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An original corporate gift to offer to your employees? Are you looking for an idea for an original personalized gift? You have come to the right place to find business gifts, corporate gifts exceptional products that will please your employees, collaborators or customers.

For an original corporate gift: opt for change

Show that you care about your employees by offering a personalized business gift.

Finding original gifts is never easy. To give an original object, take the time to ask yourself what he or she likes. Check out our best sales corporate gift in our online catalog.

Your originality will be rewarded!

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Original corporate gift idea :

We offer you a complete range of products, in order to offer your employees or collaborators the best products. Our marking solutions allow original customization and the image of your brand. You have the choice between affixing your logo, a message, or a slogan. It is also possible to adapt a personalized message or a first name for each person in order to individualize the gifts.

Also consider a corporate gift box which show originality with trendy packaging. We offer gifts in large and small quantities with delivery throughout France.

Originality is the order of the day

You can request a quote every day on our High Tech Gift website, deliveries and handling of your orders are done all year round. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any clarification or if you have any questions about the gifts. continually looking for corporate gifts, original business gifts to please for the office, business, home or your activities to original personalized corporate gifts.

For the holidays and more

Looking for a original corporate gift cheap, end-of-year corporate gifts, USB gadgets or even a bluetooth speaker JBL ? Obviously, you will find all these original corporate gift ideas at CADEAUX HIGHTECH. Simply browse through our product categories, add an original corporate gift to your basket and give it to your customers or employees. Our gifts are sure to be the perfect original gift for everyone. Just take a look, search for a gift and be surprised! Search now for the original gift that will make people envious!


Best Selling Original Corporate Gift:



 Original corporate gifts with personalised JBL speakersWhy offer an original business gift?

Giving a gift allows you to build loyalty, to please, to prove a certain recognition, to remind you of your existence ... The customer gift also makes it possible to keep good relations and to perpetuate the business, it is also necessary to know to offer him one for one at the right time. Offer business gifts originals is an effective way to engage your customers especially if the reward is attractive, personalized and original.Giving original gifts is a real marketing tool that is often inexpensive and appreciated by customers. It would therefore be a shame not to use this marketing tool.

Bet on quality and originality 

Providing a trivial gift may be perceived by your employees as a lack of investment on your part and the expected result will be counterproductive.A cheap business gift can say a lot about the relationship you have with your people.So that your customers and employees appreciate your gesture, offer them an original and good quality corporate gift.

Original gift to surprise

The search for corporate gift original is already, in itself, a mark of attention to the one to whom it is going to be offered.Once you have found the original gift, the imagination takes over and we enjoy visualizing the spark of joy that will appear when the object is discovered.

Innovation for your business

Indeed, unlike classic gifts, more and more often, we are looking for the original gift, this object that will tell the other: "I chose it for you and only for you, because for me you are a unique person. . "Thus, this original gift must be in total coherence with its recipient. We do not select a gift according to personal taste, aesthetics or practicality but by thinking: "What gift could I offer my employees? "

original corporate gift bluetooth headphones with your logoOriginal end of year gift idea 

The idea of original end of year corporate gift to offer to your employees and clients. Christmas is coming, think about your end of year corporate gifts ! Discover our selection of original personalized corporate gifts, objects to personalize, high-end gifts, high-tech corporate gifts, fun gifts, office objects, there is something for everyone.

A wide range of original corporate gifts

Indeed, whether you are a company, an association, an administration or a works council, the research end of year gift ideas for your employees and partners is an important step in retaining or rewarding them.

So to facilitate your research, offers you ideas of personalized corporate gifts trends that will delight their recipients:

  • Touch tablets,
  • Bluetooth speakers,
  • Promotional pens, diaries ...

Offer the original promotional gift that will make a lasting impression at the end of the year.

Original corporate gift for men or women?

Nowadays, there is no big difference, manufacturers make an effort to offer mixed designs. Men or women, the difference is in the colour most of the time. Nothing better and more practical to save time in your research with the selection of best selling business gifts.

Offer an original corporate gift with this electric scooterOriginal USB gadgets

If The USB gadget is the original, inexpensive little business gift that will please anyone who spends a lot of time in front of the computer! For Christmas, an original corporate gift like a USB key it's always a pleasure !

Unearth an original corporate gift for everyone around you

If you are looking for something original and fun, then you are in the right category! With original gift ideas from unusual companies, you are sure to please more than one! offering original gifts will make a lasting mark in the minds of your customers. Get off the beaten track with original and funny ideas.

Original and personalized CE gift

Indeed our CE gifts Our personalised gifts are ideal for promoting your activities at trade fairs, exhibitions or congresses, your commercial activity, your associations or simply to have a support during an event or a demonstration. Discover our selection of original business gifts and make Cadeaux Hightech your privileged partner in your professional success!


Rewarded employees

These original advertising items, which you offer to your employees to reward them, to your customers to retain them or to your partners to thank them, are effective communication media for your brand, the daily use of which reinforces their effectiveness. Thus these promotional items can be personalized with the logo and slogan of your company or the advertising message of your choice. Thus, the advertising impact is even stronger towards your targets and you will obtain better visibility with your employees, your customers or even your prospects. Consult the best selling CE gift.

An original bottle of champagne as an original corporate giftExplicit statistics 

  • 45% population own a personalized pen.
  • 76% of the population remembers the brand or the promotional message of the person who gave them a corporate Christmas gift for the past two years.
  • The High-tech gift is the one that lasts the longest.
  • The usefulness of the promotional object is the element most appreciated by the recipient.

Business gift: bet on originality

Take advantage of a special occasion or create one to stand out from your competitors by offering an original personalised corporate gift! Whether it's to celebrate the signing of a contract, welcome a new employee or partner or simply to thank your investors, an original gift will always do the trick! Without any bad puns, the gift in the professional world is an action to strengthen relationships. So take advantage of our selection of original personalised corporate gifts from Business Offices to stand out and make an impression.

The original corporate gift to bring well-being to its employees

An employee who is happy in his work environment is more productive (by 12%!). The little attentions to bring happiness and serenity to its employees should not therefore be neglected. Order an original corporate gift for the pleasure of your employees.

The corporate gift to gain visibility

For new or long-established businesses, communicating is critical. Indeed, to make his brand known to the greatest number, nothing like an original company gift.

Also discover trends, novelties but also advice for original corporate gifts adapted to your image with the best sales customer gift.

Why not give an original corporate gift of a compact camera?For what budget do you offer original gifts?

Indeed, whether personalised or not, the business gift market offers a plethora of choices. Everyone will find the ideal product or service, within their budget, depending on the person to whom it is addressed. Also according to the tastes of the latter and the occasion for which it will be offered. Prices range from a few euros to several hundred euros, or even much more for prestigious gifts or luxury corporate gifts. Don't wait any longer to discover our best sales in the section corporate gift.

Do customer gifts have to be declared?

When the total amount of business gifts offered during a financial year exceeds € 3,000, it must be declared to the tax authorities. This declaration is made by means of an entry in the special statement of overheads - sheet n ° 2067 - to be attached to the company's income statement.

Original corporate gift wholesaler 

If you are looking for a wholesaler of original corporate gifts for your employees as a form of loyalty? Order in large quantities to communicate on truly original gifts that will mark the minds of your employees… Do not wait any longer to order your CE gifts on Cadeaux Hightech with fast deliveries and quality items.

Especially since our products are checked to meet your requirements. This is the reason why we have a very good customer satisfaction rate.

Original gift at the cutting edge of technology

an original idea for a corporate gift with this hugo boss perfume for womenIndeed, the end of year gift is a message of thanks to all employees and collaborators of a company. Highly symbolic, it is revealing in their eyes of the recognition that their leaders have in them. It is therefore necessary to treat it. However, it is not always easy to know what appeals to everyone. So the original gift of high-tech enterprise rise to the challenge. Indeed 67 % of the French like to offer them and receive them for the holidays. Of smartphone accessories at a low price for a larger gift, they contain ideas to seduce your employees.

The strength of corporate gift boxes

The CE gift allows you to consolidate your links with your customers, collaborators for the signature of a contract. To build customer loyalty, to stand out from your competitors, corporate gifts personalised with your logo and corporate image are kept for an average of one year in 90% of cases. This allows your message to be continually conveyed. The original corporate gifts hold the attention that marks the minds of your employees. Thus it is a gesture that is appreciated by all. Offering original corporate gifts is a real marketing tool. Don't hesitate to ask for a free quote from our range of corporate gift box and contact us if you have specific questions.

Multitude of choice from our range of original gifts

Find the ideal original and personalized corporate gift for your customers, partner for Christmas, end of year corporate gift ... You will find what you need among our wide choice of gifts with more than 2000 references. Available online with guaranteed quality and fast delivery.

Make your customers, collaborators, prospects, employees happy by offering a end of year company gift.

Corporate gift ideas to thank your employees

Don't wait any longer to offer a travel trolley as an original corporate giftLooking for a corporate gift idea for your employees. High Tech Gifts offers you a multitude ofcorporate gift ideas to best meet your expectations and which will appeal to all your employees as well as your collaborators. Corporate gifts have many benefits for you and your employees. These corporate gifts will allow you to congratulate and thank your employees while valuing their work and rewarding them for their efforts for the company. It also helps to maintain good relations with all staff as well as to strengthen cohesion within the company. This is why High Tech Gift is present to help you offer the best gift to your employees, by offering you a wide choice ofcorporate gift idea.

The great classics for a successful corporate gift idea

Many companies offer corporate gifts to their customers, employees or collaborators. Classic corporate gifts are still appreciated by most employees and collaborators. Therefore, High-Tech Gift provides you with different corporate gift ideas essentials such as pen, USB stick, umbrella, diary ...

In addition, you have the possibility to customize all these gifts which will make the classic gift more personal and original. You can also put your logo or the name of your sign on the gift which will improve your visibility.

A connected gift, an innovative business gift idea

The corporate gift ideas connected are a safe bet. Today everyone is connected, so it is easy to please as many people as possible by choosing a connected device. High Tech Gift offers a wide range of connected products. You can offer the essential high-tech objects such as the USB key or choose a more innovative gift such as the sports camera, the virtual reality headset, the connected sports bracelet, the tablet or even the Bluetooth speaker… There is a corporate gift idea connected for all tastes and all prices. A connected gift is a trendy gift that will delight your employees and collaborators.

A more original corporate gift idea

You want to stand out and amaze your employees and collaborators with a corporate gift original. On High-Tech Gift you will discover many corporate gift ideas original that will appeal to all your employees. In particular, you will find targeted gifts for women and men. This allows you to have more special and personal attention. In the targeted gifts One finds in particular trendy beauty products. For the gifts addressed to the women of your company you will have the choice between curling irons, manicure sets, epilators… In the corporate gift ideas for men you will have many hairstyling and shaving accessories. You have everything at your fingertips to satisfy the men and women in your business.

You also have the possibility of offering gifts to taste for your employees. You can opt for chocolates and sweets or champagne or wine boxes. The gifts to taste are original gift ideas perfect to congratulate and thank your employees and collaborators. We will be happy to answer all your questions about our products for your corporate gifts for your employees.

an original corporate gift with a set of wine accessoriesOriginal corporate gift idea

You want to find a original business gift idea for your employees? Hightech Gifts, offers you a selection of gift that is out of the ordinary. You will have no problem finding a original business gift idea to impress your employees. Giving a gift to your employees for a special occasion helps build loyalty and thank them for their contribution to society. It is also a great way to keep a good relationship.

Surprise your employees with an original corporate gift idea

To mark the spirits on an occasion, choose good original business gift idea. An original gift will have more effect than a classic gift. Your employees will feel valued. In addition, a original business gift idea, will more reflect the image of your employees and your company. We have carefully selected quality gifts such as high-tech products, fun gifts, useful items for the office, promotional items, there is something for everyone. To surprise your employees even more, you can also personalize their gifts. You can write your logo or even a little message.

Why choose an original corporate gift?

By offering an original gift to your employees, you are sure to please them. An employee who is happy at his job is much more productive. Pamper your employees by offering them a very original gift and strengthen your relationships. On the other hand, a original business gift idea, allows your business to be more visible. To make your brand better known, give original gifts to your employees. Your employees will be happy to receive a original corporate gift but also to be able to identify with their society. Do not hesitate to select a original business gift idea best suited to the image of your company.

What original business gift idea to choose?

Do you want to find an original gift that will please everyone but do not know what yet? At Hightech Gifts, we help find theoriginal business gift idea to seduce your employees. We offer company gift boxes with very original packaging. Boxes with quality products and customizable greeting cards. Besides, if you want to gift a high-tech gadget, we have what you need. You can browse our category oforiginal business gift idea. You will find gadgets like speakers, USB gadgets, external batteries, headphones, touch pads etc.

 The originality of this portable fan corporate giftAre you looking for useful items for the office?

We offer pens, agendas, high-tech speakers, digital clocks among others. You have a wide choice to find a original business gift idea very useful. You can change this year and find a original business gift idea greedy. Awaken the taste buds of your employees with a treat. Chocolate bars, chocolate balls, boxes of chocolates, foie gras or even duck confits. You will undoubtedly find theoriginal business gift idea among all the quality products we offer. In addition, delivery is fast throughout France.

Indeed, finding a gift is never easy regardless of the situation. You spend your time fiddling with your mind to see if you are making the right choice. You can't find a original business idea ? But with Hightech Gifts it will be hard to go wrong. Indeed our experts have produced a catalog with a diversified choice and have negotiated original gifts at affordable prices. All this just for you! It is the ideal site to find original business ideas. Therefore difficult to miss.

Not only are the items offered in our catalog original but you can make them even more original by personalizing them. Put your logo, your slogan, your name on original articles. It's a original business idea than to offer its employees quality but very original gifts thanks to the concept of product personalization.

Is giving a gift to your collaborators and employees original?

Another original business idea is to offer its customers and employees corporate gifts to celebrate an anniversary of collaboration, a new contract or even a business merger. It's a great way to maintain long-term business contacts. As long as you choose the right gift. To celebrate this type of event we offer original business ideas like offering high-tech gifts personalized with your brand on the object in all discretion. Why is this a great original business idea? Firstly because it is not common, secondly it reflects the image of your company that is to say of quality, modern and connected. Finally it's a little communication blow without us realizing it. This original business idea can open many doors for you. In addition, if the customer is happy, he will necessarily talk to those around him and attract you to more contact.

You also want to thank and retain your employees for the work they provide for you. However you do not haveoriginal business idea. Hightech Gifts is an ideal site to retain your customers but also your employees. Because it is just as important to retain your employees. Hightech Gifts is the site you need various and varied it responds to all requests. In addition, we are organizing ourselves in order to have the necessary stock to respond as quickly as possible to demand and to have the latest news as much as possible.

an original speaker as a corporate gift with bluetooth functionAn original business idea: A Marketing asset 

In addition it is a original business idea since when you offer personalized CE gifts, whether for your employees or collaborators, you are communicating. Indeed a personalized gift with your brand written on it. And that this gift appeals to its user therefore the latter will use it anywhere, at any time, in full view of other potential customers. It is a marketing asset that should not be overlooked. It's a original business idea to promote your brand without it being too excessive thanks to Hightech Gifts.

Christmas corporate gift

Are you looking for ideas for a corporate Christmas gift? Here you will find inspiration to make your employees happy to celebrate Christmas. Find in this catalog, different categories to help find the ideal corporate Christmas gift for your employees. At Cadeau Hightech, we offer original, innovative, useful, functional, sustainable but also gourmet Christmas gifts. We could also personalize your gifts with your company logo or name.

Offer a gourmet basket as a corporate Christmas gift

A gourmet basket is an excellent way to please your employees for Christmas. The end of the year period rhymes with hearty meals, so why not offer your employees a corporate Christmas gift that they can enjoy. This type of corporate Christmas gift is a classic but still has its effect. Everything is played at the level of tasting. You will be able to make your employees discover new flavors and awaken their taste buds. We have prepared a selection of gourmet corporate Christmas gifts to amaze your employees.

Our different gourmet baskets

The surprised gourmet gift box is one of our gourmet baskets, which makes your mouth water. This box includes a bottle of Le Vigneau wine, a box of block of duck foie gras, fig gingerbread, gourmet duck terrine with duck breast, milk chocolate and salted butter caramel and truffles. All this, arrange in a square magnetized gray and white gift box. This corporate Christmas gift is filled with delicious flavors that your employees can enjoy on Christmas Eve with their family around a table. We also offer several other gourmet baskets. Some with different varieties of chocolates, others with verrines of duck terrine. You can also find jars of honey, jars of jams, tarts, fancy truffles among others. As organic is also very popular, we also offer organic gourmet baskets. A range of organic products to offer to your employees.

Give a high-tech gadget as a corporate Christmas gift

This year, you can offer as a corporate Christmas gift one of our high-tech products with your company logo. Work and technology go hand in hand. This is without a doubt a great way to thank your employees for their contribution throughout the year. These high-tech gadgets are highly appreciated by female employees because they are very useful. In addition, thanks to your logo, your employees will be able to better identify with your company. For a surprise effect, you can also personalize your gift with a small message or the name of your recipient. Choose from the many high-tech gifts we have on offer.

High-tech gadget ideas for corporate Christmas gifts

By offering a tablet to your employees, they can stay connected and work even on the go. In addition, they can also use it for their personal pleasure such as watching movies, videos and more. At Cadeau-Hightech, we offer several models of tablets, supports as well as customizable covers. A high-tech speaker is a corporate Christmas gift, very useful for work. We offer high-tech speakers in boxes with lots of other surprises to offer your employees. You can also offer them external batteries. They are highly sought after and very useful accessories. As a corporate Christmas gift, we also offer external hard drives for storing data, mice, USB sticks, headsets, earphones, speakers etc. You will certainly find the ideal high-tech corporate Christmas gift to wow your employees for Christmas. Be sure that this type of corporate Christmas gift will appeal to all your employees.

Offer a corporate Christmas gift box

Do you want to surprise your employees with a corporate Christmas gift that is out of the ordinary? Our different gift boxes will be perfect. We have carefully chosen quality products of all kinds to make unique gift sets. It is, among other things, the best corporate Christmas gift to thank your employees for their contribution to the success of your business. At Cadeau Hightech, we have made boxes with very useful high-tech gadgets, wine bottles, champagne bottles, goodies, greeting cards etc. You will have no trouble finding the best box that best reflects your company's image.

Our extraordinary corporate Christmas gift boxes

We offer several types of corporate gift boxes. For those looking for high-tech objects, this box of connected objects will be ideal. This corporate Christmas gift includes a beautiful greeting card, a bottle of champagne, a packet of chocolate and a Bluetooth headset for the phone. As another box of connected objects, there is the box with a helmet, a greeting card, all presented in a black gift bag. In addition, find boxes with hard disks, external batteries, connected bracelets etc. Goodies with your logo can also be integrated into your boxes as a corporate Christmas gift. For the more gourmet, we offer good bottles of wine, bottles of champagne, jars of grilled zucchini and more. Tasty gifts well selected by Cadeau Hightech. All boxes are presented in gift bags, pouches or baskets. Not to mention, a greeting card with the message of your choice.

Offer a good bottle

Do you want to offer an elegant and refined corporate Christmas gift to your employees to express your gratitude? We offer several bottles of wine and champagne. What better way to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with a good bottle. It is a luxurious and attractive corporate Christmas gift. We help you find that prestigious corporate Christmas gift without having to spend a lot of money. As a specialist in original and high-end corporate gifts, find our selection of our best bottles. Bottles that your employees can enjoy with family or friends during this festive period.

Our bottle selection

So that your employees are really charmed by your corporate Christmas gift, you can personalize the bottles with your logo or with a beautiful message of thanks. If you want to impress your employees with a bottle of champagne, you can choose from several brands. Like champagne, there is a Moutard Père & Fils, a brut, a Carte Blanche by Michel Furdyna etc. You will definitely find a seductive, elegant and prestigious champagne. Besides, if you want a bottle of wine as a corporate Christmas gift, we've got you covered too. As red wine, you have the choice between: a Touraine rouge from the prestigious Château Vallagon, a Monsatrall Finca Bacara or even La vielle Ferme rouge 2017. If you are looking for a white wine, we offer a Sauvignon blanc Millesime 2015, an Abymes Cuvée Gastronomique 2017 or an exceptional Muscat wine. There are also bottles of rosé wine. You have enough to fill your employees.

Give a greeting card

What could be better than a greeting card to thank your employees for wishing them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year? At Cadeau Hightech, we offer a variety of very original greeting cards. You will be sure to completely immerse your employees in the holiday season atmosphere. All of our greeting cards are customizable. You can put your logo and your message to thank your employees. Simple but effective, a greeting card is an ideal corporate Christmas gift to wish your employees lots of good things. In addition, it is a corporate Christmas gift, affordable and accessible to all businesses.

Our selection of greeting cards

Having motivated employees is crucial for your business to run smoothly. Encourage them by giving them a corporate Christmas gift. A greeting card is a corporate Christmas gift that will please employees regardless of the industry. We offer very elegant greeting cards, other creative and unique designs. If you want to change from the usual red, we have some very colorful greeting cards that are out of the ordinary. To be in the theme, there are also greeting cards with fir trees and garlands. If you want something more classic, a card decorated with a craft tree with a sweet message will certainly do the trick. It is a discreet and elegant gift, ideal to mark the spirits and to please your collaborators. A greeting card can be combined with any other gift you want. Greeting cards are also present in our gift boxes.

Goodies as corporate Christmas gifts

A personalized corporate Christmas gift is always a pleasure. Still not sure what to give? We will help you find the right corporate Christmas gift for you. We offer gifts that are both unique and original. A promotional item gift must transcribe your values but also embellish the image of your company. The end of year celebrations are a good opportunity to distribute promotional items but also to satisfy your employees. USB keys, mugs, caps, umbrellas or even gourds, you will find at Cadeau Hightech the perfect corporate Christmas gift for your employees. What could be better than offering a gift to your employees that they can identify with. Depending on the image of your company and your budget, you will easily find the ideal advertising object to offer as a corporate Christmas gift. We will accompany you in the personalization of your corporate Christmas gift.

Give a pen as a corporate Christmas gift

Are you looking for a lasting corporate Christmas gift? Why not give your employees a pen. It is an ideal corporate Christmas gift to seduce your employees. In addition, it is an object that accompanies a person throughout the day. Of course, we offer a selection of premium and customizable ballpoint pens. To make an impression, you can opt for a Balmain ballpoint pen set in black leather. It's one of our hottest corporate Christmas gifts right now. Not only does this increase the visibility of your company with a logo engraved on it, it will also boost your employees. In the Balmain range, you will also find a Balmain design ballpoint pen and roller set. You can opt for a Parker silver ballpoint pen box or a Waterman brand refillable fountain pen. A pen remains at the same time a business, popular, traditional and timeless Christmas gift.

Offer an exceptional condiment

To celebrate the end of the year, are you looking for the perfect corporate Christmas gift to share your joy with your employees? Why not go out of the ordinary and give them an exceptional gift. To strengthen your relationship with your employees, give them an original and delicious gift. Take your employees on a unique taste journey with our selection of exceptional condiments. Madagascan green chili pasta, Deglet Nour dates, sundried tomatoes, truffles or even a Cèpanade with Espellette pepper. The list is long. If you are looking for a tasty and refined corporate Christmas gift, you will have no trouble finding one among our selection of high-end products.

Offer chocolates and sweets

Are you looking for an extremely tasty corporate Christmas gift? Discover our selection of chocolates and delicacies to make your employees discover an unforgettable sensation. We suggest boxes of chocolate beads or Weisss brand chocolate balls. Of course there are different flavors. To amaze your employees, we also offer delicious chocolate discs or boxes of chocolate of several different tastes. If you are looking for perfection, we offer you a luxurious box of candy with dark chocolate, milk, ganache and pralines. In the Weiss range there are also chocolate stick boxes or chocolate bar boxes. Chocolate has always been a corporate Christmas gift. Select a generous and delicious gift to make your employees happy.

Giving this style of gift to your employees for Christmas, for example, can be a great corporate holiday gift idea. Indeed the candle and apple incense box will stand out in living rooms or dining rooms. It will release a fruity scent that will captivate the senses of your employees but also of their guests. This box will immediately get noticed, which is why it is an end-of-year corporate gift idea not to be overlooked. It is a good way to make yourself known.

From an end-of-year corporate gift idea to a means of communication

Finding a gift idea is not an easy thing to do, especially when you don't know the person by heart. But you still want to please your employees and collaborators for the holiday season. The opportunity to show that you want to create cohesion within your company. While doing a little publicity for your brand. To bring your employees together as a team and to reward them all. But you don't really have an idea. We're here to help you find a year-end corporate gift idea.

In fact, High Tech Gifts is the ideal site to find an original and modern end of year corporate gift idea. We group all types of articles. From promotional items to high-tech products including powered items. Like this box of candles and incense with the sweet scent of apple or if you wish with the scent of lemon to remind summer, a little taste of the next vacation in the sun. It is these kind of little touches that will touch your employees and as a result they will have a positive and caring corporate image. This will retain them and they will talk about it to those around them. Just like giving end-of-year gifts to your employees. They will feel valued and tell other customers about you. The end of the year celebrations are there to bring people together by giving each other little touches. So think about that kind of year-end corporate gift idea.

Other end-of-year corporate gift idea

Our catalog is very extensive. Thanks to it you will be able to find something to please your employees but also your collaborators. Everything is there ! Kitchen, beauty, sports, wellness and of course digital items. We always try to be new.
Many end-of-year corporate gift ideas await you. Also think about the families of your employees. For example for children you can offer them gift certificates. In the eyes of your employees this can be a message that you pay them attention and therefore will remain loyal to your business. Another end-of-year corporate gift idea would be to offer packed baskets or simply high-tech gifts for the whole family.

Know that if you are short of end-of-year corporate gift ideas, Cadeaux Hightech is there to satisfy you.

Choosing the right professional gift

First of all, you need to define the type of professional gift you want to offer, namely:

Original business gift for your client, also called original business gifts

Professional gift for your partners

Professional gift for your collaborators or employees also called CE gift

Original business gifts or professional gifts

Once identified, you need to validate a budget. The ideal budget is between 30 and 50 € per person on average but you also have small professional gifts, here are in detail:

The Tote bag, used as a cheap gift with your company logo in 1 or 2 colors

The advertising keychain, it allows you to convey the image of your company at a lower cost

A professional gift box with different products, budget from 30 €, you can make a custom box with an advertising message on the box or on the selected products.

Bluetooth speakers, very trendy original business gifts, especially the JBL GO 2 speaker, unique in France, we can personalize your logo or message directly on the speaker.

The touchscreen tablet, a professional gift that can be used in professional or private life, it allows you to be present everywhere and to advertise effectively. t