Digital Photo Frame

A new invention in the world of CE gifts or corporate gifts, a digital photo frame, also called digicadre, is a connected object which, equipped with an electronic system, makes it possible to display images from digital sources.

A digital photo frame in your image

Very fashionable this year, digital photo frames, thanks to their innovative features and ultra modern design, appeal to both professionals and individuals and will delight your customers as a corporate gift or CE gift. Presented as a customer gift, a digital photo frame, available in our Photo / Video category, both moves and enhances the brand image of the company offering it.

How does a digital photo frame work?

The easy-to-use 15" digital photo frame allows you to display your photos in digital format without the need for a computer. It's a great decoration tool for photo enthusiasts. You can choose the atmosphere of the photo, the decor, it's an excellent corporate gift idea to offer to your employees.

The operation of a digital photo frame is simple, just turn it on, if you have an internal memory on your cheap digital photo frame you can directly transmit your photos to the internal memory, if not you can integrate a memory card or a USB key on the large format digital photo frame. If you have an internal memory on your cheap digital photo frame you can transfer your photos directly to the internal memory, otherwise you can insert a memory card or USB stick into the frame.

An ideal corporate gift idea for the holidays

Browse our selection of high-end digital photo frames, offered in this online section at very affordable prices. Our digital photo frames come from renowned brands, guaranteeing quality, reliability and durability over time. You can also complete your gift with our digital cameras.

How to import your photos into the digital photo frame ?:

First of all, check the instructions for your 15-inch digital photo frame, because there are several ways to send photos to the connected digital photo frame. It will depend on your digital photo frame. you have three techniques to transfer your photos to your large format digital photo frame.

  • First of all the internal memory that is built into most digital photo frames. These connected digital photo frames already have a memory of their own, a hard drive that allows them to store images in the frame. In this case you will not need to insert an external memory such as a USB stick. The procedure to integrate your images into the digital photo frame is as follows: first you have to go through your computer to transmit your images and then connect your computer to your digital photo frame with a USB cable to transmit the files to the digital photo frame.
  • Then you need to connect your wifi digital photo frame to the internet through the wifi connection, and from there you will be able to send your photos without cables through the connection directly to your large format digital photo frame. Make sure that your digital photo frame has this feature, i.e. that it can be connected to the wifi. If not, don't worry, you can also use the bluetooth connection to transfer your photos wirelessly.

The different types of photo frames:

There are several types of digital photo frame: 10 inch digital photo frame, 12 inch digital photo frame, 15 inch digital photo frame.

For digital photo frames the minimum recommended size is 7 inches which represents a 10 x 15 photo in size. The choice of the number of inches reflects the price and performance of the digital photo frame. On high tech gifts you will find cheap and good quality digital photo frames to give as corporate gifts.

The digital photo frame can also play video and sound depending on the model you choose for your corporate gift.

Depending on your mood you can change the visual of your digital photo frame (party pictures, holiday memories, portraits of your children or relatives, a company group photo, team photos etc)

a design and trendy digital photo frame

The connected digital photo frame is the trendy corporate gift of the moment to offer to your employees, placed on your desk, hung on the wall, these frames will allow you to visualize your memories through your photos. High tech gifts also offers you a digital photo frame cover, which consists of changing the frame but the screen remains intact.

The digital photo frame is the trendy device to have in your office or at home. Order your corporate gifts digital photo frame on Cadeaux Hightech, specialist in corporate gifts for several years.

The perfect gift for your employees:

Offer a digital photo frame 2019 to your employees As a corporate gift. The wifi digital photo frame is magical, it only takes a wink of an eye to view your souvenir photos while having the possibility to change the photo at any time without constraint. The digital photo frame is the perfect gift for your employees. It is a state-of-the-art digital camera. Photo enthusiasts will be delighted to receive this corporate gift.

You can also decorate your workplace with a digital photo frame that will display a team photo for example, a slogan and much more. There are countless possibilities of photo choices and memories that you can share through the digital photo frame.

An easy to use photo frame:

The 15 inch digital photo frame is an effective way to keep your photo memories for as long as possible. The digital photo frame is a practical and trendy decoration that allows you to have a visual of your photos to remind you of your memories.

Unlike conventional photos, the digital photo frame is interactive and you can connect to your wifi to give your photos a second life. We offer you cheap digital photo frame with best price digital photo frame.

Don't wait any longer, order your cheap digital photo frames on Hightech gifts.

A high-tech connected digital photo frame:

Don't leave your photos lying around in the back of your wardrobe or in a photo album, opt for a digital photo frame with USB flash drive. Be fashionable with a cheap digital photo frame that will allow you to view all your photos without cluttering up your space.

The connected digital photo frame allows you to store your pictures and also serves as a high-tech decorative object. It is a digital photo album that can be hung on the wall like a traditional photo frame. The advantage is that with a wifi digital photo frame you can change photos without changing the frame. An elegant design and easy to use method. The digital photo frame looks better and more attractive than an ordinary frame. You can choose the photos you want to display on your large format digital photo frame with complete peace of mind.

View your photo memories with the latest technology trend of the moment. The digital photo frame 2019 has become a must-have object that you need to know everything in your possession. Offer it to your collaborators, to use a client, when signing a contract. This allows you to remember your greatest memories through your photos stored on the digital photo frame.

A cheap digital photo frame:

Practical and space-saving, the digital photo frame is the ideal decorative object to have. Scroll through photos of your loved ones with a single click on your digital photo frame. Using the digital photo frame with a USB stick is even simpler - just upload your pictures to the discount digital photo frame or enter a USB stick and you can view all your photos. The wifi digital photo frame comes in a variety of colours and designs. You can choose your discount digital photo frame to match your interior design. In addition to displaying images, the large-format digital photo frame can also play audio. There's nothing more pleasant than viewing your photos with background music. Buy at the best price digital photo frame on Hightech gifts. We offer cheap digital photo frames comparison, practical and not bulky easy to use and carry when traveling.

Bring your photos to life with a digital photo frame:

The digital photo frame is an accessory that allows you to view your photos as a slideshow. Display your family photos easily through the digital photo frame. It's an original corporate gift idea for your employees. An attractive gift that will be a hit with your customers. The advantage of the wifi digital photo frame is that you don't have to pay a fee to print your photos, the white digital photo frame offers a quality display that renews itself continuously when you put it on the slideshow program. Your pictures can be accompanied by music if you wish. This also allows you to enjoy your photos for a long time without the need for a computer or camera. Easily transportable, you can go anywhere with your digital frame.

Multiple photos for the same frame:

For your corporate gifts, the digital photo frame is an original gift that allows you to display several photos through a single digital photo frame.

The digital photo frame saves you from cluttering up your living room or office with countless traditional frames that take up more space. With the digital photo frame, your photos can be displayed in a single click. Gone are the days when spending time editing your photos in order to put them in a traditional frame, opt for the digital photo frame which is an elegant and quick solution. Add your most beautiful photos on the photo frame of the world to modernise your environment.

An innovative gift: digital photo frame

To find the perfect digital photo frame for your corporate gifts, check out our selection of original digital photo frames. If you need help choosing your digital photo frame, please contact us. We are available 7 days a week to help you find your perfect corporate gift. Enjoy your best moments through the 10" digital photo frame wherever you are. The price of the digital photo frame varies according to the number of inches and the features of the frame.

The digital photo frame is a very pretty high-tech decorative object with a design effect.

You have photos memories of last holidays, your trip abroad, birth.... give life to you photos with the cheap digital photo frame comparator. We have digital photo frames in different formats, quality digital photo frames, trendy they will make a sensation with your employees.

Convenient and useful: digital photo frame

Be trendy, connected with a varnished Digital Photo Frame to display your most precious souvenir photos. Let yourself be tempted by a cheap digital photo frame that will give you thrills. Through a digital photo frame comparison you will have the best price on High Tech Gifts.

To get the most out of your 10" digital photo frame, ease of use is very important, which is why the digital photo frame comes with a remote control that is included with most of our models. The white digital photo frame comes in several versions. The most powerful ones have a touchscreen interface like on a touchscreen tablet, dynamic backlighting depending on the light of the room in which you are going to put your digital photo frame, scroll through the photos in a slideshow with background music, play videos, play songs, automatic orientation of photos or even programmed start-up or standby. Cadeaux Hightech wholesale digital photo frame offers several choices of digital photo frame. Order your digital photo frame gifts to stay connected!