A new trend…. The electric toothbrush is a CE gift or one Corporate goodies which always gives pleasure. This revolutionary accessory is perfect for a business gift !!!

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The electric toothbrush is easy to use and sure to please. Find here our selection of electric toothbrushes, available in our category Male / Female Beauty to offer as CE gifts or Original goodies and striking! Our electric toothbrushes are available to you online at very affordable prices, allowing you to stand out without exceeding your EC budget.

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The electric toothbrush: a CE gift like no other

Giving an electric toothbrush as a corporate gift or CE gift has become a new trend. This revolutionary beauty accessory will please your professional entourage. First, the electric toothbrush is easy to use. But in addition, it helps maintain excellent dental health. Do you want to offer an electric toothbrush to your employees, partners or customers? Request Hightech Gifts to help and advise you in your choices. Electric toothbrush wholesaler and electric toothbrush supplier, we have all kinds of products to suit your CE budget: silent electric toothbrush, double electric toothbrush, teen electric toothbrush, personalized electric toothbrush, toothbrush advertising electric teeth. Also find with us electric toothbrush station to recharge your electric toothbrush.

What you need to know about the electric toothbrush

The electric toothbrush has become a major ally in ensuring oral health. This rechargeable mechanical device offers more functions than a manual toothbrush. More practical and reliable, it makes it easy to brush teeth, remove dental plaque and maintain their whiteness. In recent years, it has become democratized. Moreover, dentists recommend its use. Its innovative technology and performance make it a very popular device. The electric toothbrush is available in several brands and models. Find out all about this revolutionary device.

The characteristics of an electric toothbrush?

The electric toothbrush works with a battery or a battery inserted in its handle. The device has the advantage of cleaning the teeth and the inside of the mouth thoroughly and effectively thanks to the movements it performs. When it is on, its brush moves thanks to a waterproof electrical circuit. The use of the electric toothbrush facilitates the polishing of dental crowns and the dislodgement of food residues in the interstices. This modern device also removes dental plaque and helps keep teeth white.

The electric toothbrush comes with a multitude of features.

- The timer: timing the brushing time, it emits a signal after 3 minutes. - The pressure sensor: it prevents the user from pressing too hard on the brush and rubbing the tooth enamel. - Speed regulator: it is necessary for children and for those with sensitive teeth. - The smart ring: it allows you to personalize the brush head of each member of the family.

Children can use the electric toothbrush from the age of 5. Models for children and adults are different. It is advisable to replace the heads of electric toothbrushes every 8 to 12 weeks for them to be more effective. As for the electrical circuit in the handle, it can last up to 3 years.

The criteria for choosing an electric toothbrush

All electric toothbrushes work the same. However, certain criteria must be taken into account to make the right choice of device. Brushes: brushes with synthetic bristles are very gentle on the gums and do not attack the enamel. It is therefore advisable to use a brush adapted to the user's teeth sensitivity. The cleaning modes: many models of electric toothbrush offer both anti-plaque, whitening, and gum massage options. Most have a timer and cruise control. Comfort of use: the handle of an electric toothbrush must fit in the hand. Too large a handle can tire out over time. A handle that is too small reduces the pressure exerted, which is not enough to whiten teeth. A model with a non-slip coating therefore provides a good grip. Autonomy: even if most users use the electric toothbrush station, the electric toothbrush has a minimum autonomy (between 60 and 90 minutes). It depends on the frequency of use and the number of people using the device. To fully charge the electric toothbrush, it takes 3 to 4 hours. Bluetooth technology: connected electric toothbrushes are equipped with Bluetooth to know if an area is properly cleaned. Let your electric toothbrush supplier / electric toothbrush wholesaler advise you when purchasing.

The different technologies of the electric toothbrush

Many brands offer various models of electric toothbrushes. We find the sonic electric toothbrush with an elongated head and the oscillating-rotating electric toothbrush with a round head. The rotating electric toothbrush: it works by rotation, performing up to 48,800 movements per minute. There is the brush with single rotation (the bristles turn on themselves), with oscillation and rotation (to remove dental plaque) and with counter-oscillations (the bristles rotate in different directions). Its small round head allows easy access to roots and hard-to-clean areas.

The sonic electric toothbrush: dentists call it a gifted toothbrush. With its elongated head identical to that of a manual toothbrush, it also offers a fairly identical grip. The brush moves up and down to clean the crowns, the gingival groove and the inter-dental spaces. The device performs 15,000 to 31,000 movements per minute (combining vibration and sweeping) to dislodge dental plaque. The electric toothbrush dynamically activates fluids capable of partially removing biofilm. This toothbrush is ideal for those who suffer from bare necks, gingivitis, periodontitis, and for people with implants, crowns and bridges.

The electric toothbrush can be declined in personalized electric toothbrush and advertising electric toothbrush for the happiness of your professional entourage. Discover different models at an electric toothbrush supplier / electric toothbrush wholesaler.

An electric toothbrush wholesaler to serve you

Hightech Gifts is an electric toothbrush wholesaler / electric toothbrush supplier for many years. Different models of electric toothbrushes (tilt and turn and sonic) await you at very affordable prices. Toothbrushes offer a multitude of features, making them the best allies for anyone who wants excellent dental health. Their costs vary depending on their brand and functionality. Put an end to your dental plaque problems by choosing an electric toothbrush. Rely on the experience of your electric toothbrush wholesaler / electric toothbrush supplier team and let it help you.

An electric toothbrush wholesaler to advise you

The electric toothbrush helps remove plaque 2.5 to 5 times more than a manual brush. It whitens teeth better and can access areas that are usually hard to reach. Unanimously, the electric toothbrush is the best choice for a bright smile and healthy teeth. Are you looking for a very good quality electric toothbrush? You knocked on the good door. Whether you are an individual, a reseller or a company wishing to acquire toothbrushes to offer to its employees or customers, make your purchases at an electric toothbrush wholesaler / electric toothbrush supplier.

You will discover a whole selection of electric toothbrushes: Oral-B Pro 6500 SmartSeries electric toothbrush, Oral-B Pro 2 2500 CrossAction electric toothbrush, Fairywill electric toothbrush, Oral-B Vitality 100 electric toothbrush CrossAction ... The products marketed by your electric toothbrush wholesaler / electric toothbrush supplier are some of the best around. They are offered at wholesale prices.

An electric toothbrush wholesaler to meet your needs

The electric toothbrush is acclaimed for its efficiency. Today there are all kinds of electric toothbrushes on the market. However, due to the multitude of models and technologies available, it is not always easy to make the choice. It is in these cases that the advice of professionals such as High Tech Gifts is required. Electric toothbrush wholesaler / electric toothbrush supplier, we offer a wide selection of Oral-B, Philips or Braun brand electric toothbrushes. We have double electric toothbrush, silent electric toothbrush, teen electric toothbrush. We guarantee you top-of-the-range products at very reasonable prices. Whatever number of electric toothbrushes you need, we will meet your needs. Trust your electric toothbrush wholesaler / electric toothbrush supplier, you will not regret.

Find an electric toothbrush station

Hightech Gifts, an electric toothbrush wholesaler, specializes in the sale of high tech gadgets and beauty products. Among other things, we market electric toothbrushes. As an electric toothbrush wholesaler / electric toothbrush supplier, we stock all kinds of electric toothbrush: sonic electric toothbrush, tilt-rotating electric toothbrush, silent electric toothbrush, double electric toothbrush or teenage electric toothbrush. You can also order promotional electric toothbrushes and personalized electric toothbrushes from us to offer as a corporate gift or as a CE gift.

Most of our electric toothbrushes come with an electric toothbrush station. The electric toothbrush station will allow you to power your electric toothbrush. It will also serve as storage for your electric toothbrush. If your electric toothbrush station is damaged and needs to be replaced, don't panic. As a good electric toothbrush wholesaler, we offer you electric toothbrush stations adapted to your toothbrush: Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush station, Oral-B electric toothbrush station ... Our electric toothbrush stations display excellent value for money.

An electric toothbrush supplier at your service

Hightech Gifts is an electric toothbrush supplier / electric toothbrush wholesaler known in France and throughout Europe. Responding to the demands of businesses and individuals, we resell electric toothbrushes wholesale, but also in small quantities. We have Oral-B, Philips, Braun and AEG toothbrushes. Do not hesitate to order your electric toothbrush, double electric toothbrush, teenage electric toothbrush, silent electric toothbrush, promotional electric toothbrush or personalized electric toothbrush from us. Your electric toothbrush supplier / electric toothbrush wholesaler will deliver your products quickly.

Buy from your electric toothbrush supplier

Take care of your teeth in the best possible way! Opt for an electric toothbrush, a rechargeable electric toothbrush on an electric toothbrush station. Electric toothbrush supplier / electric toothbrush wholesaler, we offer a wide selection of electric toothbrush at the best price. Discover among others teenage electric toothbrush, double electric toothbrush, silent electric toothbrush, personalized electric toothbrush.

Among other things, you will find different models of electric toothbrush from the Oral B brand: Oral B Pro toothbrush (1700, 2500), Oral B Genius 8100s toothbrush, Oral B water flosser toothbrush, Oral B Smart toothbrush 3D, Oral B Cross Action toothbrush, Oral B Vitality toothbrush ... We also have Philips Sonicare toothbrush, Foreo kiwi green toothbrush, AEG metal gray toothbrush, ProMedic electric toothbrush, Brush Thomson metal gray teeth. In addition to electric toothbrushes, we provide you with advertising electric toothbrushes. Rely on your electric toothbrush supplier / electric toothbrush wholesaler when purchasing. Thanks to the quality of our products, you can be sure to have a wonderful smile over time.

Buy your double electric toothbrush from a reliable supplier

The range of electric toothbrushes has grown. New models have appeared, including disposable battery-powered electric toothbrushes, rechargeable toothbrushes, and dual electric toothbrushes. Double electric toothbrushes in particular are very beneficial. These are 2 rechargeable toothbrushes that can be suitable for couples. The pack includes 2 handles, 2 brushes as well as an electric toothbrush station for the two brush bodies. By purchasing a double electric toothbrush, you save money. The Oral-B brand offers double electric toothbrushes: the Oral-B Pro Pro 690 Duo Cross Action toothbrush, the Oral-B Pro 4500 Duo toothbrush. Find double electric toothbrushes and promotional electric toothbrushes at low prices at Hightech Gifts, electric toothbrush supplier / electric toothbrush wholesaler.

Find a teenage electric toothbrush from your trusted supplier

Adolescents also have the right to an electric toothbrush adapted to their needs. The Oral-B brand has specially designed teenage electric toothbrush models, such as the Oral-B Teen rechargeable electric toothbrush or Oral-B Vitality Dual Clean. This teenage electric toothbrush is both powerful and fun. Its Sensi-Ultrathin brush head is very soft, while its orthodontic brush is suitable for braces in dental appliances. It offers several brushing modes (standard, softness and whiteness). The teenage electric toothbrush is also equipped with a timer and a pressure sensor. It is an electric toothbrush connected to the Oral-B mobile application and Smart Coaching. Make your purchase of a teenage electric toothbrush at Hightech Gifts, your electric toothbrush wholesaler and electric toothbrush supplier. We also offer electric toothbrushes for children, such as the Smurfs toddler toothbrush and the Hello Kitty toothbrush. As well as personalized electric toothbrushes and promotional electric toothbrushes.

An advertising electric toothbrush supplier

Offering an advertising object to employees or customers has become a necessity for a company. Whatever the occasion, it's a great way to thank and show your gratitude to your professional entourage for their commitment and loyalty. It is also a way to get closer to them and to enhance the image of your company. To do this, opt for a high-tech object that is practical and useful on a daily basis. An electric toothbrush, a silent electric toothbrush, more particularly an advertising electric toothbrush will be perfect. You can find them of all brands and for all budgets at your electric toothbrush supplier and electric toothbrush wholesaler. Besides advertising electric toothbrush, we also offer personalized electric toothbrush.

Offer an advertising electric toothbrush for better health

Are you looking for a fun and high tech promotional item to offer as a corporate gift or a business gift? Think of the promotional electric toothbrush. This promotional gift is appreciated for its performance and efficiency. It allows gentle cleaning of teeth and gums. Thanks to its rapid vibrations and oscillations, dental plaque is effectively removed. With this promotional electric toothbrush, you not only offer better dental health to those around you, but you show them that you care. It will also be a great way to advertise your business. Indeed, the advertising electric toothbrush can be personalized with the slogan, logo or name of your company. Enlist the services of High Tech Gifts to help you personalize electric toothbrushes, silent electric toothbrushes, promotional electric toothbrushes that you will give as a CE gift or business gift to your professional relations. In addition to being an electric toothbrush wholesaler and electric toothbrush supplier, we also offer branding services. We also have beautiful personalized electric toothbrushes.

Offer personalized electric toothbrushes to your customers

To market your business in an original way, use a personalized electric toothbrush. This type of electric toothbrush will be a great promotional item that will promote your brand to a wide audience. How would you say? By engraving your logo, your slogan or the name of your company. Whatever your sector of activity, offer a personalized electronic toothbrush to your customers, your partners, and even your employees. Discover all kinds of customizable electric toothbrush with us, your electric toothbrush wholesaler and electric toothbrush supplier. We have adult electric toothbrushes, teen electric toothbrushes and children's electric toothbrushes. Most are silent electric toothbrushes. They are usually delivered with an electric toothbrush station. Choose from our many personalized electric toothbrushes. Also opt for our advertising electric toothbrush. You are guaranteed to succeed in your object communication campaign.

A silent electric toothbrush as a corporate gift

Show your business partners and employees how much you appreciate them. To do this, give them a high tech item. How about an electric toothbrush? A silent electric toothbrush for example. This gesture will be an excellent way to consolidate your professional relationships, but also to retain this professional entourage. With this business gift, you will make people happy. Indeed, the silent electric toothbrush is a great ally in eradicating dental plaque. It will thus offer better dental health to its recipients. Order your silent electric toothbrush from Hightech Gifts, electric toothbrush wholesaler and reliable electric toothbrush supplier. Our silent electric toothbrushes are customizable. We can transform them into advertising electric toothbrush and personalized electric toothbrush.