Thomson metal gray toothbrush

The possibilities for business gifts are endless, but there are several categories of gifts that are almost universally loved. To improve your relationships with your various partners, opt for high tech business gifts like this Thomson toothbrush.

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You want to offer business gifts that make your partners smile? Opt for this toothbrush model from Thomson. Thanks to its innovative technology, it helps to improve people's smile. It's a stylish, high-quality business gift that your partners will surely appreciate receiving.

A high quality business gift

Do you want to make an impression with your business gifts? You're making the right choice with this electric toothbrush. It offers a sonic cleaning action that removes more plaque than a manual brush. With 22,000 pulses per minute, it helps to improve gum health and prevent gum recession. Its unique cleaning method gently and effectively reaches deep between teeth and along the gum line. The sonic motion gently removes stains and plaque. It is, in every respect, a company gift that will help you score points with your partners.

An ideal business gift for people who travel a lot

Are you looking for the perfect business gifts for people who are often on the move? This Thomson toothbrush is, again, an excellent choice. Dental technology has come a long way and we are pleased to say that this quality electric toothbrush is thinner and compact enough for travel. This makes it easier to store in tote bags, hand luggage and backpacks! This makes it a great business gift for people who travel a lot, especially for work.

Electric toothbrush: for practical business gifts

The corporate gift you give will determine the image others have of your company. So always make sure you give a high quality and practical customer gift like this toothbrush. It is ultra-resistant and waterproof and can be used anywhere. It runs on one AAZ battery and has a practical 150-day battery life. Its advantage? The possibility of making them into personalised business gifts in your company's colours, with a logo or the name of your company printed on them.

Interview :
The toothbrush is fully washable under water for easy care and hygiene.

Food :
It is powered by one AAA battery and has a battery life of approximately 150 days of brushing.

Accessories :
The toothbrush is supplied with an airtight cap and a replacement brush.

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