Mobile telephony occupies an important place in our daily life, both in the private and professional spheres. Having become a must-have interactive high-tech product, the smartphone is no longer used only for surfing the web. It also allows you to manage connected objects. By surfing on this trend, we offer you customizable connected telephony accessories to improve your professional relationships.

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Magnificent selection of business goodies ideas, our Telephony / Connected section is dedicated to all those wishing to offer an advertising telephony item to their employees, customers or prospects. These corporate or business gifts will be visible to a large audience, which will enhance the image of your organization. To personalize connected goodies, connected object gift idea, kitchen goodie ideas, goodies gift idea, we offer a telephone marking service that meets your requirements.

The revolution of telephony and connected objects

Mobile telephony is now part of our daily life. It allows us to access any type of information via the mobile Internet. In this wake, connected objects have rapidly developed. This has led to the implementation of a new human-machine interaction via applications installed on the smartphone. Indeed, the advent of mobile telephony, personalized telephony and optical fiber has encouraged manufacturers to create interesting mobile-oriented applications. This revolution can be explained by three factors: the rise of the Internet of Things and big data, connectivity and the arrival of artificial intelligence.

A whole connected universe

The joint development of Big Data and the Internet of Things is based on the analysis of the resulting data. Shoes, cars, glasses, helmets, connected watches... Little by little, sensors are being added to everyday objects. Connected to the Internet, they provide reliable information on the use of an object and its direct environment. The smartphone, also being a connected object, will help its owner to become part of this multitude by providing its own personal information. Thanks to various applications, this mobile phone device can keep track of its user's movements, purchases, personal and professional habits. It thus becomes a vast transit point for the multitude of information, messages, photos and videos exchanged daily on search engines, web interfaces, instant messaging and networks (Google, Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, Skype entreprise, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Viber, etc.).

Mobile network: better connectivity

Data management is one thing. Their routing to data centers where applications and services are grouped together, as well as to smartphones is another. In other words, without appropriate telecom networks, connected telephony cannot exist. This is how operators and equipment manufacturers around the world are developing their products and services around 5G, the future generation of mobile telephony, personalized telephony, advertising telephony. The very high speed Internet connection that it will offer will facilitate the downloading of HD movies in a few seconds, and will make it possible to manage the simultaneous interconnection of connected objects. Many operators have also adopted the Narrow Band-IoT (NB-Iot) standard to connect smart objects to 4G mobile networks. Others have developed technologies facilitating the connection of several objects at low speed.

The rise of artificial intelligence

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) has enabled mobile phones and applications to transform data into personalized services. Thus, the famous American Gafa (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) were the precursors of this new concept. They have developed their own bots and personal virtual assistants. These intelligent robots are grafted into smartphones, bluetooth speakers and other connected objects. This revolution in mobile telephony has only just begun, since the smartphone is now transformed into an intelligent personal assistant with advanced features.

Connected telephony, a revolution underway

Most connected objects are linked with your mobile phone, your advertising telephony equipment. Your smartphone allows you to control the functions of the connected objects. In fact, more and more people are using a wireless phone. This encourages designers to develop connected objects, innovative mobile-oriented phone accessories. These smart gadgets, connected goodies, can be found in all aspects of our lives:
- Sport with connected bracelets or watches, used as activity trackers (walking, fitness, jogging, cycling, swimming, etc.);
- Leisure time with smart speakers that work via bluetooth or wi-fi protocols to play music;
- The office with connected correction pens or connected lamps.
- The connected home, with the connected thermostat, the connected camera or the connected alarm clock.

Interconnection and compatibility with the mobile phone

A connected object cannot function without its smartphone. Thanks to its intelligent functions, this connected goodies is controlled remotely via a mobile phone or a tablet. The interconnection can be done via BLE or Bluetotth Low Energy or Bluetooth 4.0. This connection protocol is efficient and less energy consuming, thus offering more autonomy to the mobile telephone device. Wi-Fi is another alternative. A dedicated application connects the smartphone to the connected object. Each application is specific to each object. Its role is to facilitate the use of the object and to provide a satisfactory user experience. For this, the object must be compatible with the mobile telephone equipment and its operating system. Remember to check it before purchasing.

Make your purchases from a telephone wholesaler

In addition to being objects of envy, new technologies are the trend of the moment. Regarding connected objects and personalized telephony, they accompany you everywhere and make your life easier. Pedometer, speakers, lighting, watch, toothbrush… Everything is connected to offer you many advantages of use. These objects of telephony thus become very valuable connected goodies, which you can offer to your business relations, your employees or your customers. If you are looking for a goodies gift idea, a connected object gift idea, a business goodies idea or a kitchen goodies idea, take a look at Cadeaux Hightech, your telephone wholesaler and telephone supplier.

Connected accessories for mobile phones at your telephony wholesaler

We are a telephony wholesaler recognized for the quality of our products. We offer a wide range of wireless telephony accessories, goodie ideas for businesses, associations, and even individuals. You can reward your collaborators, employees, partners and customers with goodie gift ideas, high-tech gifts linked to mobile telephony. Wanting to be your single point of contact, we are attentive, responsive and connected. We have selected for you quality business goodies ideas at competitive prices, whether they are connected telephony accessories or connected object gift ideas. The accessories for mobile phones and multimedia devices that we put at your disposal are customizable. We show creativity so that these high-tech accessories become very effective communication and personalized telephony tools, in addition to being efficient work tools.

Goodie ideas associated with telephony: for whom and on what occasion?

The mobile telephony goodies are one of the most intuitive and strategic communication tools. He is appreciated for the simplicity of his gesture. Just giving someone something can start a relationship and have surprising payoffs. Offering goodie gift ideas, business goodies ideas, such as connected goodies, kitchen goodies ideas, is the best way for a business to improve its image. This gesture makes it possible to link the company and its service providers, a product and its customers, a chef and his employees. The telephony goodies are made to bring together, consolidate, thank, reward, reflect values. It can take the form of a cheap goodie or a more elaborate corporate gift. In all cases, the GSM telephony accessory must be well thought out and reflect the person who offers it and whoever receives it. Discover customizable goodies ideas, advertising telephony gift ideas at your telephony wholesaler.

Business goodies ideas: creating a link with business relationships

The wireless telephony goodies allow you to create a link with your employees, your customer, or your prospect. It is important that he leaves a positive impression and that he likes. When your professional entourage uses the goodies, they will think of you irretrievably. As technology has become more democratic, you will find all kinds of goodies ideas, business goodies ideas that can be personalized with your logo at your telephone wholesaler. Connected goodies compatible with your telephony equipment, your mobile phone, are offered on our online catalog. You will have the choice between connected telephony accessories for leisure, connected sport-oriented goodies or connected kitchen goodies ideas. With business goodie ideas geared towards new technologies, you are sure to convince your target of your dynamism and modernity. Your business relationships will subconsciously highlight your brand each time they use telephony objects.

Goodie gift ideas for all styles

Companies love goodie gift ideas, inexpensive goodies ideas, employees and customers appreciate originality. Your telephone wholesaler has reconciled these two points. By visiting the Telephony / Connected section of your telephony provider, you will prove it. You will find all kinds of connected goodies with scalable technologies, advertising telephony goodies for all budgets and all styles. Connected and programmable bluetooth speakers, chic and affordable connected notebooks, GPS trackers, connected watches, pedometers ... Very easy to use, all these connected telephony objects are connected to your wireless phone via two protocols: bluetooth or wi-fi.

Telephony and goodies

Hightech Gifts is positioned as a professional telephony supplier, telephony wholesaler and distributor of mobile telephony accessories and tablets. Indispensable in the connected telephony market, we offer a wide range of products, a whole range of original and quality telephony accessories. We are concentrating our efforts on bringing together all kinds of goodies ideas, goodies gift ideas, connected object gift ideas, connected goodies that will make you successful with those around you. You will have a wide choice of connected sport-oriented goodies, for the home, office or leisure. In short, communication tools like no other!

BtoC and BtoB connected goodies at your telephone provider

Connected goodies for mobile phones are a very effective way to succeed in your communication strategy through the object. They are part of BtoB and BtoC strategies as corporate gifts or business gifts, with different targets. In the BtoB framework, connected goodies facilitate exchanges between companies and their partners. From professionals to professionals, the connected telephonie advertising goodie is used to integrate, retain, thank. You can give it away at important events. In the BtoC framework, the high-tech goodies for cordless telephones are intended for the general public in order to seduce. Promotional or event-driven, it is fun and serves to build customer loyalty by considering the one as a VIP. The telephony goodies or the telephony advertising product will have a very strong emotional and relational impact on your loyal or new customers, VIP customers, partners, collaborators, employees ...

Connected goodies for work

Objects linked to mobile telephony and connected goodies are everywhere, whether in our personal or professional life. Many products have been designed to delight professionals. Practical or accessories, these high-tech objects are essential for the smooth running of daily work, as well as for creativity. Discover in the Telephony / Connected section of Cadeaux Hightech, your telephony provider, all the gadgets that can improve the quality and working comfort of your collaborators and employees. Smart lighting for optimal visual comfort, a smart thermostat to optimize air conditioning, a weather station to measure the temperature, a connected watch to track any activity and make calls, a smart pen to take notes, a connected notebook to record notes on the fly, headphones for listening to music… These are all programmable high-tech accessories that can be linked to your mobile phone or tablet.

Connected goodies for athletes

In terms of telephone accessories and connected telephony equipment, your telephony supplier / telephony wholesaler offers mobile devices as well as various idea goodies, electronic gadgets connected to the mobile phone: connected goodies oriented sport. With these new technologies, your collaborators, employees, business partners can precisely follow their progress, or compare their prowess with those of their friends. Accompanying them at all times, these telephony goodies will improve their level with serenity. Walking, tennis, football, swimming… Nothing escapes it. Armband, connected watch, socks, swimsuits, ski goggles, headphones… These smart accessories will innovate their sports habits. They work with or without the cordless phone. These advertising telephony accessories are the perfect companions for mobile telephony. They are controlled via a specific application.

Connected objects for the home

Your telephone supplier/wholesaler also offers you connected goodies, personalised telephone products and advertising telephony for the home. In addition to being stylish and trendy, the telephone products we offer are very practical. In addition, they make life easier, sometimes save time and reduce your energy bill.
Here are some accessories that can be linked to the cordless phone for remote control:
- The brand's programmable smart thermometer.
- The Philips cordless lamp is stylish and economical: you can customise the colour and light intensity from your mobile phone;
- The innovative camera, the essential accessory for optimal home security day and night;
- Smart speakers to play personalised music based on the user's habits;

Goodies ideas connected with electronic gadgets

The advent of smart wireless phones has allowed new technologies to take over our homes. These innovations facilitated various daily activities, including household chores. So, in many homes, traditional kitchen equipment will migrate to smart cookware and high-end home appliances. Consider offering innovative kitchen gadgets to your business relationships. Optimize your choices of goodies gift ideas, kitchen goodies ideas. Smart electronic kitchen scale, smart kitchen thermometer, smart coffee machine, tea machine, smart kettle, innovative bluetooth fork, connected kitchen stove… All these useful kitchen gadgets can be connected to a smartphone or tablet via the bluetooth protocol. A mobile phone application allows them to be controlled remotely. Do not hesitate to order kitchen goodies ideas, kitchen connected object, personalized kitchen gadgets for advertising telephony from your telephony supplier / telephony wholesaler.

Advertising telephony objects and accessories for companies

Advertising telephony and personalized telephony accessories are among the best-selling advertising items in the world. For more impact on your target audience, personalize interactive products with your logo. You will turn them into effective communication tools, to offer as a corporate gift or a business gift. Choose from among the goodies ideas, business goodies ideas, classic telephony objects, high-tech smartphone accessories, connected goodies in our catalog. As a telephony wholesaler and telephony supplier, we will be able to assist you in your choice of the advertising object associated with your wireless telephone.

Connected object gift ideas with or without personalization

Indulge yourself and your business relationships and professional entourage with advertising telephony objects, personalized telephony, connected goodies to be piloted with a mobile phone or a tablet. Smart LED bulbs, GoPro cameras, bluetooth speakers, bluetooth headsets, wireless headphones, augmented reality glasses… These goodies gift idea, ultra trendy connected object gift idea for telephony will help you to mark minds and bring modernity and dynamism to your brand image once personalized. To discover with your telephony supplier and telephony wholesaler!

Advertising telephony items: trendy business gifts

Advertising telephony and personalized telephony items are part of our gift solutions to seduce your loyal customers and your employees. Whatever the occasion, your customers and employees will appreciate hyper high-tech telephony gifts. Your telephony supplier offers you a concentrate of customizable technologies, connected goodies at low prices: wireless headsets, tablets, connected watch with LCD screen, bluetooth speakers, sports cameras, mini multimedia speaker, usb cable for mobile telephony ... Our accessories and items of telephony are compatible with mobiles of all brands: Samsung, Sony, BlackBerry, Windows, Huawei ... Do not hesitate to place your order with your telephony supplier and telephony wholesaler.