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Modern design and ingenious performance, a 3D LED TV, available in our category PictureThis high-tech gift will also give your company a prestigious image and will make your customers feel valued and privileged. Also, this high-tech gift will give your company a prestigious image. Browse our selection of top of the range 3D LED TVs, offered in this online department at very affordable prices.

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3D TV, a high-tech business gift

Do you want to offer a prestigious business gift to your employee, partner or client? Think of a 3d tv. It is a valuable, unusual and useful corporate gift. With its modern design and technical performance, the 3d tv will surprise and move your professional relationships because they will feel privileged and valued. At the same time, you will give a modern and dynamic image to your business by giving this high tech gift. Discover a whole selection of high-end 3d tv on Cadeaux Hightech, renowned 3d tv supplier and 3d tv wholesaler. We have 3d led tv, 3d 4k tv from different brands, suitable for all budgets. Our advertising 3d tv and personalized 3d tv will be perfect as a corporate gift. Do not hesitate any longer, trust your 3d tv supplier and 3d tv wholesaler to find you the suitable 3d tv.

Everything you need to know about 3d tv

3D technology appeared after digital High Definition. 3d tv has shaken up the tech industry much like the color tv revolution 50 years ago. Having greatly evolved both in terms of the quality of its screen, the images projected and the content broadcast, this stereoscopic 3D TV quickly conquered French homes. This new generation of TV has enabled cinema enthusiasts to lounge in the 3rd dimension. Large builders have been able to meet this challenge. Improved 3d tvs such as 3d 4k tv have thus emerged.

How does 3D TV work?

3d tv has turned the audiovisual world upside down. But how does it really work? 3d tv is a term for display technology for watching programs, video content and games in a stereoscopic manner. It intensifies the three-dimensional effect of HDTV and 2D HDTV display. Just like HD TV, 3D Ready TV or 3d TV requires two components: capture and broadcast. Each step requires specific equipment and know-how. The introduction of a third dimension has created a new way of watching television but also of conceiving and producing content. To take full advantage of 3d tv, it is important that the program to be viewed is in relief. The restitution of an image identical to human vision (in three dimensions) is possible using stereoscopic cameras.

On 3d TVs, two technologies coexist: active 3D and passive 3D.

- Active 3D: it is the technology on all living room screens. It simultaneously broadcasts 2 separate images at reduced intervals. This technology manages Full HD. - Passive 3D: this technology was initially used in cinema. It divides the image into 2 by thin strips. The technology does not support Full HD.

The necessary equipment for 3D TV

3D technology offering a unique entertainment experience, 3d TV has gradually become more popular to complete the range of equipment used in living rooms. Besides 3d TV, many other 3D compatible equipment have landed on the market, for the enjoyment of the general public. We thus find 3D game consoles (PS3, PS4), 3D Blu ray players, IPTV set top boxes or digital photo frames. To fully enjoy 3D programs, the use of 3D compatible active glasses (synchronized to the screen) is necessary. For 3D projectors, polarized or synchronized glasses are required. In terms of connectivity, only the HDMI 1.4 standard is compatible with 3D streams. This type of cable allows images to be projected in Full HD with sufficient bandwidth to render the stereoscopic display.

3D TV at home

To live the experience of 3D TV, opt for a 3d tv model. As in the cinema, you have the choice between active and passive 3D technology. Some active 3d tv models include a 3D Motion Remaster feature, for better image perception. Glasses (supplied or optional) allow you to take full advantage of the 3d tv. For passive 3d tv, polarized and very light glasses are used. For active 3d tv, shutter glasses are used. These are synchronized with the TV via an external or built-in transmitter. These active 3D glasses are powered by batteries or battery. A liquid crystal matrix is integrated into the glasses to make them more opaque. The Xpand X103 and X104 glasses are particularly suitable for some of Philips, Panasonic, LG, Toshiba, Sony, Sharp, Samsung active 3d tv. Infrared or Bluetooth technology synchronizes the glasses and the 3d tv

Manufacturers have embarked on the creation of relief television, without special glasses: the auto-stereoscopic or alioscopic 3d TV in reference to its inventor Pierre Alio. This technology consists of projecting 8 nested films, representing the scene from 8 distinct points of view, on a lenticular screen. By assimilating the projected images, the viewer's eyes succeed in reconstructing a raised image. After the success of the first prototypes of the Hyundai brand in 2008, renowned brands such as Toshiba, Samsung, Thomson, Philips, Sony, LG, Sharp, Panasonic entered the race. With promises of exceptional 3D panels ... HD 3d tv, ultra HD 2K tv and 3d 4k tv then took precedence over HD and Full HD tv.

3d tv 4k

In their perpetual search for a better picture, TV manufacturers set out to create more efficient devices. After 3d tv which has satisfied many users eager for new sensations, 4K technology has appeared on the market and in particular 3d 4k tv. Initially, the designation 4K designates the resolution of video equipment capable of broadcasting images of 4096x2160 pixels. The 4k resolution is generally used for digital cinema. But many manufacturers, including Sony, have developed 3d 4k tv models to delight moviegoers. Customizable, these televisions can become magnificent personalized 3d tv and advertising 3d tv. By taking a look at a 3d tv wholesaler or 3d tv supplier, you will find the 3d 4k tv you will need.

3d tv 4k and 4K technology

4K is a generic term used to define the image quality of a screen, more exactly the number of pixels that make up the image. The SD (Standard Definition) standard was 720x576 pixels, against a minimum of 1280x720 pixels for HD Ready and 1920x1080 pixels for Full HD. If HD Ready and Full HD are the first two generations of high definition screens, 4K (through 3d 4k tv) is the third. Also known as Ultra HD, the 3d 4k tv displays images of 3840x2160 pixels. 4K has thus improved 3D technology. With a 3d 4k tv, you can enjoy an incomparable cinematic immersion in the comfort of your living room.

The advantages of 3d 4K tv

4K technology has many advantages. 3D 4k tv screens are bigger and sharper. The image broadcast on a 3d 4k TV offers better definition: 20 times that of a cathode ray tube screen, 9 times that of an HD TV screen, and 4 times that of a Full HD screen. It is thus possible to enjoy a 50 inch (127 cm) 3d 4k tv or a 3d 4k tv with a larger screen without the quality of the displayed image being sacrificed. 3d 4k tvs deliver vivid and nuanced colors. With 3d 4k tv, dark areas and light areas are perfectly readable. To fully benefit from it, it is necessary to use media capable of broadcasting images in UHD, such as the 4K UHD Blu ray player. This type of device offers a very large color space (covering 75 % of human vision) and smoother gradations.

The best 3d led tv

With the multitude of 3d led tv models available on the market, it is sometimes difficult to sort out. In this sector, many brands are influential. They are very familiar with the expectations of consumers. Most of them offer very good quality products with many features. These 3d led tvs offer high definition images that will give you a unique visual experience. Discover among many brands the Toshiba 3d led tv, the LG 3d led tv, the Samsung 3d led tv, the Telefunken Stella 3d led tv, the Sony 3d led tv, the Continental Edison 3d led tv, the Hitachi 3d led tv, or again the Haier 3d led tv. The 3d led tv screens are available in different sizes. You can also find it from a 3d tv wholesaler and 3d tv supplier. Also trust your 3d tv wholesaler and 3d tv supplier to make you discover personalized 3d tv and advertising 3d tv. We also offer 3d 4k tv or 3d 4k tv.

How to properly use your 4k 3d tv

The technology of TV screens are evolving in such impressive ways that it is not always easy to come across the multitude of offers. After the classic 3d tv, the 3d 4k tv or 3d 4k tv has become the must-have in the audiovisual field. More and more fans of beautiful images and moviegoers are attracted to 4k 3d tv. The finesse of his images is incomparable: more detailed, more natural and closer to natural. Which guarantees more intense emotions! But to take full advantage of 4k 3d tv, suitable media must be used. You will find them in stores specializing in high tech products, 3d tv wholesaler and 3d tv supplier.

Sources compatible with 4k 3d tv

To enjoy the performance of a 3d 4k tv or 3d 4k tv, it is essential to use compatible sources. 4K UHD Blu ray players, just like PS4 Pro, Xbox One S and Xbox One X game consoles are fully compatible with 4k 3d tv. Channels such as MyCanal or Canal UHD also broadcast 4K content, to the delight of 4k 3d tv owners. The massive adoption of 4k 3d TVs has also encouraged players such as NetFlix, SFR Play, YouTube and even Amazon Prime Video to offer compatible content. However, 4k 3d tv users must have a fiber connection to watch this content. You should also know that most 4k 3d TVs are equipped with an upscaling system, allowing you to convert HD or Full HD content into 4K UHD.

What if you opted for modern 3d led tv?

Gone are the days when televisions caused eye problems. Today, no matter the size of the screen, you can stand at any distance to watch your favorite movie. This is the case for 3d 4k tv or 3d 4k tv. For better 3D rendering, users use glasses when watching programs or movies on their 3d led tv or even their 3d 4k tv. For passive 3d led tv, passive or polarizing glasses are preferred. For active 3d led tvs, active or shutter or shutter glasses are available. A standard that is used for 3D Blu ray decks. The 3D technology on the screens of the current 3d led tv avoids eye fatigue. This visual comfort is made possible by removing ghost images. To have a good viewing angle in 3D mode, it is recommended to sit facing the screen. For the satisfaction of your employees and partners, offer them personalized 3d tv. Hightech Gifts, 3d tv wholesaler and reliable 3d tv supplier, can advise you while shopping. Also check out various 3d 4k tv models.

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Hightech Gifts is a recognized supplier of high tech products and 3d tv wholesaler. Discover customizable high-tech objects and goodies with us, to offer as corporate gifts and CE gifts. We have selected for you original products that meet all the quality criteria. We provide 3d tv and 4k 3d tv of different brands: Sharp 3D LED TV, Thomson Full HD 3D LED TV, LG 3D LED TV, Brandt 3D LED TV, 3D UHD LED TV, Panasonic 3D LED TV, Samsung 3D LED TV, Sony LED TV, Philips LED TV, Samsung LED TV… All of our 3d tv, 3d led tv, 3d 4k tv / 4k 3d tv are customizable. Do not hesitate to offer a personalized 3d tv or a custom 3d advertising tv to your professional entourage. To do this, go to your 3d tv wholesaler. Our offers are constantly updated to meet all your requests.

A 3d tv wholesaler to serve you

Hightech Gifts has been a 3d tv wholesaler for many years. We offer all kinds of 3d TVs which will give you a great viewing experience. Discover in our catalog of 3d tv, 3d tv 4k of all brands at discount prices. To reward or thank your professional entourage, also buy our personalized 3d tv and advertising 3d tv as a CE gift or business gift. Trust your 3d tv wholesaler / 3d tv supplier!

A reliable and experienced 3d tv wholesaler

Do you want to buy a 3d tv? Take a look at Hightech Gifts, an experienced 3d tv wholesaler. We put at your disposal a whole selection of 3d tv from major brands. You will find with us 3d led tv, 3d 4k tv from Sharp, Philips, Thomson, LG, JVC, Brandt, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony or UHD. High-end quality, our 3d tvs are the cheapest on the market. You can take advantage of our discount prices throughout the year. Anxious to meet your quality requirements, we always make sure to provide you with reliable products that comply with standards. Trust your 3d tv wholesaler for the purchase of a 3d led tv, a 3d 4k tv or a personalized 3d tv. We will be able to respond to your requests, regardless of the number of 3d tv or 3d 4k tv ordered.

Offer a personalized 3d tv as a business gift

Whether it's for the end of year celebrations, a company anniversary or another corporate event, you need to find an original gift to offer to your employees or your business partners . This corporate gift must both show your recognition for the services rendered and their loyalty, but also reflect a modern and dynamic image of your company. A 3d led tv, a 3d 4k tv or a personalized 3d tv is without doubt the most suitable gift. Always on the lookout for the latest trends in technology, Hightech Gifts offers all kinds of customizable 3d tv. As a 3d tv wholesaler / 3d tv supplier, we show you our selection of personalized 3d tv. We provide you custom 3d tv and custom 3d 4k tv at very affordable rates.

Offer an advertising 3d tv to energize your team

Technology products often make great corporate and customer gifts. They will be greatly appreciated by your employees or customers. To meet all your needs, we offer various high tech promotional products. Our team has specially selected for you advertising products that will be useful to your professional entourage on a daily basis, like the advertising 3d tv. Design and at the forefront of innovation, our advertising 3d tv will inevitably appeal to your team. Thanks to our advertising 3d tv, you will participate in the success of your communication by the object, friends especially in the development of the image of your company. Trust your 3d tv supplier and 3d tv wholesaler to bring you the best advertising 3d tv. Choose from our many customizable 3d 4k tvs to promote your business.