Luxurious and practical, an external hard drive is ideal to please employees, offered as CE giftsAs a corporate gift or customer gift, it gives the company a modern, dynamic and open image. new technologies.

A CE gift: A way to enhance the image of the company

In addition, the client or employee will feel valued, because an external hard drive is a valuable CE gift. In this section, find a wide choice of external hard drives to offer as gift company which they can use from a laptop. Sober design, elegant lines and perfect finishes, our external hard drives will please all those who receive them.

The personalized hard drive: An essential advertising gift

Choose our essential offers from external hard drives available in category Computer science and offered at unbeatable prices, allowing you to achieve your communication objectives while keeping your EC budget under control.

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External advertising hard drive

Luxurious and practical, an external hard drive that will appeal to your employees, offered as CE gifts, corporate gifts or customer gifts, it gives the company a modern image, dynamic and open to new technologies.

A corporate gift external hard drive: A way to enhance the image of the company

In addition, the client or employee will feel valued, because an external hard drive is a valuable personalized gift. As part of your promotional and professional events, you can opt for the distribution of personalized hard drives, or simply of personalized hard drive covers with your brand logo. An advertising campaign with high visibility. Sustain the image of your company with an external hard drive gift. Wholesaler external hard drive, we also offer external hard drive pouches, external hard drive pouches ... to retain your customers. In this section you will find a wide choice of external hard drives to offer as a business gift that they can use from a laptop. Sober design, elegant lines and perfect finishes, our external hard drives will please all those who receive them.

The personalized hard drive: An essential advertising gift

Opt for our essential offers of external hard drives available in the IT category and offered at unbeatable prices, allowing you to achieve your communication objectives while controlling your CE budget. Improve the satisfaction of your customers by offering them a latest generation advertising external hard drive to thank them for their loyalty. a simple gesture that will undoubtedly be a sensation among your employees. The customized external hard drive allows large amounts of data to be stored at low cost. Indispensable in the professional as well as personal field, the external hard drive is a gadget made for computer enthusiasts. Easy to use with a simple connection with a USB port, the advertising external hard drive can store a multitude of files. High-tech gift, external hard drive supplier, offers you original external hard drive. A good idea for an atypical gift.

How to choose an external hard drive?

If you're wondering how to choose your advertising external hard drive, you've come to the right place. A custom external hard drive is a computer tool with storage space that can keep a large portion of your digital computer files and documents. This allows the extension of the cache memory capacity of a device. You can also store your multimedia files on your hard drive and share them with your collaborators, your relatives. There are several types of hard drive, when choosing your custom hard drive several elements must be taken into consideration. - performance characteristics - custom fixed or portable hard drive - size, weight - autonomy - price

The different types of hard drives

High tech gift company gift specialist offers several models of advertising external hard drive: bluetooth external hard drive, original external hard drive through external hard drive cases, hard drive cover personalized with your company logo. Several external drives capable of being transported, especially when used for work, transferring, copying files from one computer to another, to download transfers of films, photos, music ... from one device to another . Concretely, there are 2.5-inch models: take a closer look, because they are much easier to slip into the luggage. Please note, small size is not always synonymous with lightness, which is why we must put these two parameters, dimension and weight, into perspective. Define the custom slim hard drive style that suits you and purchase directly from our website to benefit from low prices.

Fixed external hard drive 

The fixed hard drive Perhaps stretch a large storage capacity, however in terms of weight weighs a little more. their spin test is between 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch they have excellent read and write start. To use a fixed hard drive you will need an external power supply permanently on. Sound level for the most sensitive you may be a little disappointed because some external hard drive can be a bit noisy due to the ventilation. We provide you with a selection of personalized hard drive covers to secure your external hard drives.

The portable external hard drive

The portable and practical external hard drive to take it everywhere with you. Small by its shape you can easily transport it without any constraint. The capacity of portable hard drive is more restricted compared to fixed hard drive tomorrow for speed and throughput. However you will not have to plug it into a sector ah, the connection is made through a USB port. High tech gift offers you several styles of external hard drive, original external hard drive, high performance solid state disk (SSD) external hard drive with efficient fast playback. we also have cheap traditional design hard disks consult our online catalog without delay. Our team remains at your disposal for any particular question you can make your quote directly online in a few seconds.

External wifi hard drive

The external wifi hard drive is a real practical way to enjoy all of your files anywhere on the go. It allows you to store broadcast, listen to music consult your documents to several mobile devices simultaneously. A true high-tech gadget essential once you understand its usefulness. Use is simple and practical, you just need to use an application offered by the manufacturer, of course free of charge, to access your hard drive from your iPhone, iPad in order to take advantage of the entire document available on your external hard drive in relation to the size wifi hard drive and rarely larger than a classic external hard drive. It is not necessary to connect to the mains and can be recharged with rechargeable batteries. Increase your storage capacity on all your devices thanks to our advertising external hard drive, original external hard drive adapted to your needs for the greatest pleasure of your employees. We also offer customizable advertising hard drives with your company logo to optimize your advertising campaigns. Best quality price report!

Some accessories for external hard drive

Currently hard drives have become an essential daily accessory. A hard drive and a device with a very high storage memory that allows the storage and conservation of your files in complete safety. You can easily share your files between your different devices. The list of corporate gifts We provide you with a set of hard drive accessories for your corporate gifts. Mounting kits for external hard drives making it easier for you to install an external hard drive External hard drive accessories for employees who are constantly on the move, external hard drive accessories to protect your personalized external hard drive (shell for external hard drive, protective case for external hard drive, external hard drive case, etc.). Secure your external hard drive with our inexpensive personalized hard drive cover. High tech gift offers cheap advertising external hard drive accessories for all budgets, personalized hard drive cover, advertising hard drive accessories ... Make the right choice by opting for our personalized hard drive cover, original for your corporate gifts .

Customizable hard drive cover

Pretty hard drive cover customizable with a message, a logo, an image to add an elegant touch to your corporate gifts. A decorative accessory that protects your external hard drive. A nice customizable external hard drive corporate gift idea to offer to your employees.

External hard drive pocket

Whether it is an external hard drive pouch for a man or a woman, we offer latest generation pouches for your external hard drives. Offering an external hard drive sleeve as a business gift is appreciated by employees and there are no more excuses not to please your employees at a lower cost! Order your external hard drive sleeves in just a few clicks on our website.

External hard drive case

Original external hard drive case, bluetooth external hard drive case ... here you will find something for everyone. Nowadays, please your loved ones by offering them cheap original external hard drive cases. Original bag, traditional bag or even humorous customizable hard drive bag, here you will find business gifts for all tastes. Consult our online catalog without further delay.

Some tips on the hard drive

How do I connect my internal hard drive?

Find the best external hard drive for your employees here. Used for backing up your documents, the customized external hard drive has a large storage capacity. Storing your documents securely has never been easier. Expand the storage capacity of your laptop, tablet, smartphone with an external hard drive. You can store there professional officer, family photos, music, film or any other digital document.

Our different ranges of hard drives

Discover without further delay our selection of personalized external hard drive, personalized hard drive cover, original external hard drive to offer to your customers. There are two external hard drive formats: - 3.5 inch hard drive requiring an AC adapter. Storage capacity ranging from 1 TB to 30 TB - Portable hard drive in 2.5 inch format powered by a connection cable. Memory capacity ranging from 500 GB to 2 TB You are installing a personalized external hard drive for the first time on your pc, computer devices and you wonder how it is connected? First of all connect your external hard drive to your device, then a window will open click on automatic execution and finally you enter the hard drive and can consult its content, transfer data or download a gamer game.

How do I connect my external hard drive to my tablet?

Have you just bought an external hard drive? Or do you have an external hard drive with connectivity to plug into your tablet? Your external hard drive supplier will explain the procedure to you. Here is how to connect your external hard drive to a tablet point to the line first of all you have to check if your device is compatible with your external hard drive. The OTG (on the go) system is required to establish the connection between your hard drive and the tablet. Once the compatibility check has been carried out you can then proceed to the next step. This step consists of having a USB cable to establish the connection between your external hard drive and the touch pad with usb ports. There are several models in the market, high-tech external hard drive wholesaler to select the best models for you available from our online catalog. Finally connect USB keys to your tablet yes, you just have to unplug using your USB cable quite simply. To fully exploit all of your files use the file explorer.

Wholesale external hard drive:

For the signing of a contract, end-of-year corporate gift idea or any other special occasion, you still do not know what corporate gift to offer to your employees? here you will find all the answers to your questions Find gift ideas supplied with a design cover by your high tech gift external hard drive wholesaler. Corporate gifts hard drive, external for men, hard drive, external for women, trendy, high-tech consult our section of gifts for external hard drives you will find original external hard drive gift ideas. We have more than 2000 references to meet your needs in terms of computer goodies for all occasions: internal disk first choices to offer to your employees for a birthday, gift ideas customizable hard disk cover to distribute to your prospects, to finalize your best customers through a thoughtful and inexpensive advertising campaign. offer an external hard drive for an important event or occasionally the launch of a new product within your company. We also have accessories to accompany your hard drive gifts to thank and retain your employees. Show your attachment and affection to your professional relationships by offering a useful high-tech gift, wd external hard drive with more space the external hard drive for file storage. Focus on originality by personalizing your external hard drives directly on our website. The bluetooth hard drive can be an excellent end-of-year corporate gift for your employees. The best gift ideas can all be found at High Tech Gifts.

The advantages of an external hard drive

The external hard drive is a computer tool that allows you to save all the content of your computer in order to have access to it in the event of loss, malfunction or any other reason that would prevent us from accessing your laptops to view the content. . to keep a copy of all your documents you will need to purchase an external hard drive. Wholesale external hard drive, your high-tech gift external hard drive supplier offers a multitude of models according to your needs. Multifunction, the external hard drive can limit and relax the weight of storage on your laptop PC, in order to improve the responsiveness of the latter. stored on the psx disk several files. ah if you have a light computer in terms of your storage capacity to avoid any slowdown bugs. Now you are asking how to choose your external hard drive? System disk? However, there are several models of external hard drive with different characteristics from each other. see our section how to choose your hard drive to help you choose your external hard drive.

External SSD hard drive

The external hard drive SSD, or "Solid State Disk", has already revolutionized the world of stationary and portable PCs: internally, it allows a computer to be much faster, especially at startup. Secretary is to be taken into consideration when purchasing your external hard drive, because the external SSD hard drive turns out to be quieter than its "mechanical" competitors and, above all, much stronger. If traditional portable hard drives can lose all their data at the slightest fall, the external SSD hard drives theoretically reserve you fewer unpleasant surprises, more resistant than the sd card, classic hard drive it overcomes several shocks without any loss of data. In terms of price, an external SSD hard drive will be more expensive than a conventional hard drive. The price of the SSD hard drive is justified by its efficiency and high-tech performance. Do you want to buy an external SSD hard drive? save to disk? data storage? Opt for our high tech SSD models with a nice cheap finish. Save and protect all your data with our high performance external hard drive.