A new trend in sports stores! The connected bracelet is designed to meet the needs of athletes. This revolutionary accessory makes it possible to measure physical efforts, calories burned, sleep time ... It is perfectly suitable for a CE gift or customer gift !!!

The connected bracelet: an original and trendy corporate gift

The connected bracelet is capable of communicating with a Smartphone, which allows the user to obtain the data collected in real time. Find here our selection of connected sports bracelets to offer as original and trendy corporate gifts, among all our products in the section Telephony / Connected !

An advertising gift: take care of your employees

Our connected sport bracelets are available online at very affordable prices, allowing you to stand out without exceeding your EC budget and make a nice Corporate goodies personalized. Our marking service is at your disposal to personalize your CE gifts in the colors of your brand.

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Find a connected bracelet for your professional entourage on Cadeaux Hightech

The connected bracelet is a new trend in sports stores. Called sports connected bracelet, it perfectly meets the needs of sports enthusiasts. This revolutionary high-tech accessory, this advertising connected object measures sleep time, physical efforts, calories burned, and much more. You can easily offer an advertising connected bracelet as a customer gift, CE gift or business gift. Take a look at Hightech Gifts, a connected bracelet supplier and connected bracelet wholesaler, to find the suitable connected bracelet among the top connected bracelet.

The connected bracelet, a powerful activity tracker

The connected bracelet or advertising activity bracelet is now the new ally of smartphones. Also called a tracker or activity sensor, this small connected object allows you to take care of your health. The connected bracelet is paired with an application that will monitor and measure the signals related to physical activity: distance covered during a walk or a run, number of steps taken in a day, calories expended, heart rate, quality of sleep ... In general, the connected bracelet is synchronized with a smartphone wirelessly. This connected sports bracelet collects data in an attractive form with a fun and social dimension. The activity tracker is also available as a mobile application: Runtastic, Runkeeper, etc. You will find the right bracelet connected with connected bracelet supplier and connected bracelet supplier such as High Tech Gifts.

A connected sports bracelet

It was at the beginning of 2012 that activity sensors appeared, following increased demand for monitoring physical activities. Considered as a training tool, the connected bracelet has won in the world of connected objects and high-tech gadgets. At the same time, the concept of “self-assessment” or “Quantified Self” emerged. This small connected sensor bracelet helps you become aware of the level of mandatory daily physical activity and thus increase it if necessary.

The connected bracelet is an essential connected object

Being able to connect to the Internet via a PC or a smartphone, the bracelet is generally worn around the wrist. Some people wear the bracelet in their pocket or pin it to their belt. Hightech Gifts offers a wide selection of connected bracelets, top connected bracelets, connected advertising bracelets offering completely different capacities and functions. The connected sport bracelet or connected bracelet with sports coach function is able to collect data such as heart rate, the number of calories burned or the amount of sleep.

The connected bracelet can serve as an intermediary for a smartphone by allowing its user to answer calls, access emails and SMS. The connected sports bracelet is likely to correspond to the greatest number since it is chosen according to the needs of each one. To choose the ideal connected bracelet, it is necessary to take into account certain criteria: the brand, the category, the method of data synchronization, the interactivity with the mobile phone, the iOS / Android / Windows Phone compatibility, the autonomy, the price, etc.

Smart bracelet manufacturers

The connected bracelet is now available as a sensor, connected watch, sports connected bracelet that you can wear on you. Smartphones have allowed this connected product to appear. Indeed, the various manufacturers have found themselves obliged to miniaturize compasses, gyroscopes, accelerometers, optical readers and even compasses. Historical brands like Nike, Jawlone, or Fitbit have initiated the market for connected bracelets. Today, many brands from the world of sport such as Polar and Garmin or high-tech such as Samsung, Sony, Micrscosoft or Apple offer all kinds of connected bracelets, advertising activity bracelet.

An advertising connected bracelet without a smartphone?

It is estimated that most connected bracelets must connect to a smartphone via bluetooth in order to function properly. At the same time, the models of connected bracelets from the Samsung brand operating under Tizen OS are practical and intuitive because of the rotating crown. However, some models of smart bracelet are used independently. GPS bracelets are one of them. The TomTom Spark connected bracelet in particular is the standard bearer for connected bracelets that work without a smartphone. This type of connected advertising object is however very rare on the market. If you are interested in this kind of advertising connected bracelet, personalized connected bracelet, come to Hightech Gifts, your connected bracelet supplier and connected bracelet wholesaler.

The bracelet connects, an original and trendy CE gift

As a connected object, the connected bracelet arouses great interest among a wide audience. The connected accessory communicates with a smartphone, thus allowing its user to receive data in real time. Take a look at the Telephony / Connected section of your connected bracelet supplier / connected bracelet wholesaler to discover our selection of sports connected bracelet, advertising activity bracelet. Do not hesitate to offer your employees, customers and other business partners advertising connected bracelets as a corporate gift or a business gift!

The bracelet connects, an advertising gift for your employees

Stand out from your competitors with our connected bracelets, our personalized connected bracelets. Offered at very competitive prices, our connected sensors will constitute excellent personalized business goodies. For more personalization, put your logo, slogan, contact details on the bracelet connects. You will thus have corporate gifts in the colors of your brand. By integrating the bracelet connected to your communication by the object, be sure that you will be ahead of your competitors. You modernize and boost the image of your company. Thanks to this high-tech goodies, this advertising activity bracelet you will surely reach a large connected audience.

To retain your new employees, think of the connected advertising bracelet. Innovative, ultra trendy and practical, the connected bracelet is thus perfect to please your employees. The connected bracelet offers a multitude of possibilities to all those who combine sport and professional activity. The connected bracelet makes it possible to intercept incoming calls, to measure the physical performance of its user. With this high-tech corporate gift, you help your employees to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle.

The connected bracelet, a high-tech gadget for everyone

The connected bracelet is intended for both women and men. The advertising activity bracelets that we are selling come in a wide variety and diversity of materials, styles and colors. If you dream of a personalized connected bracelet, an unusual advertising connected bracelet, adopt one of our many personalization techniques. Not only will you showcase your visual identity, but you will easily spread your advertising message. If you are looking for high-tech goodies, connected bracelets for your employees, opt for our connected bracelets for men and sports connected bracelets for women in the top connected bracelet.

A wide variety of connected advertising bracelets

There are no two connected bracelets in the world, two connected advertising bracelets that are alike. Indeed, the basic functionalities which are integrated there make their difference. Whether you opt for an activity tracker bracelet or a more complete and complete connected bracelet, you will inevitably make people happy. - The basic connected advertising bracelet This type of bracelet is intended for people who want to know their habits better. This connected bracelet gives them information on their level of daily activity. This connected accessory, this bracelet connects thus perfectly fulfills its function of activity sensor. With a versatile design, and often without a screen, this connected sports bracelet will appeal to everyone. Note, however, that it only works with smartphone applications. - The complete connected bracelet This model of connected bracelet is more efficient. It embeds a whole range of features that go beyond simple activity sensors. Indeed, the connected bracelet can be considered as a connected watch which indicates the time and which displays notifications from the smartphone (email, sms…). The advertising activity tracker can also activate some functions of the mobile device, such as music management, call handling, camera trigger, etc. - Other connected advertising bracelets In addition to connected bracelets that measure physical activity, you will find more original variants on the market. Some connected bracelets measure sun exposure, while others locate children. In all cases, select your connected bracelet, your advertising connected bracelet according to the use you want to make of it.

A connected bracelet wholesaler to advise you

Communication by object is an effective way to make yourself known to a large audience. To reach as many audiences as possible, stimulate your sales representatives or even thank your most loyal customers, invest in our connected bracelets, our advertising connected bracelets, our personalized connected bracelets. Depending on your target or your objective, we advise you so that you can get the best promotional items possible in terms of connected bracelet. As a connected bracelet wholesaler, we make sure to promote your business by offering a whole selection of customizable connected bracelets, custom connected sports bracelets, women's sports connected bracelets. We assure ourselves the personalization of your bracelet connects thanks to the techniques of marking of the choice. Enchant your employees and business partners and succeed in your communication through the object with sublime advertising connected bracelets. Whether at a trade show, a conference or a corporate evening, you will boost the visibility of your brand with a beautiful connected bracelet.

Connected wristband wholesaler serving professionals

Know this, a good business manager always thinks of pleasing his employees, partners and customers. By giving them a useful and practical corporate or business gift, you will meet everyone's needs. As a connected bracelet wholesaler, we offer a wide selection of connected bracelets among more than 5000 references of promotional items and high-tech customizable goodies that will allow your organization to stand out. The connected advertising bracelet is one of the latest trends. Also, we support you so that you can make the right choice of smart bracelet, high-tech bracelet, personalized connected bracelet and connected advertising bracelet. Thus, you will convey to perfection the image of your company thanks to the connected bracelet.

The top connected bracelet

Very trendy, connected advertising bracelets surf on the themes of sport and health. These connected sport bracelets, these activity trackers are undoubtedly the favorite high-tech accessories of athletes who do not want to clutter up, the connected gadgets that allow them to keep in shape. Many manufacturers offer connected bracelets with multiple functions: Garmin, Fitbit, Huawei, Xiaomi and more.

Among the top connected bracelets, we find the connected bracelet Huawei Band 3 Pro dedicated to sport. It embeds the Huawei Health application and allows its user to choose from 8 activities. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 smart bracelet is also a smart bracelet of choice. It offers features such as monitoring sleep, heart rate, calories burned, or the number of steps taken. The Garmin Vivosport connected bracelet is another alternative. It is equipped with a heart rate monitor, GPS, stopwatch, sleep monitor, calories and stress management. This advertising connected bracelet also receives notifications from the smartphone.

Many other models are featured in the top connected bracelet: the Jawbone connected bracelet, the Yonis mini silicone connected bracelet, the Mykrono connected bracelet, the Misfit connected bracelet or even the Smart Fitnes connected bracelet. These sports connected bracelets are CE design gifts, essential corporate advertising objects, customer gifts not to be overlooked. Do not hesitate to choose from our connected advertising bracelet.

Your online connected bracelet supplier

Hightech Gifts, connected bracelet supplier and connected bracelet wholesaler, specializes in promotional items and personalized business gifts and connected bracelets. For many years, we have supported companies, communities and associations in carrying out their communication campaigns by object. As a wholesaler of promotional items and customizable corporate gifts, we are committed to finding you innovative solutions, advertising connected bracelets, sports connected bracelets at the best price. We put all our know-how at your service so that you can effectively disseminate your advertising message as well as the values you want to transmit to your professional entourage. Just thanks to a connected bracelet!

The personalized connected bracelet

High-tech objects, connected advertising objects and computer goodies are trendy gift ideas intended to mark the minds of their recipients. They will make great gifts to give to your customers, partners, and collaborators. They will necessarily find their place in their pocket, on their desk or on their wrist. For your communication and loyalty campaign, take a look at Cadeaux Hightech, a connected bracelet supplier and connected bracelet wholesaler. Discover the connected advertising object, personalized goodies and connected advertising bracelet that will convey your message all year round to your professional circle. Advertising usb keys, mp3 players, tablet keyboards, advertising backup batteries, bluetooth headsets, bluetooth speakers, computer / audio accessories, smartphone accessories, tablet accessories, connected bracelets ... Whatever your choice, you are sure to arouse interest to your target audience. And maybe even much more with your personalized bracelet.

The connected advertising bracelet with multiple functions

The connected advertising bracelet is a connected object that has many features. The personalized connected bracelet ensures both the monitoring of physical and sports activity, and the relay of your smartphone. But still, this accessory offers complete functions: alarm, alarm clock, management of incoming calls, management of calories and sleep, control of blood pressure, heart rate, calculation of the distance traveled ... All technology enthusiasts will be seduced by this gift high-tech advertising, this connected advertising bracelet in tune with the times. On the other hand, you will enhance the image of your company by giving it an innovative and dynamic aspect. You can offer an advertising connected bracelet as a CE gift or a business gift during an event (end-of-year party, company evening), a seminar or a trade fair. We invite you to discover our top smart bracelet. As a connected bracelet supplier and connected bracelet wholesaler, we will be able to respond to your requests very quickly.

Connected advertising bracelets dedicated to sports coaching

Multifunctional, the personalized connected bracelet, the connected advertising bracelet is a real sports accessory for your employees and your customers. This connected accessory allows you to monitor your daily physical activities. In addition to its main functions, the connected bracelet is equipped with a system for synchronizing and viewing data from your smartphone or tablet using an application. Usually it comes with a USB charging cable. All sports without exception appreciate the personalized connected bracelet. Thanks to our revolutionary marking techniques, you will be able to personalize this connected and high-tech business gift in the shortest possible time. Come quickly to the website of your connected bracelet supplier / connected bracelet wholesaler.

Technological innovation enables the production of discreet high-tech accessories and gadgets with sensors that accurately deliver data on the functioning of the body. The connected sports bracelet is changing the way you exercise. When jogging, we no longer rely solely on the duration of the run. Thanks to the connected bracelet, we can also check our progress, our level of oxygen in the blood or the number of calories we have burned. Many models of connected watches or bracelets exist on the market. But, it goes without saying that each connected sports bracelet is different by the basic functionalities that it carries. While some are intended for running (TomTom Runner), others offer a virtual coach (Reign). There are also other models suitable for the whole family (iBits) as well as connected sport bracelets for women. To make it easier for you, contact Cadeaux Hightech, your connected bracelet supplier and connected bracelet wholesaler.

The connected sport bracelet for women

Some brands have thought of women. Thus, women's connected sports bracelets have been created, with features adapted to women. The Ava connected bracelet is equipped with a fertility detector. It follows and analyzes the cycles of women. It works with a smartphone application. The Fitbit connected bracelet is a very elegant female model. In addition to monitoring physical activity or sleep, this connected sports bracelet offers an application for monitoring the menstrual cycle and the best moments of fertility. The Willful and HETP connected bracelets are also among the best connected bracelets for women. These women's sports connected bracelets offer many features: pedometer, heart rate, calorie management, sleep management, blood pressure control. To discover at your connected bracelet supplier and connected bracelet wholesaler.

The personalized advertising activity bracelet

Connected bracelet supplier, we offer many connected bracelets, advertising activity bracelet, to personalize with your logo or your slogan for your marketing campaign. We also provide you with various personalized connected bracelets that will surely please your employees, your customers and your prospects. These connected gadgets will constitute innovative business gifts. If you are looking for a connected bracelet for your professional entourage or your loved ones, take a look at our top smart bracelet. We help you choose the connected bracelet adapted to your needs.