Far from classic promotional items like key rings, pens and more, a CE gift, is positioned on ranges of prestige products, which favor quality over quantity.

Smart phone watches: a customer gift with a trendy design

Smart phone watches (or smartwatches) are an exceptional customer gift idea, allowing you to both move the person who receives it and enhance your brand image. With its trendy design and innovative features, a connected watch, among all the products in the Telephony / Connected, as a corporate gift will help you achieve your communication goals while saving money on your CE budget.

End of year gifts at low prices

Discover our selection of smart phone watches as end of year gifts or CE gifts, from the biggest brands and offered online at very affordable prices.

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The connected watch, a trendy business gift on Cadeaux Hightech

The connected watch is an extraordinary advertising object. Part of the range of prestige products, it is an exceptional customer gift idea. In addition to enhancing your brand image, the connected watch will surprise its recipient with its trendy design and innovative features. Offered at an excellent quality / price ratio by the connected watch supplier / connected watch wholesaler Hightech Gifts, the telephone watch, the advertising connected watch will allow you to save on your CE budget, and to succeed in your communication campaign by the object . Come and discover our selection of personalized connected watches in the Telephony / Connected section.

Which connected watch to choose?

The connected watch is the companion of the smartphone. This connected accessory is in line with high-tech nomadic accessories. This watch phone has gradually become more democratic, the largest manufacturers of smartphones, connected telephony such as Samsung, Apple, Honor, Xiaomi or Huawei have integrated it into their catalog. Manufacturers such as Fitbit, Garmin, Fossil, and Withings actually have their specialty. When it comes to personalized connected watches, Apple is so far the only one that dominates the market with its Watch connected watches. You will find connected watches developed by these brands from your connected watch supplier and connected watch wholesaler Hightech Gifts.

Various operating systems to discover

Just like the smartphone, the connected watch works with an operating system. Each system offers its own ergonomics as well as dedicated applications. Apple Watch features the Watch OS, a system that works with iOS and includes all Apple applications (Maps, Safari, Music, Mail, Siri, etc.). For its part, Google offers its connected watch Wear OS, a variation of Android adapted to connected objects. It embeds the entire Google environment, as well as the Google Assistant voice assistance. Smartwatch manufacturers like Fossil or Huawei use this system. Samsung connected watches work with the Tizen OS system, an OS of its own. The manufacturers of connected watches Withings, Fitbit and Garmin also use their own systems. With the exception of Apple Watch, all connected watches are compatible with Android smartphones and iPhones. To find a personalized watch, a personalized connected watch that meets your expectations, take a look at Cadeaux Hightech, your connected watch supplier and connected watch wholesaler.

The Apple Watch, the star connected watch

While the major mobile manufacturers like Sony, Motorola, Asus, Sony, Samsung or LG had already developed their connected watch, Apple only launched its own in April 2015. Against all expectations, the Apple Watch is the first watch. connected to have seduced the public with its color screen, its original interface and its meticulous finishes. And this, despite the proposed price. Over the years, Apple has established itself as the biggest seller of connected watches. Each model of connected watch designed by this specialist in connected telephony has seen improvements in terms of functionality, water resistance and screen size. To date, the brand has launched five generations of connected watches: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Series 4. Its connected watches are available in 4G version, integrating a SIM card. virtual eSIM for making calls and connecting to the Internet.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch, a real challenger

Samsung launched its first connected watch, the Galaxy Gear, in 2013. Since then, the brand has multiplied the models it offers on the market. The manufacturer has redesigned the aesthetics of these connected watches, transforming a rectangular metal format into a consensual circular screen. Its Gear Sport, Gear S2 and Gear S3 connected watch models have been refined. Today, Samsung organizes its range of connected watches into two families: the Galaxy Watch connected watch and the Galaxy Watch Active connected watch. The Galaxy Watch is also available in a 4G version and includes an eSIM virtual SIM card for making calls and connecting to the Internet. Discover a personalized connected watch from this brand at Cadeaux Hightech, your connected watch wholesaler.

Why use a connected watch?

Connected watches made their appearance a few years ago. They allow technophiles to receive notifications from their smartphone (calls, messages, social networks, etc.). Connected watches also allow you to check your emails or manage your music. Many models incorporate a sporting dimension. Your connected watch supplier / connected watch wholesaler provides you with all kinds of personalized connected watches.

The watch connects, a miniature computer

Smartwatches are considered very sophisticated miniature computers. Also called smart watch, the connected watch embeds sophisticated communication functions: receiving and sending calls, sending and receiving messages, mobile notifications, voice recognition, etc. Most connected watches are equipped with a touch screen that displays notifications. and information collected through dedicated applications. These smartwatches can also run apps or control the music player. These miniaturized computers also have motion sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope), heart rate, or even a GPS. These connected watches can be transformed into personalized watches and advertising connected watches thanks to our intervention.

A stylish connected watch

Connected watch manufacturers innovate their products by drawing inspiration from watchmaking codes. While some include a side adjustment wheel in their connected watch, others have chosen real hands. The MyKronoz, a ZeTime Premium connected watch offers a hybrid solution with its hands and its touch screen. Because of this aesthetics, functions related to physical activities are sometimes sacrificed. This is the case with the Steel HR Sport connected watch and the Withings Move connected watch.

A connected gadget for athletes

Many connected watch models are intended for sports fans. They allow all physical activity to be analyzed. Various applications are integrated into the system: heart rate monitoring, calorie management, sleep management, integrated GPS, etc. Certain functions of this connected watch recognize the activity practiced: walking, running, cycling, swimming, cardio, triathlon, etc. Manufacturers, such as Garmin or Polar, offer connected watches dedicated to great sportsmen, in particular to those who wish to have precise statistics on their performances as well as targeted training. Take a look at the catalog of Hightech Gifts, your connected watch supplier and connected watch wholesaler, to find the personalized watch, the advertising connected watch that will serve your professional entourage.

The difference between a watch and a connected bracelet

Smartwatches or connected watches are considered an extension of the smartphone. In addition to offering multiple functions related to sport and well-being, connected watches display notifications (calls, messages, social networks), make it possible to answer a call or SMS, to consult your agenda. It is also possible to view photos and videos, install applications (games, banking app, train or plane tickets, etc.), and pay merchants on connected watches. As for connected bracelets, they are activity and well-being trackers. They offer many functions, the main ones being the measurement of the heart rate, the number of steps, the management of the burnt calories or of the sleep. Some connected bracelets are not equipped with a screen, but all work with a dedicated application that allows you to view the data collected.

Choose the personalized connected watch from our large selection.

Connected watches are the ideal accessories for all those who practice sports regularly. Far from being cumbersome, smartwatches are of great service. Indeed, you no longer need to take out your smartphone as soon as it vibrates. The connected watch is there to receive all notifications. The connected watch is also an excellent tool for athletes. The connected watch gives them the possibility of measuring the different performances and the different vital constants. If you want to offer a connected watch to your employees, your partners, your customers or your relatives, here are the best models developed by specialists in connected telephony.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, the must-have connected watch

Similar to the Galaxy Watch Active 1, this connected watch model incorporates a rotating ring inspired by other Samsung connected watch models for easier navigation. This connected watch recognizes up to 6 sports activities, mainly swimming. It offers various functions such as the calculation of calories burned, the number of steps taken, and integrates conventional sensors such as the barometer, the accelerometer, the gyroscope, the heart rate monitor. The connected watch offers water resistance up to 50 meters deep. The battery of this connected watch gives it an autonomy of 3 days.

Apple Watch Series 5, the ideal watch for iPhones

This Apple Watch is perfectly integrated into the brand's ecosystem. Released in fall 2019, this connected watch includes an Always-On mode on the OLED screen. The connected watch also features a new “California” dial and a titanium case. This phone watch is waterproof both in the pool and in the sea.

Other brands of connected watches

Huawei Watch Gt Active, an alternative to the Galaxy Watch

The Huawei Watch Gt Active connected watch is the refreshed version of the Watch GT with the Active function and a new strap. All the functions of the connected watch GT respond present. This connected watch uses its own OS, the LiteOS, which allows it to benefit from a great autonomy for up to more than 14 days. This model has a multitude of features: GPS, magnetometer, gyroscope, optical heart rate sensor. Resolutely focused on health and sport, the connected watch makes it possible to follow sports performance as well as daily sleep time thanks to the Health Mate application coupled with Google Fit or MyFitnessPal or UP from Jawbone.

Withings Steel Hr Sport or the elegance of a connected gadget

The Withings Steel HR Sport connected watch has everything to please with its magnificent design: chrome hands, leather or silicone strap. For those who prefer looks to functionality, this is without a doubt the connected watch to put on the wrist. Notifications and information about physical activity (running, swimming, dancing) are displayed on the screen nested in the display dial. The connected watch also includes sleep cycle management functions, GPS, silent wake-up mode, and the Health Mate application. The connected watch is iOS and Android compatible.

Huami Amazfit GTR, a connected watch with a good price / quality ratio

The Huami connected watch is one of Xiaomi's connected objects. Although it is a complete smartwatch, its price is relatively low. The connected watch has a 1.39-inch OLED screen displaying fine text. Gorilla Glass protects the screen of the connected watch. The smartwatch can track many activities, including running and swimming. It also offers a multitude of features, including a heart rate sensor, sleep monitoring. The only downside is that it is a very impressive connected watch model.

Trusted connected watches

Three mobile telephony players now share the market for smart watches and smart watches: Apple with its Apple Watch connected watches, Samsung with its Galaxy Watch connected watches and Huawei with its Huawei Watch connected watches. It also does not neglect Withings, which offers connected watches whose design is closer to mechanical watches. Users mostly trust these four smartwatch brands. Among the watches that are popular with technophiles, we find the Huami Amazfit GTR connected watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 connected watch, the Huawei Watch GT Active connected watch, the Apple Watch connected watch, and the Withings Steel HR connected watch. Sport. The Chinese manufacturer Oppo is also preparing to enter the arena of the best smartwatch manufacturers with its Oppo Watch, alongside its new flagship the Oppo Find X2. Choose your personalized connected watch or the advertising connected watch among these connected watch models.

Buy your connected watch from a connected watch wholesaler

The enthusiasm of the French for connected equipment, such as smart watches, is increasing day by day. As a connected watch wholesaler, Cadeaux Hightech has a large stock of connected watches. We are committed to responding to the constant requests of companies, associations and communities in terms of phone watch, personalized connected watch. You will also find sports connected bracelets or activity trackers among our many gift items. Whatever brand of connected watch you are looking for, we will be able to answer your requests. Our connected watches are also compatible with devices running Android or iOS.

Your designated connected watch supplier

The connected objects market is exploding. And for good reason: connected objects have become inseparable from our daily life. These high-tech electronic objects share information and other data with a smartphone, tablet or computer. Characterized as intelligent, these high-tech gadgets can analyze a particular environment and act accordingly. In the list of essential connected objects, there is the telephone watch, the connected watch which is designed to monitor the e-health data and the sports performance of the wearer. High-tech gifts, your connected watch supplier presents a whole selection of smartwatches, personalized watches, connected watches adapted to different brands of smartphones: Apple, Samsung, Huawei ... Square, rectangular, round, with hands, tactile, discreet, imposing… Associated with a smartphone via Bluetooth, these personalized connected watches display notifications, calls and messages. They include various sensors (optical heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, etc.) and a whole library of applications. Choose from the many connected watch models offered in the catalog. You will make your collaborators, partners and employees happy. Also discover our personalized office watches.

A connected advertising watch for your communication campaign

Consider integrating the connected watch into your object communication campaign to be ahead of your competitors. By adopting this approach, you are sure to modernize the image of your company. If you are looking for a high-tech accessory, a dynamic and efficient electronic goodies, a connected watch for your next campaign, you have hit the mark. The connected advertising watch will reach a large audience that shares your values. This connected advertising object will be just as perfect to thank your employees for their efforts as it will to retain your new employees or customers. Innovative, useful and trendy, the connected watch will not fail to seduce all your professional entourage. Opt for this computer accessory, this high-tech goodies, this connected watch to broadcast your advertising message during a professional event: trade fair, company evening, conference ... If you are unsure of your choice of connected watches that you need , we will accompany you in the search for your high-tech business gift, your personalized connected watch.

Quality personalized connected watches for your professional entourage

As a connected watch supplier, we offer high-end quality customizable connected watches to offer to your professional entourage. So that each connected object can convey your image or your message, personalize it with your logo, your slogan or your brand. As soon as your employees, your business partners or your customers wear the personalized connected watch or the advertising connected watch, they will contribute to the development of your notoriety by making you known to their professional or social circle. In addition to connected watches, discover in our catalog other high-tech products that your prospects, customers or employees may need on a daily basis. Do not hesitate to order advertising connected watches in your image from us. We are committed to meeting all of your quality, quantity, time and delivery requirements.

Offer a phone watch to your business partners

In recent years, offering an advertising gift, a business gift to its customers and prospects has been essential. To build loyalty and maintain a good relationship with your business partners, consider offering them connected advertising gifts, high-tech goodies, connected gadgets, connected watches. This will give them great pleasure, while enhancing the image of your company. For larger customers, we offer a selection of high-tech, connected, smart watch, customizable smartwatch. Connected watches have become real working tools, supporting professionals on a daily basis. Discover without further delay the objects, accessories, and phone watch that we have selected for you. Our products are recognized for their quality of manufacture and their original design.

A personalized connected watch for your business relationships

Opt for a personalized connected watch as a business gift, as a corporate gift. This connected watch will make life easier for your employees, collaborators, customers and prospects. Thanks to a high-performance technological gem such as the personalized connected watch, your business relations will be able to consult their emails, answer calls and send text messages without taking their smartphone out of their pocket. You can also offer them connected health bracelets that allow them to track their activities and their diet. In addition to the major smartwatch manufacturers, brands dedicated to sport such as Decathlon and Mykronoz also offer their own connected watches and connected bracelets.

The personalized connected watch, a prestigious business gift

Thank your employees and customers with a personalized luxury connected watch. In this way, you will foster a special relationship with them. Your business partners will let you know through their loyalty, their gratitude to you. Moreover, when they wear the personalized smartwatch on their wrist, you can be sure that your brand will be visible every day. For your business gifts, select the best item in our Telephone / Connected section. You will find personalized office watches, personalized sports watches, personalized connected watches of all kinds. We'll help you choose the appropriate branding method for customizing your smartwatch.