Are you planning to offer a corporate gift or an EC gift to one of your clients or partners on the occasion of an important event? Think about our LCD-LED TVs, an exceptional customer gift idea!

A CE gift: strengthen your professional relationships

Combining modern design and innovative features, an LCD-LED television, offered as CE gift, will allow you to mark the occasion, while strengthening your professional links. We put at your disposal our range of branded LCD-LED televisions, among all the products in the section Picture, offered online at attractive prices.

A customer gift: build customer loyalty and develop your turnover

This high-tech gift will help you express your attention to your client or partner, while preserving your EC budget. Don't hesitate to choose from our selection of LCD-LED televisions customer gifts or CE gifts of prestige.

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Led tv: a business gift like no other

Do you want to offer a gift to your professional entourage? Choose a gift that is practical, original and modern at the same time. A high-tech product. Opt for the led tv. This gift will be unanimous and will be a source of motivation for your professional entourage. You can offer a led tv, an advertising led tv to your business partners, your collaborators, your employees and your customers. By this gesture, you will show them your gratitude as much for their efforts as for their loyalty. But which model of led tv to choose? There is a wide range of televisions at Cadeaux Hightech, a well-known led tv wholesaler and led tv supplier. 4k led tv, 18 inch tv, 37 inch tv ... the choice is vast. There is something for all tastes and budgets.

The led tv, a corporate gift that rocks

The led tv has succeeded the lcd tv. In reality, the screen of a led tv is an advanced LCD (liquid crystal display). Each pixel of the led tv screen consists of 3 sub-pixels (red / green / blue). These dots light up according to the images. A backlighting system made up of electroluminescent diodes is positioned at the rear of the panel. The diodes backlight the subpixels with white light, which allows the image to form and color. The association of the panel and the backlighting makes it the led tv. The LED television offers homogeneous image quality, dazzling contrast, an excellent level of brightness. Thus, it consumes less power and offers a slimmer design than the lcd television.

But what is an lcd television?

The lcd television has a screen made up of pixels broken down into 3 sub-pixels (red, green and blue). An LED or CCFL type backlighting system at the rear of the panel diffuses light through the liquid crystals of the sub-pixels. Thanks to a filter, the sub-pixels color the light, to obtain sets of colors for each perceived image. The panel combines electronics and liquid crystals, making it the essential element of LCD technology. There are two types of LCD television: IPS (In plane Switching) panel TVs and VA (Vertical Alignment) panel TVs. The IPS panel system uses liquid crystals aligned on an axis parallel to the plane of the screen. This model of lcd television ensures uniform distribution of light. It allows you to watch clear pictures even if you are not placed in front of the lcd television screen. The VA panel system uses liquid crystals aligned on an axis perpendicular to the plane of the screen. This helps to block the passage of light.

Lcd television lighting systems

The lighting system of the lcd television allows it to offer advanced adjustment features. Three lighting modes are available. - Transmissive lighting: the lcd television incorporates a classic backlighting system. This mode adjusts the brightness. However, this takes time, depending on the lighting in the room where the TV is located. - Reflective lighting: watches, calculators and PADs use this lighting system. External light is reflected on the screen. The advantage is that you do not have to adjust the brightness since the natural light produced adapts to the ambient lighting. - Transflective lighting: it is a hybrid mode which combines the two systems. Many brands of lcd television are available from led tv wholesalers and led tv suppliers: Samsung, LG, Philips, Brandt ...

The led tv and its different backlighting technologies

In the led tv family, there are many backlighting technologies: Full LED, Edge LED, Local Dimming, Micro Dimming. Each type of backlighting can have an impact on many parameters: screen brightness, image quality, contrast and colors. - Full LED or Direct LED: the diodes are placed over the entire surface of the screen, allowing more homogeneous backlighting and a very good image quality. - Edge LED: the diodes are placed around the panel (on the sides, bottom or top). The screen is therefore thinner, but offers inferior image quality. - Local Dimming: some led TVs (Full Led or Edge Led) have Local Dimming technology on board. This is a smart backlight. Each diode turns on or off dynamically depending on the image on the screen. The contrast is thus optimized and the blacks are deeper. - Micro Dimming: this is the improved Local Dimminng. This treatment makes it possible to adjust certain areas to improve the contrast and the quality of the image by varying the light intensity.

The advantages of a led tv

The major advantage of the led tv is undoubtedly its brightness which is very powerful. Thanks to zero light inertia, the led tv broadcasts a dynamic image. Its screen is resistant to crushing, shocks and vibrations. The half-life announced for the diodes (25000h for the white, 50000h for the red, blue and green) guarantees a long life. As the led tv panel does not contain mercury, it consumes little energy and is therefore more ecological than lcd televisions. The led tv is equipped with different inputs and outputs: HDMI, YUV, USB, VGA, headphone socket…. Thanks to its sleek design, the led tv is easy to transport and install.

Discover in specialized stores and many led tv wholesalers different led tv brands: LG led tv, Panasonic led tv, Philips led tv, Samsung led tv, Sharp led tv, Sony led tv, Sony led tv… The size of a led tv varies according to the defition of the screen. There are 18 inch tv, 21.5 inch tv, 24 inch tv, 32 inch tv, 36 inch tv, 37 inch tv, 42 inch tv… To order, go to Hightech Gifts.

4k led tv: a real high-tech revolution

In the race for technology, manufacturers have created the 4K led tv. Being a revolutionary tool, the 4k led tv has a very high resolution (four times more than full HD, or more than 4000 pixels per line). This performance allows it to broadcast images of excellent quality. To please your employees, equip your company with 4k led tv. This high tech equipment is perfect for your lcd company committee budget. A 4k led tv is ideal for viewing a slideshow, a movie or a documentary. Thanks to the advancement of techniques, you will be able to enjoy diverse content. Note that a box cable and a Blu-ray player can be connected to the 4k led tv. 4k led tvs of different brands and sizes are available in the market. They can be transformed into advertising led tv thanks to our marking service.

4k led tv: realism at your fingertips

The 4k led tv is a very powerful and trendy television model. Respecting the cinematographic projection standard, the 4k led tv offers spectacular image quality, combining fluidity and sharpness. The images of a 4k led tv will be well detailed, thus offering a very intense visual experience, very close to reality. Thanks to the upscaling function, it is possible to obtain excellent image quality from old format movies, Blu ray, or streaming videos. Most 4K led TVs are also compatible with 3D technology. However, you have to wear dedicated glasses to take full advantage of it. Several platforms such as Netflix or Youtube also support the 4K format. There is a range of 4k led tv on the market: LG, Samsung, Philips led tv… In terms of price, a 4k led tv is affordable if we take its performance into account.

A reliable led tv supplier

Hightech Gifts, your led tv supplier, is a professional 4k led tv sales. We offer many famous brands such as LG, Samsung, Philips, JVC and Brandt. We will guide you to the best choice according to the use, size and budget at your disposal. Do you want to offer a led tv to your professional circle? We have what you need. As a good led tv supplier, we have a large stock of 4k led tvs so we can fulfill large orders. We also sell 4k led tv by unit. We adapt to your needs. You can gift a 4k led tv to reward an employee who has been productive and motivate the rest of the team to do the same. Take advantage of our marking service to personalize your 4k led tv. It will be an opportunity to advertise your business.

Buy your televisions from your led tv wholesaler

On Hightech Gifts, your led tv wholesaler and led tv supplier, order the quantity of televisions you need. We sell advertising led tv of all kinds: 18 inch, 24 inch, 37 inch led tv, etc. We offer good value for money on all advertising led tv models. Find at your led tv wholesaler and led tv supplier advertising led tv and personalized led tv from the brands Samsung, LG, Brandt, Philips, etc.

A led tv wholesaler, a guarantee of product reliability

By purchasing your 4k led tv from your led tv wholesaler, you are sure to benefit from quality products. At Hightech Gifts, we offer renowned brands to satisfy you: Samsung, Philips, LG, Brandt, etc. Our 4k led tvs combine aesthetics (thanks to a modern design) and innovation (thanks to the various features available). Accessible at attractive prices, our 4k led tv are among the best on the high tech market. Led tv wholesaler, we suggest the television models suited to your needs. We have TV models for business gifts and TV models for personal use. You can also buy personalized led tv from your led tv wholesaler to equip your living room. The possibilities for customization are endless. Show your imagination or be inspired by our many achievements.

Offer a led tv to your employees

Offer advertising led tv and personalized led tv to your employees. It will be a way to motivate and reward them for their involvement in their work and their productivity. Advertising led tv and personalized led tv can be offered on the occasion of a corporate event, a promotion or a birthday. Find different brands and models of led TV from your led tv wholesaler and led tv supplier. We can personalize the TV by putting a thank you note, slogan, logo or company name on it. Equipped with powerful tools and at the cutting edge of technology, we guarantee you remarkable personalization. Trust your led tv wholesaler and led tv supplier to provide you with the advertising led tv or personalized led tv model you like.

Why not the 18 inch TV?

The 18 inch tv is a very popular led tv model. You can find them from 110.35 euros on Cadeaux Hightech. We have among others 4k led tv. The 18 inch TV is perfect as a gift. It takes up little space in a room and It diffuses beautiful images. The 18 inch TV is also easy to carry. In the professional field, this type of led tv will be an essential tool for presentations and projections. To offer as a corporate gift, the 4k led tv will delight your employees. It can be personalized according to your wishes. By choosing Hightech Gifts as led tv wholesaler and led tv supplier, you will be satisfied.

The 37 inch tv model

On Hightech Gifts, in the Image / LCD-LED TV section, you will find different kinds of lcd television. We recommend the 37 inch TV which offers excellent visual comfort. In addition to its large screen, the 37-inch TV is distinguished by its backlighting system provided by high-performance neon tubes. At your led tv supplier, you will discover many renowned led tv brands (LG, Philips, Samsung ...) have their 37 inch tv. Your led tv supplier will be happy to help you choose from the available lcd televisions. We will advise you according to your needs, your budget and the use you want to make of it. As one of the best led tv wholesaler, we offer excellent value for money on our products.

A led tv supplier like no other

Offering a led tv, a personalized led tv as a CE gift or a business gift is a way to please your professional entourage. On Hightech Gifts, your satisfaction is our priority. Your led tv wholesaler / your led tv supplier is at your service to guide you in your purchase. Discover led tvs adapted to your corporate committee lcd budget: 4k led tv, 18 inch tv, 21.5 inch led tv, 24 inch led tv, 36 inch led tv, 32 inch led tv, 37 inch tv, 42 inch led tv … Our led tvs are efficient, powerful and affordable. More than a led tv wholesaler, we provide customization service. We offer personalized led tv, lcd television and advertising led tv. We have a large stock of personalized led tv. To help you stand out, we can put your company name, logo or slogan on it.

The personalized led tv, an excellent alternative

Invest in a led tv or a 4K led tv, and give your employees a unique cinematographic experience. You will have the choice between televisions of different brands and for all budgets: Panasonic TX-55GZ2000, Sony KD-55AG9, LG 55B9, HiSense H55B7500, Samsung UE55RU8005, PHILIPS “THE ONE”, LG OLED55B9… Trust the team of Hightech Gifts to personalize the led tv that you have ordered for your professional entourage. Led tv wholesaler, we will help you choose the right font sizes and writing styles for your project. We will show you our various advertising led tv achievements for you to be inspired. We have the necessary tools for the successful realization of advertising led tv customization.

An advertising led tv as a surprise?

Company anniversaries, end-of-year celebrations, company events ... To thank your employees, your business partners or your privileged clients, come out the big game. Give them a corporate gift: a led TV or a lcd television. You can also organize a game where your employees can win lcd televisions. Your led tv wholesaler offers 18, 24, 32 and 37 inch lcd television models. You can seek advice from your led tv wholesaler to guide you according to the budget of your works council. You will score a point in bringing joy to your employees. In addition, you show a modern and trendy image of your business to those around you.

And the lcd company committee budget?

Impress your employees and business partners by offering them lcd televisions. led tv wholesaler, we offer a wide choice of lcd televisions adapted to the lcd company committee budget. Do you have a large budget? Opt for branded TVs and customize them to your guide. We market Samsung, LG, Brandt, Philips televisions, etc. Prices vary between 119.99 euros and 614.46 euros. If you are on a budget, we have simpler 21.5-inch models for $ 136.66. Our televisions will make everyone happy. They are affordable and meet quality standards. We offer a delivery service in France and Europe.