Terraillon bathroom scale

Do you want to please your employees with a striking promotional item? Buy a Terraillon bathroom scale. Elegant and innovative, this device will be appreciated and allows you to promote your brand. In addition, this type of gift gives your business a dynamic image.

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This advertisment object will impress your employees, clients or business partners. This type of Goodies will ensure you an irreproachable image quality. This is an original and unique gift that will make you stand out. It is also further proof of the company's commitment to its employees.

The perfect Goodies to seduce: Terraillon bathroom scale

Opportunities to offer a advertising product are numerous. But often the end of the year or Christmas holidays are the best time. Indeed, the latter are marked by the spirit of sharing. But in order for it to be appreciated, one must choose a useful gift. Many people want to follow the evolution of their weight. This is why this choice of product is interesting. Equipped with 4 memories, this device is designed to be used by several people. These memories make it possible to know precisely the difference in weight compared to the last weighing. Much more than a simple scale, this object can also act as a coach at home. A simplified color classification makes it easier to interpret. This Color Coach Quattro electronic scale also offers a maximum capacity of 160 kg with a graduation of 100 g.

Advertising object personalized to your image

Offering a personalized promotional item for the end of year celebrations has become a habit for some business leaders. The goal is to thank employees and suppliers, or to build customer loyalty. A classy and unique object made in the image of the company is a great way to make a strong impression. A personalized scale marked with the logo or company name makes the company stand out.

Quality promotional item at the best price

Go for must-have offers such as this Terraillon person weighing offered as advertising goodies to have more visibility. This not only allows you to show your interest in your targets, but also to control your budget. You will easily find high-end items with a quality / price ratio that meet your expectations by browsing our catalog.

More than just a bathroom scale… A home coach!
The Terraillon Color Coach Quattro electronic bathroom scale calculates your weight difference between 2 weighings and facilitates its interpretation thanks to a simplified color classification.

Range and precision :
The Color Coach Quattro electronic scale offers you a maximum capacity of 160 kg with a graduation of 100 g.

Display of weight variation with color interpretation :
This scale will be your ally if you want to keep track of your weight based on the last weighing and it will let you know with a set of 3 colours. The screen changes colour to highlight the results after you have displayed your weight.
- Green: you have lost weight.
- Orange: all is well, your weight is stable.
- Red: be careful, you have gained weight.

Comfortable to use :
Enjoy perfect readability thanks to its large backlit LCD display (79 x 41 mm) with large digits (38mm).
It is equipped with sensitive keys for quick use by simply touching it to operate it.
Elegance and robustness meet with its glass top.

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