Taking care of yourself has become important and essential for each of us. Also, manicure sets are functional devices that are very suitable as promotional gifts.

An accessory for your promotional gifts

Offer your customers, suppliers or partners a manicure set as a corporate gift or promotional gifts will allow you to reinforce your professional links but also to show your interest in their well-being. Find here our range with a large choice of manicure sets for a CE gift combining original design and ingenious features.

Personalize your corporate gift

In addition, our manicure sets will enhance your brand image while pleasing those who receive them. We also offer a marking service to personalize your end of year gifts for your customers, employees or collaborators

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Offer a manicure set to promote your business

The manicure set is an effective way to promote a business. Being able to be personalized, it constitutes a real tool of communication and publicity. It is indeed possible to include an initial, a logo or a double-sided slogan on manicure accessories. You can also engrave your company name on it. The manicure set will delight your partners, employees and customers, and improve your reputation. You can also offer manicure accessories to your professional entourage. Several models of manicure kits are available on the Hightech Gifts site, Beauty-Men-Women / Manicure section. As well as personalized manicure and promotional manicure kits.

Manicure accessories: the ideal corporate gifts

Do you want to improve your visibility? Offer accessories, gadgets or original goodies to your customers. Among them are manicure devices. These corporate gifts are equally suitable for your customers, employees and business partners. They are practical manicure sets for both women and men. In addition to making your business relationships happy, you will boost your brand and convey a positive image of your business. Promotional manicure and inexpensive manicure sets are available at great prices. There is something for every taste.

A wide choice of manicure accessories

Need accessories to beautify your nails? Want to offer a gift to a loved one or to your professional circle? Take a look at a specialty store or a manicure wholesaler. There you will find everything you need in terms of a manicure kit. A multitude of manicure kit models, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, are available there to delight all budgets. Discover, among other things, a Zacro kit (2 nail clippers, a nail clipper, and a cuticle cutter), a 3 Swords Germany 8-piece kit (cuticle scissors, rubber tip cuticle pusher, cuticle pusher stick, tweezers, nail scissors, nail clippers, nail file ...), and a Beurer MP62 kit with its 10 specialized tips. With these accessories, those around you will take the opportunity to provide professional care in the comfort of their home. Treat them to a complete manicure set.

Give an original beauty gift

Offer an original beauty gift to your clients, employees or business partners. They will only be delighted. Discover in specialized stores as well as authorized manicure suppliers manicure gift ideas to choose according to your budget. Are you looking for an atypical corporate gift, a manicure gift idea? Go to Hightech Gifts, a manicure wholesaler recognized for the quality of the products. Your manicure wholesaler can also help you choose a rustic wedding manicure gift. According to your tastes and desires, you can personalize each original beauty gift. Thanks to a branding service, we are able to affix your company logo or slogan on the accessories to turn them into advertising manicure sets.

A manicure gift for men and women

Taking care of your hands and nails is no longer a ritual for women. Today, men are more and more interested in manicures. As a professional gift to give to your clients, business partners and collaborators, choose a personalized manicure kit. You will discover on Hightech Gifts a wide choice of personalized manicure sets. There is something for every need and every budget. The French manicure kit is an original beauty gift idea. This type of original beauty gift is suitable for all ages. For more original beauty gift ideas, ask your nearest manicure supplier. Your manicure wholesaler will be happy to help you customize the future promotional manicure set.

The French manicure: a trendy gift

The French manicure is one of the most popular types of manicure for its simplicity and its elegant and very natural look. Offering this manicure kit as a corporate gift or CE gift will be a mark of attention, but also a way to promote your brand. By offering a manicure kit to a loved one, collaborators or clients, you are sure to please. You can choose the color of the case, the accessories that make up the kit, etc. This manicure set is suitable for all occasions: a colleague's birthday, corporate event. And even as a gift for guests at a wedding, bachelor party or any celebration. The Hightech Gifts team will be happy to suggest models of original cases (in steel, stainless steel and leather).

A successful French manicure ... with complete accessories

A French manicure makes it possible to beautify the nails naturally. It is important that this naturalness is flawless with a quality manicure. To do this, a manicure kit containing complete accessories is essential. Namely: a solvent to clean the traces of varnish, a file to form the nails, a polisher to make them smooth and shiny. But the key accessory for a perfect French manicure is white varnish. To apply it properly according to the shape of the white of the nail, stickers or self-adhesive eyelets are glued to the nails. For the finish of the French manicure, the nails will be sublimated with a transparent, natural pink or pearly varnish. It will depend on everyone's taste. The goal is to obtain a discreet and clean finish and unified nails. To preserve the French manicure, do not forget a long-wearing top coat. Offer French manicure sets to your employees, collaborators or clients. We can customize them according to your needs.

Quality accessories for an original manicure

Get out of your comfort zone, invite your friends or your collaborator for a French manicure session. You will be able to watch an online tutorial and learn together the techniques of applying a French manicure. It will be an opportunity to make exchanges and share your experiences in manicure. As the French manicure is a method that requires great concentration during the application, your manicure supplier has thought to make your life easier. Thanks to innovative French manicure devices, you can say goodbye to varnishes that stick out and are unsightly. Result: the French manicure will last several days, even weeks. Optimize care with various manicure accessories: nail file, small pliers, nail clippers, polisher, skin pusher, etc.

Shop from an experienced manicure supplier

Are you looking for a manicure gift to offer to those around you? Take a look at Cadeaux Hightech, your manicure supplier / manicure wholesaler. You will find all kinds of manicure sets at prices to suit all budgets. Discover among others products from Revlon, a renowned brand: the manicure polisher set, the Ultimate Glam manicure set or the Style and Dry manicure set. You can also find more efficient manicure equipment, such as the white and blue Clatronic manicure set, the Silk Micronal manicure set, the Velvet Smooth manicure set, the Calor Expert manicure set or the Beurer MP62 manicure set. If you have a reduced budget, your manicure supplier / manicure wholesaler will recommend the ZEN manicure set, the Manicure and sewing set, the Okoia HD10 manicure set or the red rectangle manicure set consisting of the basic accessories. We also provide you with a 2 in 1 kit on the site. This includes various manicure accessories (nail file, nail clippers, pair of scissors, safety pins, mirror, skin pusher, oval strawberry, cuticle pen, tweezers, etc.) and sewing.

The manicure kit, a mark of attention

Offer a gift to the client and your employees: think of a manicure kit. This original beauty gift idea is ideal for all occasions. You can offer an original manicure set at a company event, an employee's birthday or a special celebration. You can also offer this promotional manicure gift to a client to thank her for her loyalty. Come to Cadeaux Hightech for many possibilities for customizing the manicure kit. To do this, your manicure supplier will adapt to your requests and requirements. Your manicure supplier will direct you to the solution that fits your budget. If you have a big budget, we'll guide you to the most expensive manicure set. You can buy a Revlon brand manicure kit: Ultimate Glam, Polisseur or Style and Dry. Each of these manicure sets consists of nail clippers, polishers, files and other promotional manicure accessories.

Offer a complete manicure kit as a CE gift

A manicure kit allows you to take care of the nails to make them beautiful. Share this type of promotional manicure gift with your business partners or colleagues. The advantage with this original beauty gift idea is that you will please your business partners whether they are a woman or a man. Manicure sets from your manicure supplier are inexpensive. Visit Hightech Gifts to discover various personalized manicure sets. The manicure kit can also be used on a personal basis. Indeed, you can customize the manicure kit for a loved one. Do not forget to write sweet words or personal messages. Your manicure wholesaler can provide you with the amount of custom manicure sets you need. You can also offer French manicure kits to your professional entourage.

Discover original beauty gift ideas

A corporate giveaway helps to win the hearts of your business relationships and at the same time to advertise. The French manicure is a very trendy manicure gift. You can offer it to your business partners and collaborators. This original beauty gift will also please your customers. Give them this original beauty gift to thank them for their loyalty or simply for a special occasion such as a wedding or a birthday. By visiting Hightech Gifts, you will not run out of original beauty gift ideas and manicure gift ideas. You will find complete manicure kits, promotional manicure accessories and French manicure sets. Our manicure sets contain a nail file, a nail clipper, scissors, tweezers, a cuticle pen, and sometimes even a French manicure kit.

What gift manicure idea to offer?

Your employees are fans of Nail Art or simply like to take care of their nails. Many kits and boxes dedicated to nail beautification are available from certified manicure wholesalers. You will find, among other things, UV gel manicure kits, such as the Vishine kit, the Nails & Beauty Factory kit, the Coscelia kit, the Plastimea kit or the Saint-Acior kit. These manicure kits will be original beauty gifts to offer for any occasion. In terms of gift manicure ideas, the French manicure kit remains the most popular manicure gift model. Your manicure wholesaler will offer you personalized manicure sets and customizable French manicure. Our complete French manicure kits contain the base, the varnish and the fixer.

The ideal manicure wholesaler for your corporate gifts

Hightech Gifts is the perfect manicure wholesaler / manicure supplier for your professional gifts. You will find everything you need to please your employees, your business partners and your clients. With a large stock of classic manicure sets and French manicure, your manicure wholesaler will deliver the quantity of accessories you need. In the case of a beauty salon, clients will be delighted to receive a manicure set to pamper themselves at home. Discover at your manicure wholesaler various gift manicure ideas, including manicure sets from different brands and suitable for all budgets.

A manicurist wholesaler listening

Hightech Gifts, your manicure wholesaler is always attentive to your needs to provide you with better advice. We provide you with different brands of sets: Silk Micronail, Scholl Velvet Smooth, Beurer MP62, Revlon Style and Dry, Calor Expert, Okoia HD10, Clatronic… Choose from our many products. We recommend the manicure set that suits your budget. Our manicure sets can contain a French manicure set, a nail file, a nail clipper, a pair of scissors, safety pins, a mirror, a skin pusher, an oval strawberry, a cuticle pen, tweezers, etc. Some of our kits include a manicure and sewing set, which is very convenient for clients on a business trip. We can customize the manicure case of your choice according to your wishes. To do this, we will refer to your activity: hairdressing salon, beauty institute, beauty salon, etc.

Delight your professional entourage with a personalized manicure set

Indulge your professional entourage with a personalized manicure set. This promotional gift will delight both women and men. This satisfaction will be associated with your brand if you personalize the accessories with your company logo, slogan or name. You can choose a personalization in accordance with your communication campaign. Our team will adopt the technique of marking your personalized manicure according to your requests and in accordance with your graphic charter. From now on, personalize the manicure or French manicure accessories that you will offer as a corporate or CE gift. Discover our selection of accessories and personalized and promotional manicure sets: nail files, nail clippers, scissors, safety pins, mirror, skin pusher, polisher, cuticle pen, tweezers ... They will accompany your targets during travel business, vacation or at home.

A range of promotional manicure accessories

Treat your employees and customers by offering them a customizable manicure set or kit, a corporate gift linked to well-being. The personalized manicure kits or promotional manicure sets will allow them to be elegant to the tips of their nails by helping them take care of themselves. Easy to use, these manicure sets can easily slip into a bag for everyday use, or in a suitcase during a business trip. Practical and inexpensive, this promotional gift will show how much you care about your professional surroundings. It is also an original manicure gift to convey a dynamic image to your business partners.

Do not hesitate to take a look at Cadeaux Hightech, your manicure wholesaler, to find a gift manicure idea. Our manicure sets contain personalized manicure accessories such as nail files, multifunction manicure knives, small scissors, polisher, tweezers, nail clippers… A French manicure kit is also an original manicure gift to offer to your employees and clients. With our French manicure sets, they can easily perform their French manicure without going to a beauty salon.