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Our different marking techniques ensure a quality product for optimal communication ...

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At Hightech Gifts you can customize the look of your corporate gift by making a marking using our six marking techniques. From a subtle mix to a bold contrast or even to match your company logo, personalizing your CE gift or promotional item will be a sure way of successful communication.




Laser engraving corporate gift advertising markingOpt for an advertising object with a laser engraving

Laser engraving allows very fine marking: The technique uses an extremely precise computer programmed laser beam that will engrave the material to draw a logo or text on a advertisment object. Thanks to the high temperature of the finely focused laser beam, this marking causes an indelible change in the structure of the marked material. Recommended for promotional items in wood, leather, metal, abs-style plastic, glass.

  • Only tone on tone of the product color
  • Marking possible on any part of the promotional item
  • Materials wood, quality pvc, metal ...
  • Particularly suitable for bright colors
  • Not suitable for white colored products


Business gifts and screen printing / 3D

Screen printing is a marking technique in which an image is applied to a sensitive mesh screen developed with UV light, ideal for offering business gifts with a logo or custom text. The inks are then applied to the product by passing through the mesh to give a clear and precise image.

embossing-marking-gift-companyThe 3D corporate gift: embossing

Embossing is an ideal marking to offer a personalized business gift with a 3D finish. This is a relief plate that is hot-pressed against the product, thus transferring its relief. It is done by making a wooden or metal plate that is engraved and fixed on the table of the letterpress. Gives a unique 3d rendering and sublime corporate gifts.

  • Tone on tone
  • 3d effect
  • Very suitable for waterproof products
  • Not suitable for white colored products

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pad printing-gift-marking-company

The pad printing used on the cheap pub object

Pad printing is an indirect printing process. It uses a silicone pad which transfers ink to the pub object to be printed in order to carry out the marking. Whether embossed or recessed, the stamp adapts perfectly to the shape of each surface. Thanks to the rapid drying of the colours, which starts as soon as they are applied, pad printing allows you to print as many colours as you want, one after the other. Discover our best sellers of corporate gifts and advertising objects.

  • Applicable on uneven surfaces
  • Excellent precision
  • Quick and easy customization
  • Inexpensive


Doming practices on certain corporate gifts

This process consists of depositing transparent polyurethane resin on a pre-cut printed adhesive backing. Some corporate gifts can benefit from it. Aesthetic, transparent with a magnifying effect, pleasant to the touch, UV resistant and

to water, these domed labels also have unmatched longevity.

  • Four-color printing
  • Long life expectancy
  • Quick and easy customization
  • Waterproof on all surfaces


The CE gift: An ideal way in digital printing

Digital printing allows you to carry out projects of industrial and advertising marking by directly impregnating the very extensive fabric with a quality rendering, widely used for 100% made to measure and ideal for personalizing a CE gift. This technique offers a unique marking quality comparable to that of the biggest ready-to-wear brands.

  • Very qualitative finishes for CE gifts
  • Excellent service life
  • Four-color printing