Thinking of giving a Blu-Ray player to your partner, customer or supplier? Excellent choice ! This gift CE or prestigious customer gift will not only move the recipient but also enhance your company's image.

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We bring together, in this section, the best blu-ray players market, in terms of design, quality and price. From renowned brands, our Blu-ray players, among all the products in the section Picture, as a corporate gift offer incomparable visual and sound comfort. Modern design, innovative features, ingenious performance ...

Blu-ray player: works council gift

Our Blu-ray players to offer as corporate gifts or CE gifts will help you strengthen your professional relationship with your partners, while preserving your CE budget. Discover our must-have offers of premium Blu-ray players, available online at unbeatable prices.

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Offer a blu ray player as a CE gift

The Blu ray player is the ideal gift to give to your professional entourage, whether it is an employee, a business partner or a client. This prestigious corporate or customer gift will be perfect to showcase your business and surprise its recipient. In the form of personalized blu ray player and advertising blu ray player, the blu ray player will cement your professional relationships. Discover all the blu ray player and 4K blu ray player offers on Hightech Gifts, your blu ray player supplier / blu ray player wholesaler. Enjoy exceptional visual and sound comfort at competitive prices.

What to know about blu ray player

Blu ray player is a high definition version of DVD player. The turntable offers unmatched picture and sound quality. As a result, it is the favorite device of moviegoers. It is essential in a Home cinema installation. The player can play audio CDs and DVDs. It is also compatible with various surround formats, including DTS HD Master Audio, Dolby True HD, DTS X and 3D Dolby Atmos codes. Some Blu ray players are considered to be multimedia entertainment equipment in their own right. But to take full advantage of it, you have to know how to choose your equipment. Get advice from your blu ray player wholesaler or blu ray player supplier in case of doubt.

What is blu ray player

The Blu ray player is the worthy successor to DVD. Attracting more and more moviegoers and video game enthusiasts, it is now invited to all trade shows. Compatible with DVD discs and perfect for enjoying the full potential of your HD video projector or your flat screen, the device is the essential equipment of a Full HD high definition home cinema set. Compared to DVDs, the picture quality of Blu-ray discs is 4 times better. Note that it is possible to watch 3D movies with a Blu ray player. Blu ray players come in different lines of high tech devices, as is the case with DVD. - The classic Blu-ray player: the device allows you to watch films in the traditional way. - Blu ray CD player; the device can play 3D compatible films, provided that dedicated equipment is used in addition (3D TV and glasses. - The Blu-ray recorder player: the device offers a dual recording track, allowing to record 2 programs on 2 different channels simultaneously. The memory of this type of player varies from 150 GB to 1 TB. - The 4K blu ray player: this equipment can play 4K discs that can store up to 100 GB. The blu ray player 4K uses HDR technology, and therefore needs to be connected to an equivalent television (4K TV). You will find all kinds of blu ray players and 4K blu ray players at a blu ray player wholesaler, a blu ray player supplier or a specialized store.

The criteria for selecting a blu ray player

Blu ray player models are plentiful in specialty stores, and at blu ray player wholesalers and blu ray player suppliers that you quickly lose footing when buying. To be able to choose the right blu ray player or 4K blu ray player for your needs, it is important to consider some points. - Connectivity: the choice of connection is very important to be able to take advantage of other peripherals around the Blu ray player. To view HD content, an HDMI connection is essential. For 3D content, you need an HDMI 1.4 connection. To read 4K, an HDMI 2.0 connection is required. - Video formats: in addition to Blu-ray movies, you may want to view content in different formats. Therefore, be sure to choose a Blu ray player that can play DiVX, MKV or even AVCHD. - Connectivity: some Blu ray discs contain online videos. To read them, an Ethernet port or a Wifi connection is necessary. As the Ethernet sockets are placed far from the TV, opt for a reader with a WiFi option. - An internal hard drive: a Blu ray player including an internal hard drive is useful when you want to record a show and save it. This is the case with the Blu ray recorder / burner player. - The USB socket: a Blu ray player equipped with a “host” type USB socket is necessary to connect external peripherals such as a USB key, a hard disk, a camcorder. Once you've taken all of these criteria into account, make sure the Blu ray player you've chosen is playing both 3D and 4K Blu rays.

The most popular blu ray players

It is known that the Blu-ray player or 4K blu-ray player provides exceptional audio and video quality. It includes interesting features such as 3D, 4k or Wifi technology. Blu ray players come in different models and brands, to choose according to your taste, your needs and your budget from all blu ray player wholesaler and blu ray player supplier. It is obvious that the PlayStation 3 has made it possible to democratize Blu ray among video game enthusiasts, and moviegoers aged 18 to 30 thanks to. Indeed, the Sony console can play Blu ray. The more recent versions also take into account the 7.1 and upscaling K technologies. Sony once again demonstrates the extent of its know-how with the Sony UBP-X800M2 4K blu ray player and its full connectivity. It is the perfect element to complete a home cinema set. It has Hi-Res Audio connectors, and Dolby Altmos and DTSK, is equipped with a coaxial port, HDMI, HDMI audio and RJ45. The Blu ray player has Wifi and Bluetooth. The LG brand has also developed a good quality Blu ray player: the LG UBK80. The device offers remarkable picture and sound quality thanks to Dolby Atmos for cinema, FLAC and DTS-HD Master audio for sound. This player is DVD, UHD and 4k compatible. Samsung stands out with its DB-J5500 / ZF Blu ray player with a curved design. This player can play many movie and disc formats: DVD, Blu ray (2D and 3D), MKV, DivX HD. It is equipped with USB and Ethernet sockets and offers more than 250 applications to be able to access Youtube, Facebook and Netflix.

What to know about the 4K blu ray player

The world of digital images has undergone a great revolution with the appearance of 4K televisions. On the other hand, an evolved version of the blu ray player saw the red: the 4K blu ray player. It must be admitted, the multitude of offers in the various shops, blu ray player supplier and blu ray player wholesaler does not make the task easier. To have the right device, the one that suits your expectations, it is necessary to study certain parameters beforehand. These criteria include compatibility, connectivity, image quality and design.

What is the 4K blu ray player?

It is entertaining to watch your favorite movies with a capable player offering exceptional picture and sound quality. This is what the 4K blu ray player is capable of. This revolutionary device embeds high-level technology. Actually, this disc player can store contents equivalent to 40 CDs. The 4K blu ray player allows you to view and store HD movies. It offers many advantages, including its image quality ranging from 720p to 1080p. The 4K blu ray player can stream movies in super high definition. The sound of the 4K blu ray player is close to the sound in movie theaters. The device can be connected to a 7.1 home cinema system. Backward compatible, it can read CDs and DVDs. Discover 4K blu ray players at your blu ray player supplier / blu ray player wholesaler.

How to choose a 4K blu ray player?

You have a UHD 4K television or a UHD 4K video projector in your living room. To take advantage of your hardware's capabilities, it's time to invest in a blu ray player that displays native Ultra High Definition resolution images. Regarding the 4K blu ray player, it is essential to choose it by following a well-defined logic. To do this, you must take into account certain criteria. - Compatibility. It is important that the 4K blu ray player plays HD DVD and Blu ray player and even CD for users to easily adopt it. The transition to UHD blu ray should go smoothly. Also, take care to check the formats. The 4K blu ray player must also have a powerful video processor capable of optimizing the display and delivering UHD 4K resolution rendering. - Image quality. A 4K blu ray player uses H.265 (HEVC) video encoding, providing a compression gain of 60 %. The device can thus offer images with a resolution 4 times greater than conventional blu ray discs, and exploit a wider color spectrum thanks to HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology. - The connection. A 4K blu ray player must have several connections to be able to be connected to other devices. So you need a reader equipped with several HDMI ports, a USD port, an SD card port. - Connectivity. For a 4K blu ray player to be able to access numerous content and services locally or online, a network (DLNA) and wired or wireless (Wifi) internet connection is essential. The team of your blu ray player wholesaler / blu ray player supplier will guide you in your choice of the best 4K blu ray player.

Which brand of 4K blu ray player to choose?

4K Blu-ray players deliver Ultra High Definition picture quality, and are able to play and optimize the resolution of your old DVD and Blu-ray HD videos. This technology allows you to experience a new dimension where the richness of details and the realism of the colors are combined for a true immersion in the heart of the action. For your satisfaction, there are many models of 4K blu ray player available in the market. Most devices are praised for their performance, reliability, disk load speed, backward compatibility, and menu efficiency. Models with the Panasonic, LG, Samsung or Sony logo are included in many reviews. This is the case of the 4K 4K blu ray player Sony UBP-X700, Samsung UBD-M9000 Smart Ultra HD 4K, Panasonic DP-UB820, LG UBK80 and Pioneer 16 x Bdr-211ubk Internal Burner. They can also be good personalized blu ray player and promotional blu ray player. Discover 4k blu ray players in a specialty store, from a blu ray player wholesaler or from a blu ray player supplier.

A longtime blu ray player wholesaler

Are you looking for a blu ray player wholesaler to provide you blu ray player, 4K blu ray player in large quantities? You have come to the right place. We are both a blu ray player wholesaler and a blu ray player supplier. We market blu ray players, personalized blu ray players, advertising blu ray players of good quality at prices suitable for all budgets. We have been offering our services to individuals and professionals for many years. Solicit your blu ray player wholesaler quickly.

A blu ray player wholesaler at your service

Despite the growing popularity of the streaming service, it is still possible to purchase movies and series in physical format. In fact, many prefer DVDs, classic Blu-rays and UHD Blu-rays to showings on Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. Today, Blu-ray players make it possible to offer a true cinema experience that is similar to that of dark rooms. Do you want to experience this atmosphere? Trust Hightech Gifts, an experienced blu ray player wholesaler. We are specialized in online blu ray player wholesale business. Also a blu ray player supplier, we provide you with various models of quality Blu ray players. Buy your blu ray players directly from us to benefit from the lowest prices. You will thus save on all your purchases of blu ray players, 4K blu ray player at your blu ray player wholesaler.

Buy 4K blu ray players from your blu ray player wholesaler

Enjoy more movies with a Blu ray player. If you like more lifelike renderings, go for a 4K blu ray player. This type of player will allow you to enjoy high definition images. Thanks to the technology it embeds, it can also read DVDs, CDs, and even BD-Rs. You will be able to watch your old videos. To have a 4K blu ray player, take a look at Cadeaux Hightech. Wholesaler blu ray player and supplier blu ray player online, we provide you with blu ray players in large quantities. Experienced and recognized blu ray player wholesaler, we provide you with 4K blu ray player of different brands and models. Call on our team to advise you in your choice. We offer, among other things, the Samsung UBD K8500 black 4K Blu-ray player.

Make your choice of the right blu ray player

Treat yourself: buy a blu ray player to watch ultra high-dimensional movies with the family, in the comfort of your living room. To do this, take a look at Cadeaux Hightech. Wholesaler blu ray player and blu ray player supplier, we reserve a wide choice of blu ray player, 4K blu ray player, personalized blu ray player, advertising blu ray player which will ensure you a pleasant home cinema experience. In our Image section of your blu ray player wholesaler, you will discover renowned brands manufacturing high tech products and devices essential for everyday life. You can choose between: - LG Blu-ray player - Panasonic Blu-ray player - Samsung Blu-ray player - Sony Blu-ray player Our blu-ray players are offered at exceptional prices. Trust your blu ray player wholesaler to find the right blu ray player, the right 4K blu ray player.

A blu ray player supplier near you

Are you looking for a quality blu ray player? Blu ray player supplier and experienced blu ray player wholesaler, we have selected the most reliable brands on the market to meet your expectations and desires. Find blu ray players on our page that support 2D and 3D movies as well as UHD movies. We will transform them into a personalized blu ray player and an advertising blu ray player.

Find your device at your blu ray player supplier

Are you looking for an original gift idea for your loved ones, your employees, your partners or your customers, are you in the right place? As a blu ray player supplier and blu ray player wholesaler, we provide you with a whole range of high tech products, including Blu ray players. We have selected for you models of blu ray player from the most reliable brands on the market such as Sony, LG or Samsung. Discover our 2D blu ray player (Sony 2D), 3D blu ray player (Samsung 3D black), 4K blu ray player (Samsung BD-J6300, Samsung UBD K8500, Panasonic DMP BDT181EF) and classic blu ray player (LG BP250, Sony BDP -S6700). Your blu ray player wholesaler also offers LG Smart TV blu ray players. Our devices are offered at competitive prices. They will make excellent personalized blu ray player and promotional blu ray player.

An advertising blu ray player that advertises you

Do you want to win over your customers, show your gratitude to your employees, thank your employees for their involvement in their work? Give them something of value, a business gift that will mark their minds for a long time. To do this, think of a blu ray player, an advertising blu ray player, a personalized blu ray player. They will be delighted to experience premium quality picture and sound worthy of movie theaters. Also, every time they use the blu ray player, they will inevitably think of you. And for good reason, the advertising blu ray player, whether classic or a 4K blu-ray player model, will be flocked with the logo, slogan or name of your company. Find your business gift from your blu ray player supplier and blu ray player wholesaler.

A personalized blu ray player that looks like you

Company anniversaries, company parties, end-of-year celebrations… All occasions are good for offering an advertising gift or a personalized gift to your employees, your business partners, and why not your customers. Giving a corporate gift or a business gift will be a way of expressing your gratitude for your professional relationships. The designer black LG Blu-ray player, the black Panasonic Blu-ray player, the black metal Samsung Blu-ray player or the Sony Blu-ray player will undoubtedly be the ideal corporate gift. Offer a personalized blu ray player or an advertising blu ray player. Discover customizable blu ray players from your blu ray player supplier and blu ray player wholesaler. The blu ray players offered at your blu ray player wholesaler are customizable. With a personalized blu ray player or promotional blu ray player, you can easily promote your business.