A timeless product since the dawn of time! The electronic scale which is a real decorative object for your bathroom, will seduce you by its robustness and its great simplicity of use.

CE gifts: A connected accessory for the well-being of your employees

This revolutionary accessory makes it possible to measure physical efforts, calories burned, sleep time ... It is perfectly suitable for a CE gift or a corporate gift !!! The electronic scale allows you to pay attention to your health. Find here our selection of electronic scales, among all the products in the section Beauty man / woman to offer as corporate gifts or original and striking CE gifts!

The electronic scale: an advertising object to be personalized

Our electronic scales are available to you online at very affordable prices, allowing you to stand out without exceeding your EC budget. Our marking service is at your disposal to personalize your customer gifts in the colors of your brand.

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Find the right scale for you at Cadeaux Hightech

Since the dawn of time, the bathroom scale has been an essential element in the bathroom. It pleases with its robustness and ease of use. Do you want to offer an extraordinary gift to your employees and all your collaborators? The personal weight is the corporate gift or the CE gift that may be suitable. With this product dedicated to well-being, your professional entourage will be able to pay attention to their health. Whether you are looking for an electric scale or a connected person weighing scale, Hightech Gifts can meet your needs. Wholesaler of personal scales and supplier of personal scales, we provide you with a wide range of quality electronic scales, cheap electronic scales. Our personal scales are offered at prices accessible to your CE budget. We also provide you with advertising and personalized scales.

Focus on the scale

The scale is a tool that is used to control weight. During a diet for example, the personal scale is essential to measure the progress and the results of the efforts provided. As people have become more concerned with their physique in general and their weight in particular, the weight has increased in value. Its use quickly became popular. It is now possible to find this tool in households. Various models are marketed in weight wholesalers and other specialized stores, to the delight of all.

What is a person scale really for?

The personal scale is a very useful daily tool. With this device, you will be able to improve your general health. The scales will be your best ally to lose weight, or if necessary to gain weight. Today, no one thinks of going without a scale. And for good reason, this device will help you maintain your ideal weight. Beyond this function, the scale will allow you to fight against overweight and all the problems which are linked to it: cholesterol, diabetes ... Over time, the scale has evolved. Entering the era of high tech, it has radically transformed. Today there are different types of scales available on the market. - The dynamometer scales. It is the first model of its kind created by Roberval in the 17th century. The device immediately met with huge success. A century later, Lavoisier improved it to allow weighing newborns. - The mechanical person scale. It can be a classic bathroom scale with a large dial and an analog display. A needle is used to indicate the weight. - The electronic person scale. In addition to indicating your weight, this device will automatically calculate your fat mass as well as the proportion of equivalent muscle mass. This scale has an LCD screen with digital display. It is used in particular by athletes. - The connected person weighs. This device falls into the category of connected devices thanks to the technology it incorporates. This type of scale is very popular. The connected person scale is connected to a smartphone, tablet or computer via Wifi or Bluetooth using an application.

Which weighing person to choose?

The personal scale has evolved with mores. Today there are many aspects that it is sometimes difficult to make a decision at the time of purchase. Indeed, the purchase of a scale can turn out to be an obstacle course. And for good reason: there are scales of all shapes, all colors, all sizes on the market. Some are equipped with fairly simple technology, while others are more complex. In short, there is something for all tastes and for all budgets. If you want to invest in a personal scale, you must take into account certain criteria before proceeding to the checkout: - the brand, - the type of display (analog or digital) - the weighing capacity (on average 160 kg) - data storage - mode of use - ergonomics - design, material and color Among the mechanical personal scales available on the market, there are the Okoia MS10 and the Terraillon TNEO. When it comes to electronic scales, there is the Tefal PP1133VO Classice and the EMPO Premium scale. To discover with many wholesaler weighs person.

What about the electric impedancemetry scale?

Mechanical, electronic, connected ... In terms of personal scales, the offer has become overwhelming that you can really get lost. In the area of electronic personal scales in particular, the impedance model is all the rage. This is a scale that is used to calculate your body composition by the principle of bio-impedancemetry. In addition to body weight, you will get information on body fat, bone mass, lean mass, and even water mass. Electrical impedance scales are particularly used as part of a diet, a fitness program or a sports program. For health concerns, it is the ideal tool for monitoring body composition and controlling visceral fat. Thanks to its reliability, the electronic impedance scale is used by health professionals: doctors, dieticians, etc. As a precautionary principle, this type of personal scale is not recommended for pregnant women. Among the many models of electric impedancemetry scales, you will find the Omron BF-511 (the most sold), the Youngdo (at a low price), the Beurer BF 105 (top of the range), or the Withings Body + and the Tefal BM7100S6 BodySignal. Wholesaler weighs nobody market it.

What about the connected person weighing

Appeared in the early 2010s, the connected person weighing scale is one of the pioneering products of connected objects. The connected personal scale allows you to monitor your weight from a smartphone or tablet using an application. This device guarantees high precision weighing thanks to the technologies it uses. This type of weighing device communicates with the smartphone via a WiFi connection or by Bluetooth.

How to choose a connected person scale?

Connected scales incorporate various features: - body composition data - cardiac situation data Weight data includes: actual weight, BMI, body fat, bone mass, body water, and muscle mass. Heart data is the calculation of the pulse wave and the speed of the heart rate. Beyond these two main functions, the connected personal scales provide other useful information such as the quality of the ambient air or the weather.

Before choosing a connected person scale, you will have to consider certain points:

- The precision of data capture: whether it is body composition or heart rate - Synchronization: most of the connected personal scales are compatible with Android and iOS. It is important that the synchronization between the scale and the smartphone is stable. To facilitate synchronization, the use of a consumer smartphone is recommended. - The mobile application: this element is used to automatically save all the measurements generated when using the connected personal scale. The application provides access to the history of measures taken, to set up a weight gain or loss program (health coaching), to analyze statistics (BMI, weight, muscle mass, etc.). Applications must be combined to be more effective. - Autonomy: the connected person scale works with batteries. 4 standard AAA batteries are sufficient if you use your connected weighing scale on a daily basis for a year. - Design: design influences the choice of a personal scale. Today there are scales in different designs and colors. - The budget: the price of the personal scale depends on its different functions. It varies from 60 to more than 100 €, whether in specialized stores or in weight wholesalers.

Which person weighs preferred connected?

The connected personal scale is the ideal device for monitoring your health, including your weight and diet. The scale can operate via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. - The Bluetooth connected person scale: this device synchronizes with your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth technology. The only downside to this type of bathroom scale is that your smartphone must always be nearby. - Personal scale connected to Wi-Fi: with this type of scale, the data concerning the weighings will be automatically recorded in the Cloud thanks to the Wi-Fi connection. And you don't have to have your smartphone near the scale every time you weigh yourself. The connected person scales can be transformed into advertising scales. You can find it at your personal scale wholesaler.

Connected person scales

The trend today is for connected objects and devices. The personal scale has not escaped this revolution. Its effectiveness has been tested with colleges of scientists. This versatile scale comes with many features that act as true guides in health and weight management. The connected personal scale allows you to self-control and self-regulate. Everyone seems to want a smart scale. Result: the connected bathroom scales market is exploding! So which connected person weighing scale to buy? In the list of the best-selling Bluetooth connected personal scales, there is the Terraillon R-Link, the Tefal Body Partner Access, the Fitbit Aria Air, the Polar Balance, the Beurer BF 700, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale, and the FitTrack Dara. As for the Garmin Index Smart Scale, Withings Body Cardio and Fitbit Aria 2 models, they are among the Wi-Fi connected personal scales. Discover connected person scales at your personal scale wholesaler and scale supplier.

A wholesaler at your service

You want to buy a personal scale to track your weight. Trust Hightech Gifts. As a weighing person wholesaler / weighing person supplier, we put at your disposal a whole selection of personal scales adapted to all budgets and all tastes: personalized person weighing, advertising person weighing, connected person weighing. We can offer you personal scales in small or large quantities. Take a look at our catalog to discover our different offers. And let us know your needs and expectations.

Your wholesaler assists you in your choice

Personal scales are effective tools as part of a slimming program or a sports program. This dedicated health equipment helps you monitor your weight, and in a sense all the problems associated with it. Do you also want to buy a bathroom scale? Take a tour of Hightech Gifts, your person-weighing wholesaler and person-weighing supplier. Discover in our catalog models of large brands of personal scales at the best prices: Tefal, Nokia, Terraillon, Okoia ... We offer analog scales and electric scales. Specialized in connected objects and devices, we also sell connected personal scales. If you can't make up your mind at the time of purchase, call our advisors. Whether you want a classic personal scale, a connected personal scale or an electronic scale, do not hesitate to come and consult us.

Buy a cheap electronic scale

Weigh-person wholesaler and experienced person-supplier, we help you find a person-scale. Do you want to buy a cheap electronic scale? We can meet your requirement. Specialists in wholesale, we offer various models of modern personal scales, electric scales, particularly cheap electronic scales. Discover our glass bathroom scales in our catalog: the glass platform scales, the AEG metal gray scales, the AEG black glass scales, the Sanitas glass scales ... Our cheap electronic scales will help you to monitor your weight and achieve your weight loss goal. Do not hesitate to place your order. Wholesaler weighs no one, we will be able to honor small and large orders. Specializing in wholesale, we provide quality service. We also provide you with personalized personal scales, advertising scales.

Give your entourage a unique electronic gift

Do you want to please one of your loved ones? Do you want to reward your employees? You want to thank your customers for their loyalty. To do this, you plan to offer a unique electronic gift, an electronic gift that will make a splash. What if you opted for an electric scale, a connected person scale? You have a hard time making your choice due to the multitude of offers on the market. To make no mistake, seek the services of the Cadeaux Hightech team. Wholesaler of scales and supplier of scales, we offer a whole selection of electronic scales, cheap electronic scales: Tefal body partner scales, white bluetooth scales, white Nokia cardio scales, black Terraillon scales, scales - Pink Salter person, Sanitas glass bathroom scale, Okoia personal scale, Clatronic personal scale, slim electronic scale ... Our personal scales are electronic gifts, personalized personal scales, practical and useful daily advertising scales. They are sure to please their recipients.

A supplier that meets your needs

Recognized person weighing supplier and weighing person wholesaler, we respond to all your requests in terms of mechanical personal scales, electric scales, cheap electronic scales, connected person scales, and any other electronic gift. Our experience allows us to provide you with efficient, high-performance and quality scales. But also personalized scales and advertising scales.

A supplier is a trusted person

We have been working in the field of supplying and distributing high tech objects, accessories and devices to individuals and businesses for several years. Health and well-being being very important, Hightech Gifts, your weighing person supplier / weighing person wholesaler is committed to helping you in this regard. We offer a variety of articles dedicated to health and well-being. The personal scale is one of them. This device allows you to monitor your weight on a daily basis, and thus prevent you from falling ill. To please you, we provide you with models of personal scales, inexpensive electronic scales from different brands: Tefal, Terraillon, Clatronic, AEG, Sanitas, Nokia, Okoia… Connected health is the big trend. In addition to connected watches and bracelets, we offer connected personal scales. Supplier weighs person and wholesaler weighs person of confidence, we provide you with quality products at competitive prices. Whether you want to buy one or more scales, trust your scale supplier / wholesale scale. We will respond to your requests as soon as possible and find you the ideal electronic gift. We also offer advertising scales.

Offer an advertising scale to your professional entourage

More than a person-weighing wholesaler and person-weighing supplier, we are specialized in advertising items, high-tech advertising items. Do you want to enhance the image of your company and establish your notoriety? Offer an advertising gift to your professional relations: employees, partners, customers… To mark the occasion, think of an unusual gift, an electronic gift, a connected person scale, but also an inexpensive electronic scale. The advertising scale is all the rage. We will help you choose the right scale model for your recipients. We will advise you on the personalization of the scales. Our advertising scales will be stamped with your logo or slogan to convey your brand. Thus, you will have beautiful personalized scales.

A personalized personal scale that will delight everyone

Weighing supplier / wholesaler of personal scales and specialists in CE gifts and corporate gifts, for years we have been offering personalized scales as advertising gifts, promotional gifts. So that you succeed your communication campaign by the object, we accompany you throughout your purchase of the personalized weighing person, the electronic gift. We provide you with a wide choice of customizable personal scales, including connected personal scales. Thanks to our marking service, we take care of the personalization of your personal scales. According to your preferences, we will inscribe on each person weighing the logo, the slogan or the name of your brand. Each time the recipient uses the personalized personal scale or advertising scale, they will remember your company. And he'll talk about you as soon as other people get on the scale.