In addition to the traditionally privileged occasions to offer a corporate gift or a customer gift, certain professional events such as the launch of a new product or the signing of an important partnership may call for a gesture of attention from the company.

A useful customer gift

In order to avoid falling into the classics, we offer you customer gifts or corporate gifts original, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. In this online department, you will find a vast catalogue of audio docking stations, a striking yet practical high-tech gift that will please and promote your company's image.

An innovative corporate gift

Innovative, ingenious and very aesthetic, our audio docking stations, available in our Audio, to offer as gift company, are from the biggest brands and based on high-end products.

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In addition to the traditionally privileged occasions to offer a corporate gift or a customer gift, certain professional events such as the launch of a new product or the signing of a major partnership may require a gesture of attention from the company.

The docking station: A useful customer gift

In order to avoid falling into the classics, we offer you original customer or corporate gifts, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. Combine comfort and portability of your devices thanks to a designer docking station at your wholesale docking station. The laptop docking station is an external device that allows you to connect a multitude of peripherals to your laptop, so you will have the same functionality as on a desktop computer, see more. In this online department, you will find a vast catalog of audio docking stations, a striking but also practical High-tech Gift that will please while promoting the image of your company. Innovative, ingenious and very aesthetic, our audio docking stations, available in our Audio section, to offer as a welcome gift, come from the biggest brands and are based on high-end products. The portable pc docking station has several advantages for the user. The docking station allows you to avoid plugging in all the peripherals you will need every time you use your computer.

What is a docking station?

A docking station is a computer tool that allows multiple devices to be connected simultaneously. The docking station allows documents to be transferred from one device to another. Whether at the office or at home easily transfer your photos, videos to documents from a computer device to your computer through your docking station. Discover the best docking stations at the best price for your employees, an unbeatable price. Consult our online catalog available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why buy a docking station?

Whether for a short-term or long-term advertising campaign, with our cheap advertising laptop docking stations you will be talked about by your customers. With just a few clicks, you can access the complete description of the entire advertising docking station directly from our online catalog and thus you can have an overview and rapid handling of your request.

A sales representative who constantly works on the move with his laptop computer, sees himself every time he returns to the office plugging in all of this external fixed peripheral device he needs. While with a docking station, the salesperson will no longer have to make all the connections and disconnections on his laptop each time he returns to the office. All he needs to do is make all the connections to his docking station once, and the only connection necessary will be to connect his laptop to its docking station, optimizing time and comfort of use. maximum given that the sales representative will have the possibility to connect several screens in addition to his peripherals on the docking station. To promote your business it is important to be seen and visible! If some brands are lucky enough to have entered our visual memories with colors that have become iconic, this may not be your case. You will therefore need to pay particular attention to advertising and personalized laptop pc docking stations. You will understand that the iPhone docking station is an original, high-tech advertising gift, useful to allow your targets to identify you with a cheap quality gift. Remember, users of promotional goodies should be in contact with your brand every time they use it.

Discover the iPhone docking station!

The iPhone docking station allows you to recharge your mobile phone battery without a charger by simply placing it on the docking station, the iPhone docking station also allows you to listen to music with the synchronization of all your data on your mobile phone by placing it on the base of the iPhone docking station.

Convenient and efficient, you can take your iPhone docking station with you everywhere. Consult our online catalog to discover our designer phone docking stations to put on your desk, living room, bedroom ... Find here the best iPhone docking station for phone compatible with the iPhone docking station, Lenovo Thinkpad, galaxy, Huawei and many other brands. The iPhone docking station is ideal for listening to your favorite music on your smartphone holder while charging it. No need to travel anywhere with your charger, cables to fully enjoy your favorite music on your phone. Let yourself be tempted by a powerful and robust personalized male docking station. Whether you have an iPhone or an android device here you will find the iPhone docking station, android docking station suited to your needs.

Hightech Gifts also offers docking stations for touch tablets. The personalized docking station is a real computer support that allows you to charge your device while having the features in the support that will bring you comfort of use. Easy to use, your personalized docking station will allow you to use all the features of your device while charging it. Consult our online catalog to take full advantage of our latest generation male docking station.

Laptop docking station

Find your laptop docking station here. Hightech Gifts specialist in corporate gifts offers docking stations for your laptops. The laptop docking station allows you to connect many ports at the same time by plugging them directly into the dock. The laptop docking station can accommodate more peripherals than a normal laptop computer, you just need to connect your computer to the dock through the USB port, adapter cable and then your laptop docking station. can connect various peripherals ranging from 6 to 10 devices which can be directly connected to the docking station (sound bar, speaker, sd memory card, printers, USB type A, mini USB, Rj45, mobile phone. ..).

Daily practical, the laptop docking station allows you to optimize your time. If you have a laptop computer and you need several accessories such as a mouse, bluetooth speaker keyboard, sd card, ssd, microphone ... You will therefore have to connect all the accessories each time you you move with your laptop PC. While with a laptop docking station a single cable is enough to connect all your connections, so you can waste more time. Great compatibility towards hdmi, laptop with external hard drives, the advantages of the laptop docking station are multiple with high speed, it also allows you to work on several screens simultaneously for your greater pleasure, thus facilitating the consultation of several pages, audio document, hard drives at the same time.

Connect all of your peripherals to a computer with a docking station

You are probably wondering how to connect your peripherals to your laptop docking station? Don't panic here you will find the answer to all your questions. Connect all of your peripherals to your computer using a laptop docking station, the process is quick and easy. First of all you will need to power your laptop docking station by plugging it into a sector, then you will have to establish the connection between your laptop docking station and your laptop computer with a connection cable. Once the connection is established between your laptop and your personalized docking station, you can now use your connected laptop docking station to provide the various peripherals you want on your docking station. However, it may be necessary to install a driver on your laptop PC to use your laptop docking station, depending on the model.

The most common drivers to ask for when using your laptop docking station for the first time are plug and play, you just have to plug in and your laptop docking station starts up. Now with all the connections established, you can use all of your devices connected to your laptop docking station.

How to choose your laptop PC docking station?

There are several models of laptop docking stations on the market. here we give you some tips to choose your docking station. Whether it is a business laptop docking station to offer to its employees, prospects or a personal docking station, you will have to choose a laptop docking station compatible with your devices. Not all docking stations are compatible with any type of device ah, so it is essential to choose the right laptop docking station for better use without major worry.

Hightech Gifts chose the best docking stations customizable with your company logo for an optimal advertising campaign.

A personalized docking station

Choose a laptop docking station based on your needs and the peripherals you want to connect to your docking station. Depending on your specific needs the drinking pc docking station can plug in multiple screens, or connect to many devices through a USB port, USB cable. On the one hand There are low cost docking stations that have basic features that will allow you to have the minimum of multifunction connectivity on different devices to your computer through a laptop pc docking station. They are usually from the Dino USB 3.0 connection, a universal port for desktops and laptops available on most laptops. A classic docking station for easy use for a cheap price. And on the other hand we have the sophisticated docking stations with more performance. High-end laptop docking station a multitude of USB connections with Thunderbolt connections that allow you to transfer your documents, photos, videos ... with a high transfer speed. The high-end docking stations also allow you to charge your laptop computer as well as many other specific advantages.

Advertising docking station:

Are you looking for an advertising docking station? You have come to the right place. A docking station supplier, Cadeaux Hightech offers a multitude of advertising docking stations for all of your campaigns. If you need a large quantity of advertising iPhone docking stations to hand out at specific events just to thank your staff, here you will find the best advertising docking stations.

Distribute our advertising docking stations in large quantities as a welcome gift for your new customers and employees. Welcome gift to offer at gatherings or events with a large public, many prospects, consult without delay our advertising docking station catalog for an effective and original solution. Give yourself strong visibility for your business with the best docking station supplier, with our latest generation advertising docking stations, a welcome gift at a lower cost. ah if you are going to stand out from your competitors with 1 high-tech, design and original products.

Choose our personalized designer and refined docking stations from your docking station supplier with the assurance that the product is of quality and meets your expectations. Thanks to your docking station wholesaler you can establish your request at any time anywhere in the world every day of the year, we respond with a tailor-made quote according to the elements you have indicated. Know that the quantity allows to have decreasing prices it is therefore recommended to provide, in the context of a large order, the fact of directly mentioning the quantity when you establish your request online.

Personalized docking station with your brand logo or the message you want to broadcast. A simple and effective solution with a reasonable budget. The personalized docking station is an excellent promotional gift that you can personalize with your logo thanks to, Dock wholesaler, discover our multiple means of customization.

What customization for your advertising docking station?

Your docking station wholesaler, Hightech Gifts offers solutions to easily customize your laptop PC docking stations on Hightech Gifts specialist in corporate gifts. Customizing your iPhone docking station allows you to apply your advertising message or logo to the iPhone docking station model you have chosen. An impression of qualities to make your promotional gifts unique. Wholesaler docking station, You have the choice between several customization solutions.

The personalization surface is the part on which you can personalize, have your advertising message, logo or image marked, etc. The dimensions of this surface vary depending on the personalized docking station chosen. Wholesaler docking station, Several customizations are possible depending on your docking station, design and the desired end result. We use several printing methods: very precise laser prints with a great result, Screen printing, Topography, embroidery… Several designs are available according to your tastes and preferences.

Design customization!

Docking station supplier, placing your company name or slogan on your personalized docking station, or any other advertising medium with Hightech Gifts with ease. Enhance your advertising items with a slogan that will cause a sensation during a large-scale communication campaign, printing on advertising items (printing an image on textiles, advertising lamp, advertising gift). Your satisfaction is our priority ! Find all the solutions to your advertising campaign needs from your docking station supplier. You will inevitably find what you are looking for in our online catalog.

Wholesale docking station

Wholesaler docking station, Hightech Gifts offers laptop docking stations, iPhone docking station supplier as well as MacBook pro docking station, wireless touch pad. Are you looking for an iPhone docking station wholesaler? Don't panic, you've come to the right place. Wholesaler iPhone docking station provides you with all your promotional gifts. Advertising iPhone docking station for large and small quantities, your iPhone docking station supplier offers a wide range of quality iPhone docking stations at very attractive prices. IPhone advertising docking station Lyon, iPhone docking station Paris, iPhone docking station Toulouse, iPhone docking station Nice, no matter your city, we deliver anywhere in Europe.

Quickly and easily estimate the wholesale price of your iPhone docking station without a minimum purchase quantity from your docking station wholesaler. Wholesaler docking station, consult the catalog of your docking station supplier directly on our website. A team is at your disposal to answer all your specific questions.