The bluetooth speaker: the perfect corporate gift!

For all your business relationships, opt for the bluetooth speaker as a corporate gift. You will find different models of wireless speakers and bluetooth speakers from your bluetooth speaker wholesaler and approved bluetooth speaker supplier. To boost your company's image, choose a personalized bluetooth speaker or an advertising bluetooth speaker.

A bluetooth speaker, a breathtaking end of year gift

The bluetooth speaker has become the essential connected goodies for listening to music everywhere. The portable bluetooth speaker can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, mp3 player or laptop using bluetooth technology. Consult the Telephony / Connected section of your bluetooth speaker wholesaler / bluetooth speaker supplier, to find the portable bluetooth speaker that meets your desires. Sony wireless speaker, JBL Flip or JBL express speaker, Olufsen Beoplay speaker, Amazon echo connected speaker, Bose Soundlink speakers, Philips speaker… Our bluetooth speakers combine sound power, connectivity and innovation. Some models are equipped with a hands-free function (with integrated microphone) and a voice assistant, are shock and splash resistant, and offer several hours of battery life. They are supplied with integrated battery (Lithium ion), mini-jack and usb cable. Their designs will delight any audiophile. Depending on the taste of your employees or partners, choose from several portable, residential, hi-fi or multiroom bluetooth speakers. How about an advertising bluetooth speaker or a personalized Harman, Onyx, Zeppelin, Bang, Muse or Mah bluetooth speaker?

Buy promotional bluetooth speakers from your bluetooth speaker wholesaler

Experienced and renowned bluetooth speaker wholesaler and bluetooth speaker supplier, we provide you with the best wireless speakers adapted to your needs. Advertising bluetooth speakers being very effective communication tools to promote your brand, we offer all kinds of mini speakers, personalized bluetooth speakers and advertising bluetooth speakers. By offering a mini portable speaker with your logo to your professional entourage, you convey a dynamic and innovative image of your company. Whether you are looking for a mini bluetooth speaker or an ultra portable speaker, you will find happiness among our small bluetooth speakers. You will find what you are looking for among our compact and powerful mini speakers, Wi-Fi compatible. Rely on your bluetooth speaker wholesaler! Our wireless bluetooth speakers are offered at excellent value for money.

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A customizable bluetooth speaker for successful communication by object

The bluetooth speaker can convey a dynamic image of your company provided it is personalized. To offer as a high-tech corporate gift or promotional business gift, the bluetooth speaker allows mobile listening to music from a smartphone or tablet. Customizable in the image of your company, the nomadic speaker, the personalized bluetooth speaker can be declined in several models, colors and formats. By going to the Telephony / Connected section of Hightech Gifts, you will be delighted to discover a whole selection of bluetooth speakers, powerful bluetooth speakers, advertising bluetooth speakers adapted to all styles and all budgets. End-of-year gifts, corporate gifts, premium business gifts… Opt for the mini bluetooth speaker, the personalized bluetooth speaker, the advertising speaker, the design connected speaker that will enhance your image. Your bluetooth speaker wholesaler / bluetooth speaker supplier will direct you to small bluetooth speakers, cheap bluetooth speakers!

The bluetooth speaker

The bluetooth speaker is intended for all those who wish to listen to music in all circumstances. A nomadic speaker, a powerful bluetooth speaker, makes it possible to broadcast sound of good quality compared to that of the smartphone. Available as an advertising bluetooth speaker, the bluetooth speaker offers a simple and practical alternative to adding sound to a room or an outdoor outing. The bluetooth speaker allows you to broadcast your favorite tracks from a smartphone, tablet, PC and audio streaming services (Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple Music, etc.) without a wired connection. Quickly discover our small bluetooth speakers.

Nomadic bluetooth speakers

A nomadic bluetooth speaker is very compact, works on battery and can be taken anywhere. All new portable speakers are now able to receive a Bluetooth signal. Some models are dust and splash resistant. Others are formally waterproof, like small bluetooth speakers. Residential speakers A residential bluetooth speaker is different from a nomad speaker in terms of its power and size (small bluetooth speakers and standard bluetooth speakers). This device is therefore more imposing. It stands out for its sound quality and design. The residential enclosure is sometimes seen as a decorative object in its own right. Its asset: it is able to sound an entire room and thus becomes a powerful bluetooth speaker.

Hi-Fi bluetooth speakers

Hi-Fi bluetooth speakers are by far the best when it comes to audio quality. To be able to reproduce a very faithful sound, they are associated with different devices: a source, an amplifier, appropriate connectors. Small bluetooth speakers: different connections Small bluetooth speakers or mini bluetooth speakers offer one or more connections. You may be facing a bluetooth speaker equipped with a jack, a Micro SD card slot or a USB key allowing you to play the stored music. Small bluetooth speakers: the difference between USB and USB Play A USB port is only used to charge other devices. On the other hand, with a USB Play port, you can listen to music. Small bluetooth speakers, just like other connected wireless speakers, are USB Play compatible. These nomadic speakers are equipped with bluetooth connectivity, a wireless connection between several devices. Google Cast Audio and AirPlay protocols are used on Google and Apple speakers.

Nomadic wi-fi speakers

Small bluetooth speakers can also be operated using the Wi-Fi audio system (multi-room). Indeed, it is possible to couple and control different nomadic speakers remotely, wherever they are in the house. The same music can be played in all rooms thanks to these wireless connected speakers. The wi-fi connection offers more stability and range compared to bluetooth. As this is a powerful bluetooth speaker, the sound quality is also better. In addition, receiving a notification on your mobile phone no longer interrupts the music played on these small bluetooth speakers.

Other bluetooth speakers

The bluetooth speaker incorporating a voice assistant is called a smart speaker or a connected speaker. Brands like Apple, Amazon and Google have developed smart speakers that host their own voice assistant. On the other hand, specialists in audio equipment and accessories, small bluetooth speakers like Bose, Sony, Marshall or JBL have launched connected speakers with exceptional sound qualities, in addition to adopting a voice assistant.

Mini Bluetooth speaker: an ultra portable and affordable speaker

Like all wireless portable speakers, the mini bluetooth speaker plays music from high-tech devices thanks to a bluetooth connection. Each user has their “best” bluetooth speaker. While some focus on design, others lean for the power of sound, or the scope of connectivity. So that you can find yourself in this jungle of ultra-connected high-tech devices, we have selected the best mini bluetooth speakers and powerful bluetooth speakers by classifying them according to their price range. Make your choice according to your desires and your budget. Discover a whole selection of small bluetooth speakers at your bluetooth speaker wholesaler.

BeoPlay A1: the high-end mini bluetooth speaker For music lovers who demand extraordinary sound, this is without a doubt the best investment. Intended for a luxury and trendy clientele, the bluetooth speaker works easily via the bluetooth protocol or by connection with the USB-C cable (also used to recharge its battery). Equipped with 2 loudspeakers (for bass and treble), it diffuses sound at 306 °. This mini wireless speaker is dust and splash proof. It offers 24 hours of autonomy.

The UE ROLL 2: the bluetooth speaker for less than 100 € Being an affordable luxury audio device, this mini bluetooth speaker is the music lover's dream accessory. It comes with exceptional features: robust autonomy, intelligent design, modern and original aesthetics (saucer shape), extraordinary sound quality. The bluetooth speaker offers a bluetooth range of up to 30 m and an autonomy of 9 hours. IPX7 certified, the UE ROLL2 is delivered with a small buoy.

The JBL Clip 2: the bluetooth speaker for less than 50 € Ease of use, freedom and versatility… These are the basic functions of this mini bluetooth speaker in the shape of a hockey puck. It surprises with its portability, its hands-free function (thanks to the integrated microphone), its pleasant sound performance (midrange balance) and its meticulous finish. In addition, this mini nomadic speaker is waterproof (immersible up to 1m) and resistant to shocks and dust. The bluetooth speaker offers an autonomy of 8 hours.

The logitech X100: the mini connected speaker for less than € 30 This mini bluetooth speaker offers impressive value for money. With only 8.5cm in diameter and 4cm thick, this connected object fits in the palm of your hand. The bluetooth speaker thus allows excellent portability. The wireless audio device plays precise sound, suitable for acoustic sounds. Its battery delivers 5 hours of autonomy, offers a hands-free function and an auxiliary socket for incompatible bluetooth devices. Do not hesitate to choose this cheap bluetooth speaker. It is one of the small bluetooth speakers on the market.

The bluetooth speaker comparison: which type of portable speaker to choose?

For any occasion and any place (on the go, at the office, at home), the wireless bluetooth speaker is the ideal solution for listening to music. To enjoy the best possible user experience, you should choose the best portable speakers from among the small bluetooth speakers on the market (such as the Bigben bluetooth speaker). Experienced bluetooth speaker supplier and bluetooth speaker wholesaler, we present a cheap bluetooth speaker comparison as well as a powerful bluetooth speaker comparison.

How to choose the best bluetooth speaker?

The wireless bluetooth speaker or the nomadic battery-powered speaker offers this notion of freedom to access your favorite music in any circumstance. Technically, its bluetooth connectivity allows it to access songs stored on a mobile device or in streaming (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, etc.). To choose the best bluetooth speaker, the mini bluetooth speaker, the bluetooth speaker suited to your needs, certain criteria should be taken into account and made a bluetooth speaker comparison: • Audio quality: an imposing speaker, the best bluetooth speaker, provides rich bass sound. Speakers, DAC and DSP also come into play. It is therefore necessary to check the power expressed in Watts RMS, the maximum sound level expressed in dB and the degree of sound diffusion. • The design: a waterproof bluetooth speaker, resistant to drops and shocks will be considered the best bluetooth speaker. Check its certification: at least one IPX4 and at most one IPX7 for a completely submersible product. • Controls: this is a great asset to avoid having to take out the mobile phone to manage the sound or the playlist. Some smart bluetooth speakers are voice controllable. • Connectivity: opt for a device using a jack for connecting your audio source with a cable. Regarding the connection, we recommend a bluetooth speaker 4 or more. When it comes to transmission codec, SBC, AAC, AptX, AptX HD and LDAC are the best, and unveil the best bluetooth speaker. • Features: modern bluetooth speakers have many useful features: voice assistants, sound adaptation systems, mobile applications, etc. Also compare the battery life (a few hours to tens of hours).

Choosing a bluetooth speaker with a good value for money

It is not always easy to find a cheap bluetooth speaker. And for good reason, there are a lot of very affordable wireless bluetooth speaker offers on the market that you don't know which to choose. To be sure that you have made the right choice of the best bluetooth speaker, the best mini bluetooth speaker, look to well-known brands like Sony, JBL or Bose. These manufacturers offer high quality products, small bluetooth speakers. To save you hours of research, we present to you the best cheap bluetooth speakers of reliable quality, after making a bluetooth speaker comparison.

3 different bluetooth speakers

• The cheap Beats Pill + bluetooth speaker: it is manufactured by Beats, now a subsidiary of the Apple group. It embeds new technologies. Resembling a pill, it offers exceptional sound reproduction. Waterproof, it can be used at the edge of a swimming pool. Thanks to the powerbank mode, it can be used to recharge mobile devices. This bluetooth speaker can also be used as a hands-free kit. • The inexpensive Bose Soundlink Color bluetooth speaker: this wireless speaker at a low price has interesting features. With ultra portable design, solid plastic coating, excellent audio system, this wireless audio device, this mini bluetooth speaker, will appeal to everyone. A button is used to establish the connection. • The cheap bluetooth speaker JBL Go: this model was designed for small budgets. With its rubber coating, the wireless speaker JBL Go is resistant to bumps and drops. Its compact design makes it easy to transport. This nomadic bluetooth speaker offers excellent sound reproduction, and therefore a good listening experience. Discover it in an impressive number of colors.

Choose the powerful bluetooth speaker

Those who listen to their playlist with excellent audio quality on the go will appreciate the powerful bluetooth speaker. The only catch: the models are numerous and it is not always easy to know which is the most powerful portable speaker. We make it easy for you with our bluetooth speaker comparison featuring 3 of the best and most powerful portable bluetooth speakers of this year. Small bluetooth speakers and mini bluetooth speaker in perspective! • Bose Revolve: it is the cheapest. This cheap bluetooth speaker is appreciated for its compact size, light weight and shape. With a power of 40 watts, this portable bluetooth speaker, this mini bluetooth speaker offers good sound (at 306 °), a range of 12m and a battery life of 12 hours. • JBL Xtreme 2: this is the best. Compact, powerful and robust, this bluetooth speaker has all the qualities to please. With its two 40-watt speakers, it diffuses 360 ° sound. It is equipped with 3 USB ports and a 10,000 mAh Li-ion battery. It works for 15h. It is one of the best-selling wireless speaker models in the world. • Sony GTK XB60B: this is the one that offers the best quality / price ratio. Ultra powerful, with excellent audio quality (EXTRA BASS technology and ClearAudio + function), 15 hours of battery life and many features, this bluetooth speaker will please you. It is a mini bluetooth speaker, an ultra connected portable speaker. Its NFC system lets you stream music by touching your mobile device to the bluetooth speaker. It incorporates LEDs that light up to the rhythm of the music.

The bigben bluetooth speaker, a very powerful device

Among the mini bluetooth speakers, the best bluetooth speakers, the powerful bluetooth speakers that your bluetooth speaker wholesaler offers, discover the Bigben bluetooth speaker. This small portable wireless speaker will seduce you with its power and practicality. The device will accompany you on all your trips. The Bigben bluetooth speaker is equipped with a microphone for animation and lights. With a range of 10 m, it offers an autonomy of 8 hours. Enjoy music with ease with the Bigben BT14RS or PARTYBTLITE BIGBEN bluetooth speaker.

An independent bluetooth speaker wholesaler at your service

Present on the market for high-tech audio equipment and connected leisure accessories, Cadeaux Hightech offers bluetooth speakers of all brands and models, such as the Bigben bluetooth speaker. As a bluetooth speaker wholesaler, we carefully select the suppliers who work with us. All the products we distribute have been independently tested and compared. Our sense of observation and our in-depth knowledge of the market for connected goodies and wireless bluetooth gadgets allow us to advise you on the best products. Moreover, as a bluetooth speaker wholesaler and bluetooth speaker supplier, we offer excellent value for money on all our personalized bluetooth speakers, our customizable speakers, our mini bluetooth speakers. Trust us, our products are perfect as a business gift or corporate gift. Moreover, we carry out a bluetooth speaker comparison before presenting our connected accessories, our small bluetooth speakers.

A bluetooth speaker supplier that guarantees success

The popularity of wireless audio devices, wireless bluetooth speakers and customizable advertising speakers is well established. These connected audio equipments invite themselves to all sauces! As a bluetooth speaker supplier and bluetooth speaker wholesaler, we invite you to discover our wide selection of wireless bluetooth speakers, mini bluetooth speaker after bluetooth speaker comparison. These accessories are customizable at will with your logo or your slogan. This approach will allow you to be more visible to a large audience. You have the guarantee that your communication by the object is successful! Quickly order your bluetooth speaker, your advertising bluetooth speaker at Cadeaux Hightech. You will not be disappointed with your choice!

An advertising bluetooth speaker appreciated by a large audience

The advertising bluetooth speaker is a corporate gift, a trendy CE gift that will be greatly appreciated by your employees. This connected speaker will also allow your customers and prospects to listen to their favorite music, once connected to a smartphone, tablet, or mp3 player. Discover the wide selection of connected audio objects presented in the catalog of your bluetooth speaker supplier and bluetooth speaker wholesaler. Connected speakers, advertising bluetooth speaker, compact bluetooth speaker, mini bluetooth speaker… Our connected audio accessories will be well received as holiday gifts, after a bluetooth speaker comparison.

A personalized bluetooth speaker to make you stand out

The personalized bluetooth speaker is a unique concept, allowing to add a personal touch to the audio device. In terms of corporate goodies, high-tech promotional giveaways, the personalized bluetooth speaker is the choice par excellence. To offer as an end-of-year or business gift, the connected nomadic speaker will make it possible to please a loyal customer or to thank a competent employee. While pleasing your professional entourage, the mini bluetooth speaker guarantees excellent publicity by conveying your image through the logo of your company. The personalized bluetooth speaker, the advertising bluetooth speaker will find its place in works council parties, shows, fairs and all possible professional events. Do not hesitate to seek the services of your bluetooth speaker supplier and bluetooth speaker wholesaler to find the connected audio accessory, the desired bluetooth speaker.