Do you need a corporate gift for your social actors? Look no further and opt for this UHD 3D LED TV. Performance, quality, design and high technology are all united in this corporate gift, which can only satisfy its user.

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Opt for the 3D UHD LED TV if you want to offer a beautiful corporate gift to your social actors. What could be better than offering a quality and practical corporate gift to your partners as a thank you? What's more, you can personalise it.

A corporate gift for the festive occasions of the year

Are you looking for a corporate gift to thank your most deserving partners and employees? This corporate gift is the best choice. Indeed, its great performance makes it a gift worthy of your reputation. You can offer it on various occasions, for example as a business gift following your partnership with a great company leader. You can also offer it as a corporate gift for employees to reward the best performer. And finally, you can offer it as a corporate gift for client to thank him for his long-standing loyalty.

A corporate gift that performs well

This 3D UHD LED TV has an extra large 43-inch screen with 4K UHD for the best possible picture quality. Its LED screen offers a very good image resolution. This corporate gift has several possibilities for playing all video formats from a stand, but it is also possible to connect to it using WIFI. Its slim and compact design gives it a really modern and classy look to match any room.

A corporate gift that you can personalize

A personalised corporate gift is always a more original way to remind people of your existence. Thus, put your company logo on the edges of this corporate gift, within reach and view of all. This will give you good visibility of your social name and a good presence with your social actors.

In terms of image quality, experience optimal 4K images in real time. It is capable of instantly analysing all types of content, it enables unique technologies to work optimally for better detail, colour and contrast and images are analysed, purified and converted to 4K (8 million pixels) in record time. This also has an impact on Android TV, which runs smoothly and quickly.

Edge LED technology
This technology consists of placing the LEDs around the edge of the panel, illuminating a photoconductive plate that directs the light towards the panel. The screens are therefore extremely thin, which makes them easier to mount on the wall and more discreet. They also reduce power consumption.

Sound characteristics
With a sound power of 2 x 8 Watts, the TCL U43P6006 will delight your ears with its sound quality. It is managed and retranscribed by different decoders that process the sound in such a way as to offer you the best.
For example, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus allow for multi-channel streaming, Clear Audio+ technology which optimises the sound results. The latter uses various processing algorithms applied to audio signals such as S-Front Surround which optimises spatialization for greater immersion and Clear Phase Speaker which adjusts speaker frequency for better balance for clearer sound and dialogue.
You can choose between 5 sound modes (standard, music, cinema, games, sports) and 4 types of surround (cinema, sports, music, games, classical).

This TV has multiple features that bring you comfort, ease of use and fun and give you access to the connected world.
Take advantage of the electronic programme guide in digital and via the internet, the automatic standby function (to save money), the clock function, the programming, the voice search, the Google Cast Ready under Android or iOS, the hotel mode (to secure your settings), etc.

The TV has 2 USB ports (1 x 2.0), 3 HDMI 2.2 inputs, 1 Ethernet socket, 1 coaxial audio output and 1 headphone socket to easily accommodate your USB content, a Blu-Ray player, a home console, a home cinema system, etc.
Together with the "time-shifting" function, it allows for delayed playback of the live programme after a pause in the programme viewing.

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