Giving a gift is an effective way to thank your employees and to build loyalty. With our gift ideas for men and women, the image of your company will be marked in all minds.

Find the original men's gift here!

Cadeaux high-tech, the specialist in personalised gifts, offers you a multitude of original gift ideas. Please your colleagues, employees and potential prospects with a unique gift for men that will undoubtedly cause a sensation among your employees. Gifts 100 % customizable and unusual for all occasions. Focus on originality by putting the person's name or photo on your gift. The surprise effect will be there.

Order your men's gifts without delay from our wide selection of original gifts.

Stimulate your customers / employees with a unique gift:

You are wondering how to thank your employees for their investment and their strong sales over the last few months or throughout the year? A simple and effective gesture is to offer them a male Christmas gift.

The current economic climate is making it difficult for companies to find prospects and sell their products. To remedy this problem, Cadeaux high-tech offers a sustainable solution: a marketing tool that is often underestimated, "promotional gifts". This method has several advantages. First of all, it allows you to promote your product, attracts prospects because they receive the gift free of charge, and encourages your customers to invest more in them by building loyalty at the same time.

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  • gift-tablet-billow-x103pro-32gb-economy
  • gift-drone-droid-hanks-flight
  • gift-loudspeakers-bluetooth-platinet
  • gift-radio-alarm-led-usb-1
  • gift-notebook-powerbank
  • gift-camera-monitoring-360
  • gift-file-with-power-bank
  • gift-watch-heart-belt
  • gift-lightbulb-multicolour-bluetooth
  • wireless-bluetooth-speaker-gift
  • powerbank-selfie-stick-gift
  • gift-charger-usb-4-devices
  • gift-notebook-powerbank
  • wireless-gift-relay
  • gift-alarm-charger-wireless
  • gift-block-note-power-bank
  • smart-watch-lcd-bluetooth-gift
  • gift-light-bulb-multicolour-bluetooth
  • gift-glasses-with-speaker
  • gift-bag-a-dos-usb
  • long-distance binoculars-gift

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Atypical men's gift:

Are you looking for men's gift ideas? High-tech gifts to all the answers to you question.

Tired of giving the same gadgets and gifts to your employees? in search of originality? discover without further delay our selection of trendy men's Christmas gifts that will have an unmissable success with your targets.

You can opt for a gift for men that the person can use on a daily basis and therefore remember you at the same time each time you use it. For example a personalized pen, a USB key for those who frequently work on computers and who need to store information on an external memory, For enthusiasts and lovers of aperitif a magnificent box with local products accompanied by a nice bottle will do.

A fun and original gift for men: 

A gift for men is above all offered to please and surprise the person. Find here the ideal Christmas gift idea for men for your advertising campaigns.

From personalized pen to touchscreen tablets, latest generation high-tech gadgets as well as men's gift boxes and many other gifts. Just as original as each other.

High-tech gifts will help you find a fun and original Christmas gift for men. Surprise your employees with our gift ideas for men. Whether it's for Father's Day, for a birthday, or simply to thank a friend or even a collaborator, you will find everything you need in our large and diverse catalog with more than 2000 references.

The High-tech Gifts team has specially designed the best men's gifts for you.

Top 5 best gifts for men:

1- A high-tech watch

2- The latest razor

3- A waterproof connected keychain

4- Induction charger station

5- A leather speaker

Gift idea for women:

Are you looking for a creative gift for women? A Christmas present for women? an original gift? Birthday gift? here you will find the perfect gift for the right woman that will make a splash with your employees. A personalized cushion for the fun side, post photos in our high-tech photo frame, perfume, gifts for tastes. We have gift ideas for women for all occasions (Christmas gift for women, Valentine's Day gift, Mother's Day gift, birthday gift, birth gift, retirement…). You can consult our online catalog to discover countless small gifts for women. Offer a gift card so that the person can choose their own gift directly on our website.

Make your gifts unique gifts with High-Tech Gifts specialist in women's gifts.

There are several occasions to offer a woman's gift especially on Mother's Day, birth gift, for her birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day gift… .. reason why we have selected for you the best woman gift ideas throughout the 'year. Discover without further delay the latest trendy birthday gifts for women.

It is essential to innovate in terms of women's gifts so as not to offer the same thing every year.

A Revlon style and dry manicure set

Offer this beautiful manicure set with a refined design to the delight of your employees. She will feel valued. This gift set for women is composed of a nail dryer to avoid imperfections during your polish break in order to sublimate your nails. A manicure pen As well as 12 other accessories to maintain your nails.

An induction charger station

Wireless charging with modern technology that lets you charge your smartphone in just a few minutes. A gift for women to slip easily into the bag.

The process is simple to put your phone on the dock and it will automatically start charging. No need to search for your cable or an electrical outlet with the induction charger station, recharging your smartphones more easily, a practical and quick solution.

A hair straightener:

Straighten your hair while respecting your hair fiber as much as possible with our Remington Pro straightening iron.

A woman's gift box:

You have the option of composing your Christmas gift box for women with the different products on our website (pouch, chocolates, gift cards, watch, etc.) or simply choose the gift boxes already made.

Find your personalized Christmas gift:

Christmas festive moment dating from the 17th century when it is customary to offer gifts to loved ones. A moment of sharing, of celebration to be enjoyed with family or friends.

Christmas is coming and you still haven't chosen your Christmas presents?

You will discover in our online catalog a large selection of original personalized Christmas gifts. Christmas gift for women, Christmas gift for men, Christmas gift for children, here you will find something for all tastes and all ages.

You can thank your friends, customers with a Christmas gift, this action will allow you to get a good image and increase your notoriety.

Thanks to our special Christmas gift selection made up of several categories according to the interests of your targets, you will find the perfect personalized gift to end the year in style.

Gone are the classic Christmas presents that we are used to receiving every year. This year High-Tech Gifts has found unique Christmas gifts for you to please everyone. Academic and original for everyone.

With high tech gift, buying your Christmas gifts has never been easier! Quality items at very competitive prices! attractive! We do everything we can to ensure that you have the best end-of-year holidays, Mother's Day gift, through our gift ideas.

Benefit from an express delivery of your purchases to your home, to the post office, or to a relay point.

Gift customize:

Stand out from your competitors with a personalized Christmas gift for men, personalized Christmas gifts for women. Personalize your gift for women to the tastes of the person who will have the pleasure of receiving the gift.

We accompany you to highlight the image of your company through our original gifts, personalized gift with the message of your choice, an image engraved on your gift and much more.

By choosing a personalized gift you will surprise the recipient with an original gift in his image. To help you choose your personalized gift, you must define the objective and the result you want to achieve through this commercial gesture. The personalized gift for women will create the effect of surprise, arouse emotion, highlight your creativity.

High-tech gifts offers a wide selection of men's Christmas gifts, Unique customizable women's Christmas gifts with more than 2000 referencing for all budgets.

You can easily order your personalized gifts directly on our website with fast delivery. Several possible payment methods to choose from when requesting a quote.

5 Christmas gift ideas:

Find the best Christmas gift for women and men for your employees with our original gift ideas.

The end of the year celebrations are approaching and you still haven't found a Christmas gift idea for your employees? don't panic, you've come to the right place. Here you will find several Christmas gift ideas for men, Christmas gifts for women. Christmas gifts for all tastes and ages. We offer you several fun, customizable gift ideas to retain your employees, to please your family at this end of year period. A team of professionals to advise you and accompany you throughout your Christmas gift buying process. You can request a quote in a few clicks on our website, for last minute Christmas gifts, don't panic, we offer fast deliveries. A multitude of original gifts for a memorable Christmas.

The end of year celebrations are the perfect opportunity to offer a Christmas gift for men, women, to their clients and employees. A personalized gift to thank them for their loyalty and at the same time consolidate your professional links.

  • Etched glass (whiskey glass, beer glass)
  • A personalized mug to take your daily coffee at the office or at home
  • Design smart bracelets
  • A personalized bottle opener
  • A Christmas gift set for men

10 Mother's Day gift ideas:

Wish your mother a happy birthday with a Mother's Day gift High-tech gifts through our wide selection of unique Mother's Day gifts.

Giving a Mother's Day gift is the perfect opportunity to show your love for your mother and nothing better than an original personalized birth gift to mark the event.

An original Mother's Day gift to make your mom happy. Make your Mother's Day gift unique with a personalized message intended only for your mother; a photo. Surprise her by giving her a Mother's Day gift in her image.

  • A personalized jewel

A nice bracelet as a Mother's Day gift with your mom's name engraved on it. A Mother's Day gift necklace or even earrings with the first letter of her name. Consult our catalog to see the different models of personalized jewelry for your mothers. A multitude of unusual Mother's Day gifts just for you.

  • Coffee machine

For coffee lovers, you can offer a magnificent latest generation coffee machine as a Mother's Day gift.

  • Hair straightener

Your mom likes to take care of her hair, make herself beautiful, okay for our super high-tech hair straightener as a Mother's Day gift.

  • Lipstick

Several high tech lipsticks available on our website for you Mother's Day gift idea.

  • An external battery

No more battery failures because there is no charge left on your smartphone and we do not necessarily have our charger on hand. Thanks to this external battery, you can quickly recharge your smartphone without any problem anywhere and at any time.

  • Assorted chocolate

For the most greedy, a nice assortment of chocolate to taste. A pretty original packaging to gently celebrate Mother's Day.

  • A well-being box

A well-being box as a Mother's Day gift is a good alternative to spend a moment of relaxation and well-being.

  • A manicure kit

A very nice manicure kit for the beauty of your hands and feet.

  • A personalized apron

Passionate about cooking, choose a Mother's Day gift personalized with the message of your choice or the recipient's photo.

  • Connected photo frame

A connected photo frame to remember your moments with your family and during your holidays. Mother's Day gift much appreciated because the connected photo frame allows you to share memories together with exemplary simplicity.

10 Father's Day gift ideas:

Father's Day is approaching and you still have no gift ideas? Most of the time when looking for a Father's Day gift idea, a special occasion we often forget the everyday objects that can be a very useful Father's Day gift at affordable prices, the person will use their Father's Day gift on long term. For the perfect Father's Day gift to be perfect, Your Father's Day gift has to be on the end of the person who will receive the gift.

Show him all your consideration and let him know he's the best father with an original Father's Day gift. Browse our catalog and find the perfect gift idea for Father's Day. Make this day unique with a personalized Father's Day gift with a lovely, thoughtful message. All of our gifts are 100% customizable, so don't wait any longer to create your unique Father's Day gift directly on our website.

5 tips for finding the best gift:

The advertising campaign through a personalized object increases your notoriety, especially when it is an everyday object that customers or prospects use frequently. Each time you use your gift for women, the person will have the image of your image in front of them. It is durable and effective advertising that has proven itself in recent years.

For your communication and your brand image, the advertising object is essential. Opt for our original gift ideas for your advertising campaigns In order to obtain good visibility with your customers. A wide range of promotional woman's gifts for any type of event. Cheap gift to retain your customers while increasing your visibility in the market. Personalized goodies, Quality advertising object suitable for all budgets.

Stand out from your competition with original ideas by attracting all eyes on your promotional gifts that can be personalized with your logo, slogan, personalized message or more.

You can make a special gift to promote its products / services and the image of your structure through our athipique gifts, Christmas gifts. A laser personalization with great finesse for an optimal result.

How to create a personalized gift?

High Tech Gift offers a wide selection of gifts to suit your budget. We offer customizable high-tech objects, Opt for our unique gifts that will make a splash with your loved ones.

Whatever your sector of activity, individual or professional, You will find what you are looking for on High-tech Gifts. A multitude of gift choices, for all events and all ages. Gifts exist in several forms, namely personalized pens, caps, tablet cases, key rings, aprons, gift boxes, etc.

Which gift to choose?

A goodies unlike a classic advertisement on paper or on TV, the goodies is a communication medium for your sustainable activity over time.

Offering a personalized Christmas gift for men, personalized Christmas gifts for women is an effective way to get into the daily life of your employees by choosing the right gift.

You are probably wondering how to choose the right birthday gifts for your best friends? coworker ? for your activity ?. First of all, you have to determine the objective of your advertising action, then develop the budget you want to invest and from there consult the Christmas gift ideas for men, sports gift ideas, original gift ideas according to your budget.

A personalized pen

The pen is a great classic so to stand out from your competitors you will have to bet on the quality and material of the pen. For example a nice wooden pen, Laser pen available on our online catalog.


You are a company manager or responsible for your works council responsible for giving gifts to your employees, however you still do not know which birthday gift to direct you to. High-tech gifts you are up to the challenge to please all your male and female employees with different interests. With more than 2000 referencing and a rich and varied online catalog, you will find what you are looking for by consulting our gift ideas.

The personalized gift a marketing tool:

First of all, the personalized gift allows you to have good visibility with your employees and increase your brand image, whether it is a personalized gift for your employees, your customers, your family the gift allows you to value them and retain them at the same time. You can opt for an organic gift for women to highlight your responsibility for the environment and thus convey a positive message.

Give gifts a marketing coup that helps to perpetuate your business relationships.

A small bonus, choosing a gift directly related to your business activity allows you to stay in the minds of your customers and collaborator as long as possible.

The interest of a Customer Gifts:

Whether it is a pen, handbag, a touchscreen tablet, goodies ... the customer gift allows you to perpetuate commercial relations, improve your notoriety and retain your customers.

It is an effective way to stay present in the minds of your customers by giving them a woman / man gift while doing your advertising.

There are several occasions to offer gifts such as the end of the year celebrations, birth gift, mother's day gift, Christmas gift, during a trade fair (men's gift, women's gift to offer to your contacts), for the conclusion of a contract or simply to thank your customers.

High-tech gifts accompany you in the search for your perfect gift.

Find a personalized gift for Father's Day:

For the occasion of Father's Day, offer a unique original gift with an original gift bag to mark the event. Opt for an attention that will please him according to his center of interest. We have specially selected for you a list of gift idea to offer birthday, Sports gift idea that you can consult directly on our website. For wine enthusiasts a nice box. The box contains local products accompanied by a beautiful bottle of wine will cause a sensation, a personalized beer shop, essential oils. All of our products are customizable with a preview before placing your order. Several gift ideas available to you on our online catalog.

How to choose the ideal gift?

Symbol of a successful collaboration, The gift is a tradition to thank, show joy, motivate employees in order to retain them. Giving gifts shows the care you pay to your employees, and helps maintain a good relationship. Key factors for the development of your business.

To show your esteem for your partners, you must opt for an anniversary gift that meets their expectations and matches their center of interest. Nothing better than a gift for men, personalized gift for women to show special attention to the recipient. however to have a presence with your collaborators you can subtly mark your brand image on the gift offered to have a commercial value.

With High-tech gifts you can easily personalize your gifts to make them unique in a few clicks via our website.

What gift to offer for a special occasion?

Giving a useful Christmas gift is a guarantee for its use, namely high-tech gifts that have been successful for several years. Computer, smartphone, External battery, GoPro, connected keychain, connected watch ... all of these gifts are items that we use every day, especially most of the time at work. they are practical gifts that make our everyday life easier.

If you still do not know what to give as an original gift to your employees, discover without delay our magnificent selection of gifts specially designed for you.

Make a nice gift!

Find here your nice gift to thank your collaborators, congratulate your friends. To be sure of making the right gift choice, you will need to answer several questions. First the Christmas gift Reflect the image of your personality, then match the personality in the center of interest of the recipient to create the surprise effect and total satisfaction because you are going to give the gift to the latter. The original, designer Christmas gift must be tailored to your budget to claim ROI.

However, you can also offer luxury gifts to particular customers, for example for the signing of a contract to mark the event. There must be consistency between your gift and the image of your structure in all cases.

All occasions are good for giving gifts for men and gifts for women to your clients and collaborators. In particular, original holiday gift ideas, Mother's Day gift, Father's Day gift, during seminars, to welcome a new client, Thank an employee. You can also create the opportunity to offer unusual gifts to your customers in a pre-established marketing process. If you are a brand specializing in sports, consult our list of personalized sports gift ideas. we offer gifts for all sectors of activity for example during an advertising campaign with your budget and a goal to achieve.

Find the best Valentine's Day gift!

Find here the ideal men's Valentine's Day gift to celebrate love and seduction with dignity.

Valentine's Day is an occasion to celebrate love by giving a gift to his Valentine or his Valentine. High-tech gifts helps you find your men's Valentine's Day gift through a selection of original men's and women's Valentine's Day gifts to offer without moderation. here you will find good quality Valentine's Day gifts, cheap Valentine's Day gifts, personalized men's Valentine's Day gift for the delight of your valentines and Valentine. Surprise your companion with a wonderful personalized Valentine's Day gift to show him your love. Find here the unique men's Valentine's Day gift to amaze your companion. With our selection of Valentine's Day gifts, no more puzzles to find the perfect men's gift for your partner. A multitude of romantic Valentine's Day gifts, fun Valentine's Day gifts for men to make this day unforgettable.

Valentine's Day gift idea for women:

Give a woman's Valentine's Day gift Personalize to surprise your lover. a personalized Valentine's Day gift for women equal to no one will not be ready to forget, because you will have taken the time to choose a woman's Valentine's Day gift, especially by making it unique with her name engraved on it, a little romantic message that will give her is intended or a photo of you two.

Valentine's Day gift idea for men:

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you still haven't found your Valentine's Day gift for men? don't panic, we have the solution for you. A wide selection of men's Valentine's Day gift ideas to make it easier for you to choose your Valentine's Day gifts. Give him a unique gift!

How to choose a gift from a school teacher?

Thank your mistress with a mistress gift to thank her for her determination throughout the year.

Celebrate the end of the year with an original centerpiece gift that you can personalize directly on our website. A little attention that will undoubtedly please him. To end the year in style with a beautiful gift, opt for our original unique gift idea. We have centerpiece gifts to suit all budgets. Whether it is a decorative centerpiece gift (photo frame, Greeting card, fragrance diffuser, lamp, etc.), a centerpiece gift to share together, a high-tech centerpiece gift, you will find what you are looking for by consulting our centerpiece gift catalog.