contributions. However, in the event of a wedding, birth, Mother's Day and back to school, the total amount of the CE gift or the company gift is counted separately and not over the 12 months. That said, employees must be affected by the event in question. You cannot offer a corporate committee gift or a cheap corporate gift for the start of the school year to an employee who has no children.

A top-of-the-range corporate gift

Would you like to please your or re-motivated employees with a high-end corporate gift? Thank them for their work performed throughout the year? The experts at gifts-hightech.fr will be able to help you in your choice of corporate gift or works council gifts their a company gift specially chosen for them. They will be very happy. Say thank you to your associates for the excellent work they did for 12 months with a corporate gift or a employee gifts personalized. For those who love summer Sundays with their family, we propose a corporate gift such as a JBL bluetooth speaker with personalisation or a trendy Bluetooth headset or a corporate gift box connected watch.

Bottles of champagne are in fashion this year, so we offer you a top-of-the-range corporate gift with a cuvée prestige champagne, vintage champagne Deutz, a white champagne Mumm corporate gift. Whether you are a high-end company or a small business, chocolate is a timeless gift idea, you can offer them as a corporate gift or as a gift for your employees. works council gift, a lemon pearl box corporate gift, a dark chocolate ball corporate gift or a chocolate mix ballotin corporate gift. We suggest you opt for this kind of corporate gift or christmas gift for employee for the most greedy.

A professional gift for the holidays

Ah the end of year celebrations! The best time to please your employees and work partners. Christmas and New Year's Eve rhyme with toys for the little ones and purchases for adults. We have in our catalog many high-tech and gourmet gift ideas to surprise and satisfy your work partners and employees. To play Santa Claus and make your employees happy, why not choose from our proposals for professional gifts and business gifts? Celebrate December 25 and New Year's Eve by making your colleagues, employees and work partners happy.

Find inspiration for your corporate gift, your corporate employee gift, your customer gift and your business gifts on our site. Choose from our wide range of innovative products to customize your personal corporate gift or your business gifts with your logo, colors or a phrase. Strengthen ties with your employees and partners to grow your business. If you can't find the perfect gift, contact one of our experts in business gifts, corporate gifts or corporate committee gift to help you choose better. They will accompany you throughout your project. The High Tech Gifts site also offers the best prices on the market. There you will find everything you are looking for, from corporate gift box set pens to business gifts for men perfume set Dolce and Gabbana to Globe drink dispenser business gifts with affordable prices. Discover the wealth of our corporate gift offers, employee gift idea and business gifts on our site dons-hightech.fr.

Business gifts: Ideal to thank with a company gift

Offering a business gift will allow you to develop your notoriety while developing customer loyalty. Our business gifts are 100% customizable, add a logo or a message to be sure to reach your target. Unique at cadeaux-Hightech.fr, it's more than 5000 business gifts and corporate gifts to personalise to be sure to please! A business gift is also a solution to offer a company gift to its network of partners and thus develop its turnover. Dozens of products are proposed in our catalogue: your dream business gifts will certainly be there!

Affordable high-tech business gifts

High-tech gifts are all the rage in 2020. For thrill-seekers, you can for example opt for the traditional sports camera business gift, useful for any occasion. For the more homebody, choose a practical high-tech gift like a blu-Ray DVD player for everyday use. On the other hand, a mobile charger will be much appreciated and always useful when traveling. Try to adapt as much as possible to the target of your business gift. The more the business gift sticks to the image of the partner concerned, the more this special attention marks his spirit. A simple object can allow you to perpetuate a marketing agreement: the cordiality of a company consolidates good relations… and maintains the loyalty of its service providers!


A prestige business gift in the image of your company

Take care of your brand image! Customize your business gift by affixing your group's logo. Since the first commercial transactions between different nations hundreds of years ago, different rulers have always offered business gifts to consolidate the commercial ties between them or to thank them. They offered, among other things, filled baskets, pottery and food. Much has changed since then. Today, prestige business gifts are mostly offered for the celebration of the company's anniversary, trade shows among others. Our catalog offers you better than pottery and filled baskets, we offer you high-end and quality products as well as products at the cutting edge of technology.

To celebrate the signing of a contract or to have concluded an agreement, choose the wine decanter business gift, our leather power bank leaflet business gifts, our red Carrera sunglasses business gifts. Business gifts can also be offered during a conference and as end of year gifts. High Tech Gifts offers the best on the market. Quality, useful, practical and valuable products. You can also personalize your business gifts with your logo and the colors of your company. Whether you are looking for a corporate gift, a customer gift or luxury business gifts, our experts are here to guide you in your choice. Place your order as soon as possible for the personalization of your business gifts, your CE gift or your customer gift.

Build customer loyalty with a customer gift

The loyalty of your customers is a significant point. This allows companies to forge stable and strong relationships with its customers. A happy customer base can increase a business's financial profits, ensure you get growing returns, and can also provide you with free promotion through referrals. Perfect loyalty is an excellent knowledge of your customers or your future customers, but it's not just that. Offering a customer gift that can be personalized with your logo, first name or message is a fabulous idea to ensure the loyalty of your existing customers or attract new customers. A customer gift can also be offered for Christmas, New Year's Eve or better yet, for the birthdays of your customers.

A customer gift can come in several forms, from customer gift champagne 1er from the perfume diffuser customer gift box to the Bluetooth speaker customer gift box. So do not hesitate to choose a customer gift from our catalog to satisfy your customers. We offer high-tech gifts such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet customer gift, the special delicacies customer gift box or the sports watch customer gift box. Being offered a customer gift is always a pleasure. Gifts-hightech.fr not only offers a customer gift but also offers a corporate gift, business gifts and also a CE gift. Quickly order your personalized gifts on our site.

The advertising object, an effective communication tool

Communication through objects has become a real trend. For a company wishing to perpetuate its activities, the integration of advertising objects in the marketing strategy is essential. This advertisment object conveys your ethics and values in a tangible way. It is an excellent way to remember your brand each time the personalised object is seen or used. The use of this corporate goodie will have a real impact on the image of your company and your customer relations. To reward your employees for their commitment to their work, and your customers for their loyalty, offer promotional objects, advertising gifts, corporate gifts and customer gifts. To find original and customisable corporate goodies, go to Hightech Gifts. We will be able to offer you a tailor-made and adapted solution. We have excellent ideas for corporate goodies and personalised corporate goodies with promotional branding.

How to choose promotional gifts?

When a company wants to start communicating through objects, it is important that it relies on promotional gifts to make the operation successful. Personalised objects are the basis of this strategy. These corporate goodies must be practical, useful in everyday life and original. It is important that you choose the right promotional item, the right corporate goodies for their recipients. Your gift must meet the expectations of your targets, while conveying a positive image of your brand. This is why you need to think about the object you want to give as a gift. Then personalise your goodies with sublimation. Make sure you take care of the design and the information you want to convey. Promotional USB sticks, promotional pens and promotional mugs are the most common promotional items used by companies.
So that your gift can last over time and make an impression, take care of its branding, which must be of impeccable quality. We provide you with advertising items among trendy advertising items and business gifts. For advertising gifts to share with the general public, opt for inexpensive goodies. For potential customers, its high-end goodies are the most appropriate.


Communication by object: when to offer company goodies?

Once you have selected the right personalised promotional item for your promotional campaign, it is time to decide when and how to distribute it. Choosing the right time for the distribution of your business goodies is a parameter that can influence the success of your marketing strategy. To ensure that your promotional items are well used, make sure that you make an impression during distribution. A trade show is one of the best times to do this. Many companies can offer personalised gifts to your targets. Set yourself apart by creating a friendly atmosphere. You can also distribute the promotional gadgets at a conference, a cultural event, a sports event, street marketing, for a product launch. Internally, the personalised advertising object is a perfect management tool. With a corporate gift, you can thank and encourage your teams, and welcome new employees in a friendly way.
Whatever the occasion, stand out with quality promotional items. You can also request the services of a representative or a sales representative for the distribution of your promotional gifts.

What personalized objects to offer?

In order to succeed in your communication through objects, you must first find the promotional objects to distribute to your partners and customers. With all the offers available, it is not always easy to make the right choice. We make it easy for you by offering you more than 5000 references of personalised goodies and customised objects. You will find classic promotional items: promotional textiles, promotional pens, promotional lighters, briefcases, pencils, personalised bags... But also high-tech promotional items. High tech gadgets are all the rage for their practicality and innovative technology. The personalized usb key with your logo will be appreciated by your targets. Also opt for hard drives, leather power banks, personalised smartphones, touch tablets, sports camera business gifts, etc. In a world where mobile devices are used a lot, opt for phone and tablet accessories: external advertising batteries, advertising bluetooth headphones, personalised covers bearing your brand, etc. Ecological advertising objects will also highlight your advertising message and convey your brand. Depending on your advertising budget, you can order objects in small or large quantities. Let us help you with your communication strategy. Choose the marking technique for your original goodies: embroidery, laser engraving, screen printing, flocking, etc.

Corporate gifts: How to make the right choice

Whether it's to build customer loyalty or to encourage employees, the corporate gift remains a particularly effective marketing tool. Every year, being original and finding a corporate gift idea can be complicated. In order to carry out your project, you can consult the website www.cadeaux-hightech.fr. It is a platform specialised in the design and sale of unique personalised gifts. Here are some tips to help you find new sources of inspiration.

Thanking your employees and building loyalty through promotional offers are effective techniques for conveying a good image of your company. However, there are a few criteria that need to be taken into account to find the ideal corporate gift, provided that it helps you achieve your communication and marketing objectives. A this company within your company will allow you to have gift budgets for your employees at the end of the year.

Choosing a corporate gift according to the message to be conveyed

The corporate gift must be carefully chosen to symbolise the image of your company. It is an advertising medium to convey and optimise your values as a professional entrepreneur. Through personalised gifts, you can convey the characteristics of your company, the quality of your products or services and your willingness to create an excellent working environment with all your employees. A personalised business gift is, for example, a way of spreading an image that you want to promote and with which to promote the activity of your business company.

Each personalised corporate gift must contain messages, reflecting the importance attached to customers. Rigour, innovation and creativity are all markers that you can spread through your business gifts. As a reminder, the development of your turnover depends to a large extent on your customer and your partner. It is therefore important to build a good relationship with them, for example by offering them promotional offers.

Tailor the corporate gift to your target

A corporate gift, also known as a business gift, is generally a type of present to be given to your clients, buyers, partners and employees. The main aim of this approach is to build loyalty or thank each recipient in order to maintain good business relations with them. Therefore, to choose the right gift, you must take into account the consumption attitude, profile or taste of the person who will receive it.

Therefore, every goodie has its customer. Knowing the customer's wishes helps you to choose the right corporate gift. The income level of the recipient is particularly important. Obviously, you cannot give the same gift to an executive who earns a lot of money as you would to a less well-paid employee. The gender of the target group (male or female) also plays a fundamental role, except for a standard corporate gift.

Consider the budget allocated to your corporate gift project

Business gifts are most often given at the end of the year or at other important events in the company. They can be given to employees as a reward for good results achieved during a given period or as an incentive to achieve business objectives. For this, you need to take into account your overall budget.

Indeed, the unit value of a business gift must not exceed 60 euros including VAT. If the taxation of business gifts exceeds this amount, it is penalised in terms of VAT. Thus, it should be borne in mind that the amount of 60 euros is assessed per year per recipient. Similarly, the business gift must not exceed 5 % of the total amount of the social security ceiling. Offer a employee gift for your employees in order to give them complete satisfaction.

Opt for a personalised corporate gift

Generally speaking, the main objective of a company is to increase its turnover. Know that building loyalty and thanking your employees with personalised corporate gifts are the best ways to boost motivation, productivity, quality and even the sale of products or services. The corporate gift box is an excellent way to personalise your gift with several objects.

A strategic personalised corporate gift

In addition to social media posts, e-mailing, sponsorship and personalised business gifts are a strategic gift idea to increase awareness of your company. If a business gift is a way to maintain your business relationships, then promotional items are a good marketing strategy. Indeed, promotional gifts improve your visibility by giving a positive image of your company.

In order to achieve the objectives set for your EC project, try to find innovative offers, i.e. follow the current trend. The type of item chosen for this purpose demonstrates, for example, that the company is indeed present in the sector. Goodies with your company name, logo or motto are part of the effective advertising distribution strategies.

Personalised high-tech corporate gifts

If you don't know where to start with your project, it is possible to contact experts who can give you relevant suggestions. To take advantage of this, please visit www.cadeaux-hightech.fr and find your personalised business gifts. Cadeau high-tech offers you many ideas for corporate gifts according to your objective. Each gift can be easily personalised, you just have to define the target and the message you want to transmit.

Specialising in business gift distribution, Cadeau High-Tech offers you more than 5,000 corporate gifts. The team offers you degressive prices according to the quantity ordered, and can insert logos and personalised cards. These personalised corporate gifts are available in the form of gift boxes, direct products or gift cards.

Some examples of corporate gifts

Today, new companies are tending to diversify their range of promotional items. In order to surprise your employees, it is important that your personalised business gifts stand out from the crowd and are of the highest quality. You can choose from the new offers on the market. In this way, you can offer a modern, unique, stylish and practical business gift for everyday use.

To please your employees or partners, here are some examples of corporate gifts:

  • A shopping bag, a travel bag, a folding bag: very trendy for women and very practical for carrying personal effects;
  • Telephone equipment, such as a Bluetooth kit, a mobile charger, a Customised wireless headsetA hard drive, a speaker, etc. ;
  • A calendar, a fountain pen, personalised pencils, notepads: a topical idea for branding your logo or company name;
  • A gourmet basket, a bottle of wine and a handmade chocolate: in addition to delighting the taste buds of the recipients, these business gifts are highly coveted at the end of the year;
  • Personalised mugs, key rings, sports equipment, water bottles and insulated bottles, decorative accessories: these are all personalised corporate gifts that you can choose from.

The choice is made according to your budget, your objectives and what your target group likes. Under these conditions, your project becomes a lever for the growth of your company.