Okoia hair dryer

Giving a hair dryer as a gift for customers is not very common. Do you want to stand out from your competition? Opt for the Okoia hair dryer for your next customer gifts! You will please, without exceeding your budget. It is possible to mark it with your company logo or slogan.

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Looking for an idea customer gift original to offer for the end of year celebrations? Think of the Okoai brand hair dryer. This inexpensive little brushing will allow you to stand out. You can personalize this customer gift with a particular message.

A customer gift that will follow your customers everywhere!

If you run out of ideas for original customer gifts for the ladies in your customer portfolio, consider this Okoai hair dryer. It is a beauty accessory that is sure to appeal to all women, regardless of their age. Its more? Its compact size. It has a foldable handle and bivoltage (120/230 Volts! It fits perfectly in travel bags and can work abroad, which is perfect if you are looking for a customer gift for your customers always on the go. shifting.

Good quality cheap customer gifts

Do you want cheap customer gifts or business gifts that will still convey a good image of your company? This hair dryer is a great choice. It is a good quality product, with a power of 1400 Watts which gives it a fairly powerful volume of air. It is supplied with an air concentrator and has 2 speeds and 2 different temperatures, to allow its user to adjust it according to his real needs.

A personalized customer gift that stands out

This customer gift in itself is quite unusual, but if you really want to give personalized customer gifts to your business partners, it is absolutely possible. You can shape it in the image of your company by embellishing it with your company logo or slogan. As you can see, if you want to make your customer gift a support for your communication, this hair dryer is ideal.

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