Because it is important to reward your employees at the end of the year or because you want to maintain a special relationship with your customers, CE gifts have become indispensable.

Original customer gifts to make people happy!

The hair dryer is a very suitable product in original customer gift. Offering your customers, suppliers or partners a hair dryer as a corporate gift or promotional gift will allow you to strengthen your professional ties but also to show your interest in new technologies.

A personalized gift: retain your customers and develop your turnover

Find here our range with a wide choice of hair dryer for a CE gift combining original design and ingenious features. In addition, our hair dryers will enhance your brand image while pleasing those who receive them. We also offer a marking service to personalize your end-of-year gifts for your customers, employees or collaborators.

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The dyson hair dryer, an original business gift

CE gifts are essential to maintain a special relationship with your customers, or to reward your employees. In terms of corporate gift or business gift, the hair dryer is the ideal product. By offering a hair dryer as a promotional gift, you will make people happy. You will strengthen your professional links and at the same time enhance your brand image by making the recipients of the gifts happy. Wholesaler of dyson hair dryers and supplier of dyson hair dryers, we offer a wide choice of hair dryers. Discover in our catalog hair dryers of different models and brands. But also promotional dyson hair dryers, personalized dyson hair dryers, gift sets hair dryers. To show your interest in technology, also bet on a dyson hair dryer. Thanks to our branding service, you can personalize your corporate gifts.

The dyson hair dryer

Dyson has reinvented the hair dryer by creating the Dyson Supersonic, a high-end hair dryer. This device intended for the world of beauty embeds a very advanced technology to offer a fast, precise and intelligent drying speed. In addition to being quiet, it features intelligent temperature control, thus protecting the hair from overheating. It is equipped with a small but powerful V9 engine. The dyson hair dryer surprises with its elegant design and ergonomics. It has a small head on which you can attach the different drying nozzles.

The technical characteristics of the dyson hair dryer

The dyson hair dryer has many technical characteristics. - Dyson V9 digital motor: this motor was created and patented and created by Dyson. It is very small, very light, but very advanced. It offers great power while being compact to fit into the handle. - Protection of the natural shine of the hair: the dyson hair dryer incorporates technology allowing intelligent heat control. This prevents the hair from being exposed to extreme temperatures. The temperature is measured by a glass bead thermistor. - Speed and precision: thanks to Dyson Air Multiplier technology, the volume of air drawn into the engine is multiplied by three. A jet of high pressure and high speed air is thus produced for controlled, precise and fast drying and styling. - Acoustic engineering: the interior of the dyson hair dryer motor consists of an axial flow turbine with 13 blades, making the device silent. - Settings: the dyson hair dryer is equipped with 4 heat settings, including 3 air flow settings and another to regulate the cold. The dyson hair dryer also includes a brushing concentrator and a diffuser.

Buy a stylish and powerful hair dryer gift set

The dyson supersonic hair dryer is a powerful hairdressing device. Thanks to a controlled and high speed air flow produced by its digital V9 motor, the hair dryer allows fast drying. Air Multiplier technology sucks in ambient air and triples the air flow. The device offers intelligent protection of the hair, making it shiny. 4 buttons allow you to control the appliance: 3 for adjusting the drying speed (fast, normal and brushing) and one for adjusting the heat on 4 levels (28 °: constant cold, 60 ° C: gentle drying, 80 ° C: normal drying, and 100 ° C: quick drying and brushing). The hair dryer incorporates Heat Shield technology which keeps the surface of accessories cool. The dyson Dyson supersonic hair dryer makes an interesting hair dryer gift set. It includes a brushing concentrator, a diffuser and a smoothing tip for easy drying. In promotional offers, the handy hair dryer gift set includes a styling kit (detangling comb and air brush). If you are looking for a hair dryer gift sets, ask for our services. As a dyson hair dryer supplier / dyson hair dryer wholesaler, we will meet your expectations.

Go for a hair dryer gift sets

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer fascinates the general public. The most prestigious hairdressers on the planet use it. Since the launch of the hair dryer, James Dyson wanted to turn his hair dryer into a precision styling tool that will protect hair from extreme heat. Whether the user has straight, curly, wavy, frizzy or colored hair. With the aim of improving the use of the device, the manufacturer has launched new accessories to guarantee a very precise hairstyle, while preserving the health of the hair. The accessories of the dyson hair dryer include: - the soft drying nozzle: benefiting from the Coanda effect, it offers a softer and more diffused air flow, which allows rapid drying. You will have the impression that the temperature is less hot. The tip is designed for very fine, straight hair; - the wide-tooth comb: used on curly and frizzy hair, this comb provides shape and creates volume at the roots, and relaxes the hair by drying it. Thanks to the width of the teeth, the air flow is well distributed over the entire attachment. For your dining pleasure, opt for a hair dryer gift sets including the dyson supersonic hair dryer and accessories. You can also choose the Dyson Airwrap hair dryer gift sets. This model comes in 3 hair dryer gift sets including different tips as needed: - Volume + Shape for thin and flat hair - Smooth + Control for hair with frizz - Complete version with all tips The prices of these dryers - hair gift sets range from € 449 to € 499. Discover these gift hair dryers from many dyson hair dryers wholesaler.

What to know about hair dryers

The hair dryer is the essential device to quickly dry your hair after washing. Equipped with a brush and a hair dryer, you will be able to structure your hair. The device can help you add volume to your hair, create waves or even straighten it. Discover 3 types of hair dryers, to choose according to the use you want. - Travel hair dryers. It is the ideal model for on the go. This type of hair dryer is very practical: it is equipped with a foldable handle which facilitates storage. Ultra-compact, the device will easily find its place in your bag when you go to the pool, the gym or when you go on a trip. We have this type of foldable hair dryer in our catalog. - Classic hair dryers: these devices are equipped with many heating levels. You can use them on styling or wet hair. This type of hair dryer is relatively compact. A hair dryer equipped with an automatic cord reel is easier and more practical to store. The integrity of the cord will be protected, which will prevent it from being damaged as it is used. - Professional hair dryers: these devices are intended for more regular use. Their elongated heating body considerably improves the directivity of the air. Thanks to their power and efficiency, the hair is perfectly dried and protected from dehydration. You will save a lot of time using it. Ideal ally of professionals (hairdressing salon, fashion ...), it integrates a professional motor (DC or AC). Thus, it can last 5 times longer than a conventional hair dryer!

How to choose the right hair dryer

Drying your hair has become a beauty ritual practiced on a regular basis, even on a daily basis by most women. However, subjecting the hair to high temperatures can have a significant impact on the health of it. This is why it is essential to have a hair dryer adapted to the nature and type of your hair. But now, it is not at all easy to choose the ideal hair dryer model. If you go to a specialty store or check out an online store, you will realize this reality. The brands, models, options and on-board technologies are so endless that it's quite impossible to track down. To be able to take full advantage of the equipment that will sublimate your hair, take into account various technical criteria. - Power: a multitude of hair dryers display a powerful varying between 1,300 and 2,400 watts. This will mainly help to determine how quickly the hair dries; - Ergonomics: it is important that your hair dryer is easy to handle. A handy and light hair dryer model will be more useful; - Heat: many appliances are equipped with the Heat setting function. This makes it possible to modulate the heat of the air: cold air for shaping and hot air for brushings; - integrated technology: the technologies embedded in hair dryers are numerous: tourmaline, ceramic, ionic, etc. They must be suitable for the type of hair, as well as for styling operations; - the accessories: A nozzle for brushings and a diffuser to distribute the heat are provided with certain models of hair dryers.

Hair dryer bags to protect your device

Open the doors to Hightech Gifts, your dyson hair dryer wholesaler and online dyson hair dryer supplier, to enjoy great deals. Consult our product catalog and discover all the offers we offer on a daily basis. We have many references in terms of hair dryers. Moreover, we have great deals and incredible promotions in store for you on several major brands, such as Calor, Babyliss, Remington or Okoia. Each hair dryer you sell is supplied in a suitable bag. The dyson hair dryer also comes with a hair dryer bag. Your hair dryer will thus be protected from various shocks. Do not hesitate to come to our online sales platform to buy your cheap and quality hair dryer. Also discover personalized dyson hair dryers and promotional dyson hair dryers at your dyson hair dryer wholesaler.

Hair dryer images to help you with your purchases

As you probably know, choosing the right hair dryer for your needs is not that easy. Apart from the criteria related to the power, the functionalities, the accessories or the weight of the device, it is important to consider the new technologies embedded in the hair dryer as well as the nature of your hair. And for good reason, your hair dryer will accompany you on a daily basis and for a long time. It will become your best beauty ally and will also be adopted by the whole family. This is why it will have to be chosen well. As a dyson hair dryer supplier and a dyson hair dryer wholesaler, we present in our catalog various hair dryer images to make your job easier. Discover with us the image Babyliss Vulcano black hair dryer, the image Babyliss Luminoso viola hair dryer, the Calor hair dryer image, the Remington Protect hair dryer image, the Babyliss Fashion dryer hair dryer image, the hair dryer image Okoia or the image Babyliss Expert 2100 hair dryer. In addition to the models we offer, we also recommend hair dryer brands such as Philips, Trendyliss, Braun and GHD. Also bet on dyson hair dryers, personalized dyson hair dryers and promotional dyson hair dryers to please those around you.

A dyson hair dryer wholesaler to serve you

Open the doors of Hightech Gifts, dyson hair dryer wholesaler and online dyson hair dryer supplier. We are pleased to present a wide selection of hair dryers, dyson hair dryers, hair dryer gift sets, but also inexpensive personalized gifts. Also discover in our catalog of cheap personalized gifts for men, personalized dyson hair dryers, advertising dyson hair dryers.

Make your purchase from a dyson hair dryer wholesaler

Take a tour on Hightech Gifts, your online dyson hair dryer wholesaler and discover the multitude of cheap hair dryer offers that we unveil in our catalog. We sell hair dryers of various well-known brands: Babyliss Vulcano black hair dryer, Babyliss Luminoso viola hair dryer, Remington Protect hair dryer, Calor CV7920C0 hair dryer, Babyliss Fashion dryer, Babyliss Expert 2100 hair dryer, Okoia hair dryer… We also have folding hair dryers. We will advise you on your purchase according to your needs, but also to your budget. Your dyson hair dryer wholesaler guarantees you top-of-the-range quality products. As it is impossible to do without the dyson hair dryer, you will also find models of dyson hair dryers with us: dyson Supersonic hair dryer, dyson airwap hair dryer. These dyson0 hair dryers can be found in the reviews of many testers.

Give a cheap personalized gift that will please

You are looking for a striking corporate gift, a gift for a loved one, a cheap personalized gift. Highech Gifts offers a wide range of inexpensive personalized gift ideas that will please their recipients. A customizable hair dryer will be a very effective inexpensive personalized gift to motivate your employees and retain your customers. This beauty accessory will appeal to all those who like to take care of their hair and make themselves beautiful. When it comes to corporate gifts, it's a very classic and popular choice. It is also a designer and high-end product that will suit your professional relationships. Trust your dyson hair dryer wholesaler to advise and assist you in your purchase of the cheap personalized gift. Also discover our cheap personalized gifts for men, our personalized dyson hair dryers, our advertising dyson hair dryers.

A cheap personalized gift for men

Are you looking for a cheap personalized gift, a cheap personalized gift for men? You will undoubtedly find the cheap personalized gift that suits you in our catalog. Opt for a beauty accessory like a hair dryer. Although we are a wholesaler of dyson hair dryers and supplier of dyson hair dryers, we have various models of hair dryers on our shelves: compact, powerful, ergonomic, ionic ... A hair dryer model for men is an alternative to styling products such as wax, modeling paste or gel. Its use allows to obtain a more natural result. In addition, men's hair dryers are ideal for fine hair, but also for long hair. The hairstyle will last longer. We will deliver your personalized cheap men's gift in a box or a hair dryer bag. Also opt for the dyson hair dryer.

A supplier of dyson hair dryers nearby

Do you want to get an efficient hair dryer? Take a look at Hightech Gifts. You will surely find in our catalog, the hair dryer that suits you. As a dyson hair dryer supplier / dyson hair dryer wholesaler, we provide you with various secret hair dryer gifts like dyson hair dryer as well as gift set hair dryers, personalized dyson hair dryers, promotional dyson hair dryers. We also have cheap personalized gifts.

A dyson hair dryer supplier at your service

At Hightech Gifts, do good business! Discover without delay our offers of high tech devices and accessories in the Men's / Women's Beauty section. Electric epilator, electric razor, curling / straightening iron… Nothing is missing! The hair dryer being the essential tool to take care of your hair, we also provide you with a whole selection of hair dryers from major brands, including Babyliss and Remington. Dyson hair dryer supplier and dyson hair dryer wholesaler, we also offer dyson hair dryers. Discover our dyson hair dryer offers. Revolutionary hairdressing devices available in purple, red, blue, gray / white. Rest assured that by purchasing your hair dryer from us, you will be enjoying quality products.

A personalized dyson hair dryer as a corporate gift

The dyson hair dryer combines innovation, design and efficiency. This is the hair dryer that all women want in their bathroom. Do you want to offer a practical and useful high-tech gift to your employees? Think of the dyson hair dryer. With a personalized dyson hair dryer in addition, you will make people happy. If previously the personalization of the dyson hair dryer was only done in the Dyson Demo Store, today we can take care of this work. Thanks to our branding service, we are able to personalize the box of your dyson hair dryer with your company logo or slogan. Giving this personalized dyson hair dryer will be a way of cementing ties with your professional entourage. To order your dyson hair dryers, contact your dyson hair dryer supplier / dyson hair dryer wholesaler without delay. Treat yourself with our promotional dyson hair dryer.

Offer an advertising dyson hair dryer to your client

In the professional world, promotional gifts are very popular. They allow you to strengthen ties with your employees, collaborators, partners, or even your customers. For the end of the year celebrations, mark the spirits by offering a corporate gift, an advertising gift. To do this, turn to Cadeaux Hightech, the specialist in promotional gifts. We offer various advertising items and promotional goodies. As a dyson hair dryer supplier, we provide promotional dyson hair dryers and custom dyson hair dryers. With our customizable corporate gifts, you pass on your values to those around you. In addition, you will give your business a more dynamic image. Trust your dyson hair dryer supplier / dyson hair dryer wholesaler to offer you the right dyson hair dryer, the right promotional dyson hair dryer. We also provide you with inexpensive personalized gifts.