Manicure set Clatronic white and blue

You have not yet given your customers and employees a New Year's gift. You want to thank them in a special way to start the new year with a focus on women. Choose the Clatronic manicure set as a corporate gift. Available in white and blue, it is a must-have beauty accessory for women.

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Choose a gift for business is not an easy thing to do. If you want to give your customers and employees more consideration and create strong relationships with them, opt for an original and practical corporate gift that they can use daily and intensively.

An original corporate gift

The Clatronic manicure set is one of the business gifts the most original of the moment. With its blue and white colour, your customers will be proud to have it and to show it to their friends and family. Moreover, it is an electric corporate gift that facilitates the complete maintenance of the hands, but also of the feet thanks to its interchangeable head and its innovative technology. This product also has a perfectly designed handle that controls the device with its on/off button.

A quality corporate gift

If you haven't yet found a personalised corporate gift for your business partners and employees, choose this quality device. Unlike traditional corporate gifts that are impractical and short-lived, this corporate gift is powered by a rechargeable battery. However, it can also work with an alternating current thanks to its 230V/50HZ adaptor output. It also comes with a portable and easy to store box.

A complete corporate gift item

The Clatronic manicure set is a complete business object. With it, your customers can have a complete nail care without going to beauty salons and without spending money. Its head can be changed according to the user's needs. Indeed, it has 8 tips composed of 2 files that each have their own role, a polishing tip to polish and 3 different tips for sanding nails.

Manicure-pedicure set Clatronic MPS 2681 (white-blue)

Practical manicure and pedicure device
Ergonomic handle with on/off button.
Power supply 1 adapter 230V/50Hz
Modelling rod
Battery and AC power possible
Rechargeable battery
Charge control light
Practical box
Output voltage Secondary adapter 2.8 volts
Output current Secondary adapter 500 mA
Battery pack 2.4 volts 600 mA/h
Protection class II

8 bits (2 files. 2 rasps. 1 polishing bit. 3 sanding bits)
1 rechargeable battery

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