Beurer MP62 manicure set

You want to start this new year of activities in a remarkable way. You want to give a CE gift to your employees for their dedication during the past year. Give them a special gift like the Beurer MP62 Manicure Set. Performance and inexpensive, it is a very influential item capable of expressing your intentions and to honor them for their work.

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Giving a gift to your employees is a very symbolic action in the professional world. If you also want to make this gesture to your customers and if you want to build loyalty and thank them, give them a gift to thank your employees. You will gain their trust and attract even more new customers.

A state-of-the-art employee gift

If the best for you is CE gift The Beurer MP62 manicure set is a designer gift with modern features, so you won't be disappointed with this model. The Beurer MP62 manicure set is a corporate gift set with an LED light and a fully interchangeable head. The set has 10 tips to ensure a complete and professional treatment of the user's nails. It is also equipped with 2 variable and powerful speeds capable of performing the operations perfectly and in a very short time.

A practical and comfortable CE kdo

Your company will be well represented by this Beurer MP62 manicure set as a corporate committee gift. It is comfortable and practical, as it has a handle with a soft-grip surface that allows for a better grip. It is also easy to transport and store thanks to its protective storage box. Your customers or employees will not have to worry about maintenance and cleaning, as it is equipped with a dust cover.

The cheap CE gift

If you are looking for a very influential gift for women, this manicure set is one of the most affordable corporate gifts on the market. It is one of the top products, but has a better quality/price ratio and perfectly meets the desires and needs of all customers, especially women.

Accessories :
Complete and versatile, it comes with 10 emery tips for the best care of your nails:
- Sapphire cone
- Long, coarse-grained sapphire cone
- 2 sapphire discs, fine grain
- Felt cone
- Cylinder milling cutter
- Flame cutter
- Needle milling cutter
- Sapphire cutter
- Emery tip
In addition, it comes with a storage case for optimal protection.

Ergonomic and practical :
Handle with soft-grip surface for a good grip.
Dust cover.
The storage box is ideal for protecting your device and preserving the quality of your accessories.
It is mains operated with a powerful drive.

Suitable for people with diabetes.

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