Luggage: Suitcase, sports bag, backpack, how to choose?

You often go on a trip for pleasure or for professional reasons, the question of the ideal luggage storage for each occasion concerns you. In terms of luggage storage, there is no such thing as a bad choice. Just choose the bag or satchel that can hold all your stuff. Choosing your luggage is more a question of compromise because everyone's needs and requirements differ. There are certain criteria that must be taken into account to find the perfect luggage storage for each trip.

Choosing the right size of luggage

Whether you are traveling to a business meeting in a nearby city, or are going on vacation to the Bahamas for several weeks, there are several parameters to consider when choosing what luggage storage to bring.

First, the instructions given by the airline that is paying for your trip. In this case, the weight and size of your luggage are subject to specific regulations. For example, only one piece of baggage is allowed in the cabin and all baggage that goes to the hold is chargeable.

Then your needs differ from trip to trip. Sometimes you just need basic luggage that can just hold the essentials for a weekend. Complete luggage storage is often only necessary for a long trip or a permanent stay abroad. The ideal, if you have the possibility, is to travel with a light luggage and complete your wardrobe at your place of stay.

Finally, the mode of transport you choose to travel also depends on your luggage storage. Lightweight luggage will make it easier to transport long distances than several 30 kg suitcases.

The reference is light luggage for a romantic weekend on an island; a carry-on suitcase and a hold suitcase for a business trip of one to two weeks; and ample luggage for a long trip of more than three weeks.

Rigid or flexible luggage, what to choose?

The current market offers different types of suitcases including rigid and flexible models. Soft suitcases are usually made of nylon or polyester. These are the travel bags suitable for carrying clothes and items that do not break easily. This type of luggage is appreciated for its flexibility and resistance. But when it comes to luggage storage, hard travel suitcases offer more possibilities. This category of luggage includes bags made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), aluminum, polypropylenes, curv or polycarbonate. Most of them are hard and light suitcases. The luggage you need for a long stay outside the country. It is the preferred luggage storage for professionals who often go abroad for business. But in this case, it is advisable to choose a good branded luggage.

Luggage storage on wheels

 Women are particularly fond of rolling luggage. This category of luggage is easier to transport and includes suitcases with two or four wheels. Most women opt for a size luggage, consisting of suitcases with four multidirectional wheels. This type of luggage is more practical for women because it is enough to push or pull them to move them. It becomes easier for the majority to travel with several suitcases because some models can be linked together to push them all at once. However, the wheels of the suitcases are sometimes fragile that it is better to opt for a luggage with two wheels. These models are more robust because the wheels are often integrated in the suitcase, therefore protected from shocks. The only downside with this type of luggage is that these suitcases cannot always be pushed but towed behind the traveler. In any case, they are the ideal suitcases to compose a luggage storage to be transported over a long distance.

Which luggage wholesaler to choose?

There are various online shopping sites that offer you a large number of suitcases to choose from. These are luggage wholesalers where suitcases, backpacks and other useful luggage are offered at various prices. Most of these are luggage wholesaler sites accessible free online. Buying your luggage on the online store of a luggage wholesaler is giving yourself the opportunity to compare the prices of several products made available. Buying your luggage online also means having the possibility of making an instant order and getting an immediate response. In most cases, a luggage wholesaler offers home delivery services for your luggage. You can even find a luggage wholesaler that offers return and / or exchange services for a certain amount of purchases. High Tech Gifts, your luggage wholesaler specializing in the sale and distribution of luggage, offers a wide choice of robust and light luggage.

Where to find a luggage wholesaler?

Finding a luggage wholesaler becomes easier thanks to the Internet. All you have to do is enter your location in the Google search bar. The opinions of other consumers can also help you find the best luggage wholesaler near you. Another easier solution is also to directly seek the advice of your relatives and families who have already bought suitcases or bags from a luggage wholesaler. In general, the best luggage wholesaler addresses are those where all travelers buy their suitcase.

Luggage wholesaler destocking

By going directly to a luggage wholesaler that offers destocking, you will quickly find a large selection of luggage. This type of event is frequent but you will have to take a look at online promotional sales to find the best wholesale luggage clearance address. By buying your luggage from a luggage wholesaler that offers destocking, you get quality suitcases at a reasonable price.

High Tech Gifts, your professional luggage supplier

High Tech Gifts, your professional luggage supplier offers you a multitude of high-end luggage choices at competitive prices. To find the ideal luggage storage for your business trips or tourist stays, your luggage wholesaler offers many choices of promotional luggage. You can choose personalized luggage in the color you prefer from your luggage supplier. Your luggage supplier also offers you different sizes of suitcases, travel bags and other types of promotional luggage for your tourist stays or business trips abroad. The largest selection of personalized luggage can be found at your High Tech Gifts luggage wholesaler.

Why buy from a luggage storage supplier?

To find the largest selection of promotional luggage, go directly to a luggage supplier. By purchasing your suitcases and travel bags from a luggage wholesaler, you benefit from an exceptional rate. Choosing to buy your personalized luggage in large quantities allows you to obtain a significant reduction. Like any luggage supplier, High Tech Gifts also accepts orders for small quantities of promotional luggage. Your luggage wholesaler allows you to purchase the amount of personalized luggage you want online. Our brand is one of the best luggage supplier to customize your advertising luggage according to your tastes and needs.

Choose your luggage supplier

It is not always easy to find the ideal luggage supplier. Faced with competition, each luggage wholesaler must stand out by diversifying offers and prices. To find the best luggage supplier online, just make a quick comparison between several luggage wholesalers. The best choice is undoubtedly the luggage supplier who offers suitcases and backpacks at low prices. In addition, we must also consider the luggage wholesaler who offers the best quality / price ratio. High Tech Gifts allows you to benefit from the services of a professional luggage supplier and a large quantity of suitcases to personalize, at a low price.

Promotional items, advertising luggage is popular

Advertising luggage is making a place for itself among the new trends. From now on, it becomes possible to personalize backpacks, bags for tablets or computers, travel and sports bags. High Tech Gifts gives an important place to personalized luggage in its workshop to satisfy all desires. We offer diverse models of personalized luggage that you can personalize with your company logo or slogan. Many companies trust us to produce advertising material directly participating in your marketing strategy. Personalized luggage is perfect as corporate gifts to give at your events such as team building activities or seminars.

Advertising luggage, for what occasion?

Advertising luggage is a durable, practical corporate goodie with a large customizable surface. It is a corporate gift that exactly meets the main criteria for effective communication through the object. Personalized luggage is an exceptional communication object that allows it to remain visible in several places. It is a corporate gift particularly appreciated by the target, because it is useful and practical. In addition, the range of personalized luggage is perfectly suited to find success at a trade fair, or to offer as a corporate gift to a particular client.

Who to offer personalized luggage to?

Regardless of the age, gender, social status or profession of the recipient of your corporate gifts, personalized bags and suitcases bearing your slogan will always be appreciated. You can also think about the specific needs of your target to create a bag, a suitcase or a satchel that will allow them to find their hobbies, their mobility and their rhythm of life. You can draw inspiration from your target's activities to create a corporate gift bag. You work with exceptional collaborators, clients or partners, think about what they will really need on a daily basis. An athlete needs a large bag to store all his sports equipment and accessories. For business women and men alike, they need a conference bag that could easily hold their documents and laptop. Likewise, if your target travels often, they need a corporate gift box or a trolley that is large and sturdy enough in size to withstand frequent trips.

How to choose high-end business gifts?

Giving high-end business gifts is a marketing obligation for companies. These are prestigious gifts that you can give to specific customers, deserving employees or loyal suppliers. It's a professional way to strengthen relationships or build loyalty. Several types of high-end business gifts exist in the retail world: leather goods, luxury accessories, decorative items, bags, jewelry or suitcases. High Tech Gifts offers a large range of customizable travel bags and backpacks to offer as high-end business gifts.

Should we offer high-end business gifts to our customers?

Nowadays, the digital and the virtual take more and more place in the hearts of consumers. It is always relevant to offer high-end business gifts to its customers. Physical gifts, especially luxury gifts, mark the minds of your prospects and customers throughout their lives. These are corporate gifts that you can give on one-off or regular occasions because they're hard to forget. It is very important not to overlook high-end business gifts. To make your corporate gifts, very effective long-term marketing tools, goodies, promotional items and personalized luggage are to be preferred. When it comes to improving sales or boosting brand awareness, there is nothing better than high-end business gifts. Giveaways are useful for promoting a brand, improving sales, launching a new product, or boosting brand awareness.

Corporate gift luggage for large customers

To please your most important customers, attract prospects or thank special customers, choose high-end business gifts. To personalize your corporate gifts, you can put your logo on corporate gifts luggage. Some companies choose to offer product brochures as corporate gifts. Most of them are business goodies that are out of the ordinary and replace with class the small classic goodies such as USB keys, baskets or notepads. The principle of corporate gift luggage is to focus on influences and manipulations with your customers. For strategic customers, high-end business gifts help improve relationships and control emotions. They bring added value to your business.

Which business gift for which occasion?

By offering a corporate gift to your partners, employees and customers, you are aiming for a specific objective. It is thanks to this goal that you set yourself that you will easily find the perfect gift to give. Top-of-the-range business gifts are suitable tools to optimize the reputation of your company. Like all brands, you also need to look after your brand's reputation to control the buying decision of consumers. In today's world where commerce is now controlled by the digital sector, giving high-end business gifts gives you a good reputation. You increase the credibility of your brand with your customers and prospects. It is the ideal solution to mark the minds of your business partners for life.

How to choose the right business gift?

Finding the right high-end business gifts to give can quickly become a real obstacle course for businesses. To find the best gift that will be remembered, corporate gift luggage is a possible solution. To understand your target, you must take into account feeling, affect and communication. Most of the new contracts are now signed in a friendly atmosphere. In finding the high-end business gifts that exactly meet consumers' needs, the human factor should not be overlooked.

Do we have to personalize a business gift?

Usually, classic business gifts like personalized key chains, pens or t-shirts are popular with businesses. But having your brand logo engraved on corporate gift bags is also an excellent way to maximize the impact of your marketing strategy on your target audience. Choosing high-end business gifts or luxury gifts puts your brand in the spotlight. It is the best solution to boost the visibility of your business. Indeed, travel bags, suitcases, backpacks and saddlebags have a very large surface area to personalize. You can make an entire design on the back of a travel bag. Some brands even choose to personalize the luggage compartments with contact details and professional addresses to guide customers in their choice. A real communication marketing by the object.