Another product that will be very popular with women ... curling / straightening iron !!!! It is designed to meet the needs of women who like to take care of themselves.

The curling iron: A beauty and fashion accessory

This hairstyle accessory saves time for those who are in a hurry and want to achieve pretty evening hairstyles ... It is perfectly suitable for a CE gift or a customer gift!!! The curling / straightening iron, available in our category Male / Female Beauty, will delight all women, so do not hesitate any longer and find here our selection of branded curling / straightening irons (Babyliss, Calor) to offer as an original and striking corporate gift

A corporate gift for even more style

Our curling / straightening irons are offered to you online at very affordable prices, allowing you to stand out without exceeding your CE budget. Our marking service is at your disposal to personalize your corporate gifts or CE gifts in the colors of your brand.

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The curling iron, a fashion accessory and a perfect corporate gift

The curling iron / straightening iron is a product that will appeal to women who like to take care of themselves. Active women who are constantly in a hurry will appreciate this time-saving hairstyling and beauty accessory. The curling iron / hair straightener is to offer as a customer gift or a corporate gift. You will find a whole selection of branded hair straighteners in the Men's / Women's Beauty category of Cadeaux Hightech, a renowned curling iron wholesaler and straightener wholesaler. Babyliss, Calor, Revlon… Accessible at competitive prices, our curling straighteners will allow you to stand out and make an impression. In addition to being a straightening iron supplier and curling iron supplier, we offer a branding service to customize your orders. Thus, you will have beautiful personalized curling iron, advertising hair straightener, advertising curling iron.

Zoom on the curling iron

Curly hair is a hairstyle that is always on trend. Women who want to have a glamorous and chic look adopt it with ease. Whether you have curly, curly or straight hair, the curling iron is the most effective device for achieving beautiful Hollywood curls or natural-looking waves. this is the fastest way to get a convincing result. The curling iron also helps to add volume to the hair. High performance curling irons are available in the markets. However, you have to be careful! To avoid damaging the hair, you have to know how to choose the right curling iron. In this process, trust your curling iron supplier and curling iron wholesaler.

How the curling iron works

The curling iron is a machine for curling or curling the hair. In its most classic form, the curling iron consists of a heating tube or a cone with different types of coatings (ceramic, tourmaline, titanium, etc.). The brands are doing everything they can to develop more efficient devices, by providing them with automatic shaping systems, interchangeable plates and even heating brushes. Depending on the diameter of the heating tube, users can create curls, heavy waves, or thick curls. Even though curling irons have the same function, that of straightening and curling the hair, they differ in the technology they embed. There are currently 3 categories of curling iron. - Ionic curling iron: this technology protects and nourishes the hair. During styling, negative ions are released to eliminate frizz and static electricity. They provide keratin to curly or straightened strands, making them more resilient. - The ceramic curling iron: it is a device which respects the health of the hair by giving it an antistatic effect. It is used to form very voluminous curls. This technology is used by Babyliss. - The steam curling iron: the device emits a jet of steam throughout styling, protecting the hair. The humidity level softens the hair and makes it easier to curl. There are 3 types of curling iron using this technology: the digital curling iron, the conical straightening iron and the automatic curling iron. You will surely find the curling iron that suits you at your curling iron wholesaler.

The criteria for choosing a curling and straightening iron

Since hairstylist Marcel Grateau created the first curling iron in the 1870s, the curling and straightening iron has seen great improvements. To be able to choose a quality curling and straightening iron, different criteria should be taken into account. - The diameter of the iron: it varies from 20 to 38 mm. The bigger it is, the more voluminous the curls. By choosing a conical iron, you can play with the size of your curls as you wish. - Temperature: it also has an effect on the size of the curls. The temperature varies from 120 ° to 200 °, depending on the models of curling iron. For tight curls, you need a temperature between 180 ° and 230 °. For soft curls, 150 ° to 170 ° are sufficient. - The coating: this element is in direct contact with your hair, so you should pay attention to it. Ceramic is the most widely used coating. It protects the hair from overheating. Titanium (or titanium) is the only metal that takes care of your hair. Tourmaline, an ionic semi-precious stone, protects and enhances the hair. It is made for colored, dry or damaged hair. Most often, the ceramic base is combined with tourmaline or titanium. - The heating time: it varies from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Some curling irons come with an insulating tip and a heat-resistant glove that protects you from burns. You will find from your curling iron wholesaler and curling iron supplier various personalized curling irons, advertising curling irons, straightening and curling irons.

Custom curling iron models

Women can no longer do without the curling iron to have full wavy or curly hair. In folds of being easy to use, the curling iron is the ideal styling tool for women in a hurry. It delivers a result worthy of professional work in no time. But with the variety of curling machine models on the market, choosing the straightening and curling iron that meets your needs isn't always easy. Nevertheless, we present to you some models which have proven their worth with many users. - The Remington Pearl Pro Styler: this versatile tool offers different styling possibilities. It smooths the hair, and allows to create notches, wavy curls or a wavy. - The Calor CF4032CO curling iron: it is a 3 in 1 device thanks to its many accessories: curling, embossing, smoothing. - The Babyliss Curl Secret 2 is the curling iron that will bring you great satisfaction, whatever hairstyle you want to achieve. Easy to handle and exceptionally powerful, it is also an excellent hair straightener. - The Dyson Airwrap is an unusual curling iron that revolutionizes styling. Its 7 different tips give you the possibility to style your hair freely without worrying that your hair will be damaged. These curling irons can be declined in personalized curling iron and advertising curling iron, which you can offer as a corporate gift or a business gift. Find out from the curling iron supplier and curling iron wholesaler.

What about the straightening iron

Hair straighteners, also called straighteners, are part of the hairdressing equipment that many women use on a daily basis. Easy to handle and practical, the hair straightener allows you to change your look quickly, without having to go to a hair salon to make yourself beautiful. But to get the desired result, you have to choose the right hair straightener. You can always ask your hair straightener wholesaler and hair straightener supplier for advice.

The different technologies and characteristics of hair straighteners

The straightening iron consists of a heating clamp whose length varies from 15 cm (for travel) to 25 cm (the most used daily). The medium models measuring 20 cm are suitable for all uses. The width of the plates also differs depending on the model. Hair straighteners with 1 cm plates are suitable for very short hair. The 2.5cm plates are made for short to long hair. Those of 5 cm are recommended for long to very long hair.

The hair straightener incorporates various innovative technologies. The steam straightener is the most popular and the most versatile. The device diffuses steam on the hair, thus preventing them from dehydrating. The hair becomes shinier and softer. It is suitable for all hair types. The ionic hair straightener fights the static electricity that causes frizz by sending out negative ions. It is suitable for people so the hair is dry and dull. The Wet and Dry hair straightener simultaneously straightens and dries hair. Ideal for people with thick, curly hair. Its advantage is that it saves a lot of time.

The smoothing plates are equipped with a ceramic, titanium or tourmaline coating. Ceramic plates are perfect for fine, brittle hair. Titanium plates are suitable for long hair. Tourmaline plates are ideal for damaged and dry hair.

Be sure you will find the hair straightener you like at Cadeaux Hightech, your hair straightener wholesaler.

Go for a men's mini straightener

Open neck, boyish cut, short bob… You have short hair that you want to discipline and relax. But now, using a classic hair straightener turns out to be an obstacle course. And by trying too hard to tame your curls, you risk getting burned. Lucky for you, there are solutions for combing and straightening your short hair: the men's straightener, the men's mini straightener. The mini men's straightening iron smooths the fringe, and all the hair as close as possible to the scalp without causing discomfort. The mini straightener man is equipped with plates allowing to grip very small bits with great precision. Some mini straighteners are equipped with nano technology with fortifying properties. They prevent the hair from drying out by strengthening the protective sheath and preserving their nutrients. After styling, the hair looks supple and shiny. With this mini straightening iron, styling becomes a pleasure. There are also mini ultrasonic steam hair straighteners. Lightweight and compact, this type of straightener projects a light mist so that the hair slides between the plates are neither snagging nor friction. With a mini man straightener, men can pamper themselves on a daily basis. Many brands have created mini men's hair straighteners, better known as travel straighteners: Babyliss, Remington, Kipozi, SZMART ... Discover your men's straightening iron at your straightening iron wholesaler.

Offer a personalized hair straightener to your business relationships

To tame rebellious hair, the use of a straightening iron is essential. This device helps you to sport an impeccable hairstyle in any circumstance. To be able to benefit from it in the long term, opt for a powerful, versatile and practical hair straightener that meets your expectations. Do you have a business and would like to thank your employees for their involvement in their work? Consider offering them a straightening iron. So that your professional relations will remember your gesture for a long time, choose a hair straightener, a personalized hair straightener or an advertising hair straightener. At Cadeaux Hightech, a straightening iron wholesaler and curling iron wholesaler, we offer various customization possibilities. Ask our team for advice so as not to go wrong. Babyliss, L'oréal Steampod, GHD Eclipse 2, Corioliss C2, Remington and Philips Hp hair straighteners are sure to please your colleagues. These are high performance curling irons.

An experienced curling iron wholesaler at your service

Are you looking for a curling iron wholesaler not far from your home? Think about High Tech Gifts. Wholesaler and experienced curling iron supplier, we provide you with a wide range of quality curling and straightening irons. Thanks to our curling irons, you will get beautiful curls in a few minutes. Be sure to find the solution to your needs among our selection: advertising curling iron. Brands such as Calor and Remington are available from your curling iron wholesaler.

A curling iron wholesaler who makes you happy

Curls, waves, curls ... Each hairstyle has a corresponding curling iron! To meet the needs of individuals and hairdressing professionals, Cadeaux Hightech, your curling iron supplier offers a wide range of branded curling irons. We have Calor curling irons, Remington curling irons, Babyliss curling irons, among others. As a qualified curling iron wholesaler, we guarantee quality and professional hairdressing equipment. Our curling irons are offered at bargain prices. You will find curling irons that will repair and protect your hair thanks to their innovative technologies. As a curling iron wholesaler, we accept large and small quantity orders. We also display competitive prices. Visit the site to be able to take advantage of inexpensive quality products.

An iron supplier to support you

Do you want to acquire a high-performance curling iron, which can be used both in a private context and in the professional environment? Open the doors of Cadeaux Hightech, a curling iron supplier and wholesaler at your service for years. Our curling iron range consists of ionic curling iron and steam curling iron, with ceramic, tourmaline or titanium plates. Depending on the model, our curling irons are intended for short, mid-length, long and very long hair. Whether you want beautiful, tight curls or big curls, we will be able to help you and make you happy. We provide you with professional performing irons: mini men's straightening iron, personalized curling iron, advertising curling iron. Our curling irons will be your daily beauty allies. Do not hesitate to place your order. Serious curling iron supplier and as curling iron wholesaler, we will deal with it as soon as possible.

Create a surprise with an advertising curling iron

Do you want to thank your customers for their loyalty? Congratulate a few employees for their hard work? Enlist the services of your curling iron wholesaler and curling iron supplier to help you choose the right business gift voucher. It can be an XXL plate hair straightener / curling iron, a multistyle straightening iron or a black Calor curling iron. In all cases, we support you in choosing the curling iron to customize. Knowing that the advertising buckle iron is part of the best-selling promotional items. Create a surprise with a curling iron personalized with your company logo, brand or slogan. Mark the spirits with a corporate gift, a CE gift that will develop the image of your company. Trust your curling iron wholesaler.

A hair straightener wholesaler near you

Rebel hair? Crazy frizz? Know that the hair straightener is the essential accessory to absolutely have to achieve the styles of hairstyle that you like. Do you want to buy a powerful hair straightener? Turn to Hightech Gifts, your online hair straightener wholesaler and straightener supplier. We present to you different brands and models of hair straighteners.

A straightening iron wholesaler meeting your expectations

For many years, Cadeaux Hightech has been your hair straightener wholesaler and straightener supplier. Offering our services to individuals and professionals, we favor devices from the Babyliss, Calor, Remington, Revlon and GHD brands. Depending on your budget, your hair type and the use of your hair straightener, we will direct you to the most appropriate model. Among other things, we have ceramic, titanium or tourmaline hair straighteners, in classic or mini format. Get advice from your hair straightener wholesaler at the time of purchase so as not to go wrong. We will be happy to help you in your process. Also discover our personalized hair straighteners

A hair straightener supplier at your service

Specialized in the distribution of aesthetic and hairdressing equipment and products, we offer our services to individuals and professionals. As a straightening iron supplier and straightening iron wholesaler, we provide you with various items from recognized brands such as Remington, Calor or Babyliss. Discover our: - GHD IV styler straightener - Babyliss straightener (Curl secret / Pro Styler) - Remington straightener (Pro / Keratin protect) - Revlon straightener (Triple complex watermelon, Siren Extrem) - Toni & Guy touch control straightener We also have iron Calor black hair straighteners, multi style hair straighteners, XXL plate hair straighteners, and Babyliss mini straighteners. We assure you of the quality of our hair straighteners. You can enjoy the best prices all year round by shopping from a reputable hair straightener wholesaler.

Offer an advertising hair straightener, an excellent alternative

Like the curling iron, the straightening iron is an excellent promotional item that can make an impression. Are you looking for a very innovative hairdressing accessory to give as a corporate gift or as a CE gift? Take a look at the Hightech Gifts catalog, your hair straightener wholesaler and straightener supplier. Do you want to please the fairer sex in particular? Offer them a hairdressing accessory that they can use on a daily basis: a hair straightener, an advertising hair straightener, a personalized hair straightener. Our promotional hair straighteners and personalized hair straighteners are intended for both women and men. Discover all of our promotional hair straighteners that you can personalize with your logo, slogan or company name. Our advertising hair straighteners will enhance your brand image. Discover a whole range of customizable advertising hair straighteners at your hair straightening iron wholesaler / straightening iron supplier.