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Sony 1TB Silver Hard Drive

Do you want to satisfy your employees during these festive times, especially for Christmas and the end of the year? Opt for this Sony 1TB silver hard drive as a corporate gift. Its manufacturer offers the best high-tech products on the market. This company gift is an ideal choice to show off lust.

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For a practical and useful item in everyday life, gift this Sony 1TB silver hard drive as a corporate christmas gift. It will allow you to stand out from a futile business gift idea that is only used for decoration.

Very useful corporate gift for your employees

Nowadays, it is better to offer a gift company useful to your employees because you can get two benefits. The first is the satisfaction of your employees since it is a luxury corporate gift. You can tell by the finish of this product. The second is the improvement of data exchange within the company. Indeed, this Sony 1 TB silver hard drive is very practical for storing various data. You can also offer it as business gifts to your employees on various occasions.

A high-tech corporate gift

The features of this corporate gift are really interesting. First of all, it has a very large capacity that can hold data of over 1000 GB. Then, the data transfer is done at a speed of over 80 MB / s thanks to its 3.0 port. Moreover, the compact design of this Hard disk external makes it a very practical corporate gift to carry. Indeed, it weighs only 190 grams with a size of 2.5 inches. Finally, it is offered with a USB cable.

An easily customizable corporate gift

To make your corporate gift truly original, add your personal touch by opting for a personalized corporate gift. Put your logo or social name on the case of the device so that your employees can see it every time they use it. This is very practical for improving your visibility, especially with those around your employees and your partners.

Make one happy with this external hard drive

With a capacity of 1000 GB, the Sony external hard drive The 1TB silver has a USB 3.0 connector.

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