Small high-tech accessory, the key ring connected makes a great corporate gift idea. Innovative features for these different connected key chains like CE giftThis gives the brand a modern and innovative image.

A key ring as a works council gift

Browse our selection of connected key rings, available in a wide choice of models and colors. Soft-touch materials, perfect finishes… Our connected key chains will seduce your employees by presenting them in a catalog for works council refined and practical.

An essential advertising object

We also offer a marking service, allowing you to personalize your advertising items. Opt for optimal visual communication thanks to connected keyrings as goodies for your employees.

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Connected key rings to find lost items

With all that there is to do in the day, it is not uncommon to lose sight of our small accessories like keys, wallets, phone chargers or even tablets and smartphones. These little things that we lose easily but cannot find so quickly, will now remain within reach thanks to a simple connected keychain. A connected keychain is a locatable keychain that makes it easy to trace the location of lost items. Thanks to a Bluetooth tracker antenna directly connected to your Smartphone, this connected keychain has significant advantages.

What is a connected keychain?

The connected keychain is a smart keychain that allows you to find your belongings in no time. A phone lost under a piece of furniture, badly stored car keys, the connected key fob can solve this kind of problem quickly. Relatively small in size, the connected keychain is an easy-to-use and space-saving accessory. A connected keychain generally comes in the form of a small box that easily clings to all types of objects. The connected keychain comes in different shapes and colors, but its operating principle is the same.

What are the functions of a connected keychain?

In general, a connected keychain does not have a GPS beacon. It is the application supplied with the connected key fob that makes it possible to record the last location of the object to which it is attached. Concretely, in the event of sudden termination of the connection between the beacon and your Smartphone, the application will use the geolocation functions of the latter to memorize the last location of the connected key fob.

Some brands of connected keychain offer more sophisticated features. It is not uncommon today to find connected keychain models capable of ringing a Smartphone from the beacon. This type of connected key ring is very practical for quickly finding your phone.

Other connected keychain models also include a motion detection function. There are even models of connected key fobs that offer so-called "community" functions. With this type of connected keychain, the owner of the lost object can notify other users who will also receive an alert as soon as the connected keychain has been found.

How do connected key chains work?

A connected keychain is a device that attaches to different types of personal items: keys, wallet, battery charger, USB key, etc. This connected keychain works with a Bluetooth which communicates directly with a tablet or a smartphone. The range of a connected keychain is approximately 30 m indoors and 50 m outdoors. Whenever you forget to take your office keys or your wallet, a dedicated application sends you an alert directly using your connected keychain.

Connected key chains generally use Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy or Bluetooth Smart to function. This Bluetooth model is a simplified version that consumes less energy, ideal for creating connected key rings operating with a simple button battery. This is the case of the connected keychain which is also often delivered with a (free) application.

It is therefore very important to check beforehand whether your Smartphone is compatible with the connected key fob. In all cases, these connected key rings are generally compatible with iPhone and Android Smartphones. Only Smartphones without Bluetooth 4.0 are not compatible with the majority of connected key rings. Some models of connected key rings are not compatible with Windows Phone either.

Which application for connected key chains?

The main function of applications dedicated to connected key fobs is assimilated to that of an electronic leash. It automatically triggers an alert when the Bluetooth signal from the connected keychain is no longer picked up by the smartphone or tablet. The application generally emits a ringing or notification type alert to activate the connected key fob. It then becomes easier to locate your car keys thanks to your connected key fob.

With connected key rings, it also becomes possible to find a lost object thanks to dedicated applications. You can quickly locate a lost object with a connected key ring provided that it is in close proximity to your location. Depending on the model of connected keychain purchased, you may also benefit from other applications such as GPS. With connected key chains equipped with GPS, you can find your lost items even at a far range. Connected key chains provided with this type of application indicate the location of the lost object, either via a cursor pointed on a map, or by hot / cold / lukewarm indicators.

What criteria to choose the right connected keychain?

Connected keychains purchased from a connected keychain wholesaler or an approved connected keychain supplier are generally the benchmark choices. These are good quality connected key chains in most cases. However, certain criteria must be taken into account to choose a connected keychain corresponding to specific needs.

  • Size: too bulky connected key rings are difficult to transport. Opt for small and light connected keychains from your connected keychain wholesaler.
  • The range: the greater the range of your connected keychain, the greater your chances of finding the lost item. Seek advice from the connected keychain supplier of your choice.
  • The volume: it is essential to hear the alert given by the Bluetooth tracker to find a lost object with a connected key ring. When buying your connected keychain from a connected keychain wholesaler, remember to test the volume of the tracker.
  • The size of the community: the more members there are on the same platform, the higher the chances of quickly finding a lost object. Most connected key rings are compatible with all types of Smartphone. Equipped with the same application, they can also search, in all discretion, the lost objects of other users.

Where to find the best connected keychain wholesaler?

There is a wide choice of connected keychain wholesaler in today's market. The number of connected keychain suppliers has continued to increase since these connected devices have burst into our daily lives. To easily find a connected keychain wholesaler near you, just do a quick search on the internet. The best connected keychain supplier is also the one where your family and friends have purchased their connected keychain model. Do not hesitate to read the opinions of other users on the connected keychain wholesaler sites to get an idea of the correct address for a connected keychain supplier.

Why buy a connected keychain from a connected keychain wholesaler?

To guarantee the reliability of your connected keychain, you are strongly advised to buy only from an approved connected keychain supplier. A connected keychain wholesaler is often a professional able to guide you towards the right choice of connected keychain. In addition, you can easily get practical use and maintenance advice from a connected keychain wholesaler.

Buy at a reduced price from a connected keychain supplier

The biggest advantage of buying a connected keychain from a connected keychain supplier is being able to buy your connected keychain at a reduced price. Whether it is to get advertising keychains or personalized connected keychains, the ideal is to go to a known supplier.

Find a connected keychain supplier near you

High Tech Gifts, your distributor of connected objects of major brands offers you to deliver your personalized connected keychain to your home or business. Order your keychain connects directly on our site. Receive a personalized quote for your advertising keychain orders. Contact your professional supplier to collect your connected key rings or have them delivered to the address of your choice.

Characteristics of an advertising keychain

An advertising keychain is a gadget to offer in a company, to thank its employees or mark the spirit of its loyal customers. Offering a personalized connected keychain to its business partners is showing special respect for them. An advertising keychain is also a particularly popular marketing object in business. By offering a personalized connected keychain to your employees, you automatically improve your image and mark the universe with your presence. An advertising keychain is fully customizable. You can choose to affix your logo, your slogan and apply colors relating to the emblem of your company. It is a personalized connected keychain that directly corresponds to your brand.

Why choose a personalized connected keychain?

Choosing a personalized connected keychain as corporate goodies means using a modern gadget as an advertising medium. A connected keychain is an advertising keychain that conveys the values of a company. Providing a connected keychain also means marking the daily life of its partners with its presence. Thanks to an advertising keychain, you can also easily convince new prospects to choose your brand. In addition, today's consumers are big fans of personalized gadgets like the keychain.

The connected keychain bracelet

The connected advertising keychain bracelet is a multifunction Bluetooth device. Offering a keychain bracelet connects your employees, it is providing them with a practical accessory that allows them to quickly find their small accessories useful in everyday life. The connected advertising keychain bracelet has diverse functions: alarm, tracker or even anti-loss system. Thanks to a connected advertising keychain bracelet, your employees will be able to view the exact location of the object they are looking for directly on their Smartphone or tablet. Connected to a Smartphone or tablet, this advertising connected keychain bracelet is fully customizable.

Personalized advertising connected keychain bracelet

The connected advertising keychain bracelet is a product linked to technology. The keychain connects enters the category of the most appreciated digital gadgets in the field of communication by the object. The connected advertising keychain bracelet is indeed a very trendy personalized connected product that is appreciated by all. It is always a great advantage for a company to create high-tech key chains. High-tech gifts offers a range of customizable key rings, and also connected advertising key rings for your communication campaigns. A keychain is a useful and technological gift in your image to satisfy your customers and increase the visibility rate of your brand.

Maintain keychain connected

The smart keychains are practical and easy to use digital gadgets. These smart keychains require very little maintenance. To ensure the proper functioning of your high tech keychain, you just need to use it only according to its capabilities. Like so many other keychain models, connecte keychains are accessories for regular use. You just need to store your high tech keychain in a dry place away from humidity to guarantee its durability.

What is the price of a high tech keychain?

The price of smart keychains depends mainly on the brand and the features available. A mid-range high-tech keychain is generally less expensive, but with a smaller range than high-end high-tech keychain models. For a significant budget, you can afford a more elaborate smart keychain model, based on an augmented reality system to make the search for your lost items even faster and easier.

Keyring connects, the keyring of the modern man

Modern man is now a connected man. In addition to his usual essential gadget that is the Smartphone and the laptop, the man of today also needs connected keychains to fully experience the comfort that new technology can bring him. Until yesterday, the man needed very little to have a key ring. But today, it seems unable to evolve without a connected keychain. This phenomenon is explained on the one hand by the need of man to evolve in his own world, by bringing more comfort to his daily life. But we could also raise the need to create connected keychains to live a quieter daily life, far from the various adversities. It is known to modern man that he is always busy going about his many occupations. However, he needs to move more and access different information instantly. This is why modern man needs practical gadgets like key chains.

Connected advertising keychains, the asset of your communication campaign

Discover without further delay our wide range of promotional key rings. Fully customizable goodies that are both timeless and perfect to delight those who receive them as gifts. Individuals and companies, you can personalize your connected advertising keyrings in the image of your company in order to boost the visibility of your brand and make yourself better known to your target audience.

With our large selection of promotional items, you are sure to find the advertising connected keychains you need to effectively promote your brand. Be sure to reach your target in record time by opting for the personalization of your choice via our High-tech Gifts site. We certainly have a tailor-made communication solution that directly meets your needs and the requirements of your employees. Our connected advertising keyrings are available in several models. You can add a touch of originality to get a customizable keychain that looks like you.

Connected key rings, useful accessories

Key chains are useful accessories that accompany us everywhere, all day and in all circumstances. A keychain connects discreetly slips into your backpack, pocket or even on your desk. It's the ideal gadget to quickly find all the personal items that you tend to lose all over the place. Thanks to a fully personalized keychain, bearing your logo and slogan, your employees and prospects will instantly have a thought for your brand as soon as they start looking for their keys or wallet. Personalized key rings are very clever and practical promotional items. They offer you unique visibility and are a real boost for your business, no matter what field you are good at.

The main advantages of a personalized connected keychain are the excellent value for money and the quick customization of this digital gadget. High-tech Gifts offers you on its online store, various connected objects to customize according to your needs. For the key rings, you can choose the shape, the colors or even the dimensions. We offer multiple solutions to create the ideal communication medium to improve your image. We also have derivative items such as flashlight, tape measure or bottle opener key rings.