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Do you want to build loyalty among your employees or thank your partners with corporate gifts?

Trendy, connected high-tech corporate gifts and our bestsellers.

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Whatever your budget or your taste or the image you want to send! That's why offers a wide choice of trendy corporate gifts and business gifts. This allows you to decide and promote each of your articles as a single asset. Often the techniques can be combined to produce a gift c in your image so that your customers, collaborators but also partners will remember you for as long as possible.

In order to complete all our different ranges of high-tech corporate gifts, we now offer several ranges such as small appliances, office accessories and business gifts, beauty and well-being, kitchen, games and toys...

At Hightech Gifts, you can customize the look of your item especially with branding and by choosing from our wide selection of high-tech gifts. It is then a subtle mix to a bold contrast or even according to your company logo. That's why personalising your corporate gift will be a sure way of successful communication.

In these conditions, come and discover our range of corporate gifts and bestsellers in our online catalog.

5,000+ corporate gifts personalised with your image. 

Logo or advertising message


Offices / Business

Offices / Business

Computer science

Computer science

Telephony / Connected

Telephony / Connected

Photo and video

Photo and Video

Advertisment object

Advertisment object



Male / Female Beauty

Beauty for men and women

Gift boxes and packaging

Gift boxes and packaging

Home appliance

Household appliances



Games and toys

Games and toys

Wine and culinary art

Wine and culinary art

External hard drive

External hard drive

Touch pad

Touch pad

Our wide range of corporate gifts and promotional gifts, CE giftsThis is the reason why we have been able to offer a wide range of services such as loyalty programmes, sales challenges, contract signatures, product launches, seminars and corporate events...

Black smart watch phone watchCustomised advertising objects, trendy and practical, in the image of your company. Beyond their originality, they represent a necessary visibility for an ever wider diffusion of your company's image.

Corporate gifts in constant improvement

The high-tech boom of the last few years has left you with no choice, as successful communication requires a product that stands out from the rest. We have a wide range of connected watches and bracelets that are very trendy on the market. That's why we also have touch tablets, sports cameras, hard drives with a wifi connection. It turns out that these are very popular products in the business world.

That's why promotional gifts allow you to promote your company through our range of high-tech gifts tailored to your budget. In the end, at Cadeaux Hightech, you will find the personalized business gift ideal that will surprise your best customers and collaborators.


Punch up your business relationships! With premium customer gifts and loyalty

Thus, in 52% of cases, the aim of business gifts is to build loyalty and motivation. In short, the studies carried out show that a customer costs five times less to retain than to win over. There is therefore a period of business gifts that you should know how to anticipate, especially during the end-of-year festivities. So stand out from the crowd with our original business gifts from our various high-tech ranges.

Gift box connected objects phoneCommunication that often bears fruit quickly. Because it is based on the recognition that everyone can feel if the gift has been well chosen. This is why this last point has become, over the years, an essential parameter. So the right choice of gift, its personalisation and good taste will do more for your company's image than many sometimes very expensive marketing campaigns...

Whether the objective is to thank a client, to seduce a prospect or to motivate employees, the main thing is to make a good impression, so the corporate gift must be elaborated with the greatest care to reach its target, penetrating its professional or family intimacy and extending your action in time. To conclude, the infallible recipe is to choose a trendy, connected and personalised high-tech business gift.


Original advertising gifts: create the effect of surprise!

The main objective of a corporate gift original is to create an effect of surprise. Different from corporate gifts classic, personalized corporate gifts are original and set us apart from others. This so personal gift can be declined in several ways. For example a mouse pad, a pocket mirror, a mug, a cushion, a lighter, a USB key, a jewelry box ... with words printed on it along with your logo or slogan. There are several promotional items that can be personalized according to our tastes. Know that whatever the object, the person who receives the gift will know that you have thought twice before concocting this sublime corporate gift in his honor. She will obviously be surprised and moved by this lovely attention from you.

The advantages of CE and works council gifts

Offer works council gifts to reward employees can create a sense of recognition. Our promotional gifts will undoubtedly make a difference during a gift distribution within your works council. Don't wait any longer, order your end of year corporate gifts to impress your employees.

Gift box connected objects docking stationThe simple but effective CE gift

Find the inspiration for your business gifts or end of year gifts... To guide you in this search for corporate gifts, our team is pleased to show you its selection of personalized corporate gifts. reveals its favourites to offer to your employees at the end of the year. We have selected eclectic lists that will be able to allow you to choose advertising gifts, new, totally new, useful and durable.

Here is our selection:

  • Laptop
  • Digital Photo Frame
  • Portable DVD player
  • Digital design docking station

Our end of year corporate gifts catalogue

We invite you to discover the richness of our catalogue of original corporate gifts for the festive season. We remain at your service. We are available to advise or direct you in your quest to satisfy your employees, collaborators and consumers! Visit the office and business collection, home appliance, a splendid collection of branded gifts.

Corporate gifts: A multitude of ranges

We now offer a wide range of household equipment, office equipment and audio gifts, beauty and shop, kitchenette, games and toys... At you are free to personalise the appearance of your subject mainly with branding and by selecting an appropriate accessory. It is then a subtle mix to a bold contrast or even according to your company logo.

A customized CE gift for all budgets

It doesn't matter what your budget is or what your taste or image is! These are the reasons why we offer you a wide range of trendy and original corporate gifts. Personalization of the articles with your logo, slogan, message discreetly inlaid.

Corporate gifts bluetooth speaker jbl

A end of year corporate gift according to your wishes for your customers, employees and partners. They will remember you for a long time. These are the reasons why personalising your corporate gift will also be a method to advertise yourself. In such a situation, come and discover our personalised corporate gift offers and bestsellers in our online catalogue.

Best quality price report

You are looking for a cheap corporate gift with the best price/service ratio. To optimise your communication campaigns through ideas original corporate giftsYou have come to the right place., the gift specialist, offers companies cheap gift ideas, designer business gifts to make you stand out from your competitors. We accompany you during your communication operations by finding cheap business gifts adapted to each profession and each event. A reactive team that listens to you: A rigorous organisation for maximum performance! A team of professionals is at your disposal to meet the specific needs of your company according to your budget and delivery time.


Corporate gifts are a real marketing tool

Its low cost ensures an impressive return on investment. Offering personalised corporate gifts with a personalised message allows you to put an image on hundreds of t-shirts, USB sticks, umbrellas, bags, pens, etc. And give them to your customers and employees. Offer an elegant box with your personalised word.

Dark chocolate mendiants business gift7 low budget corporate gift ideas

Christmas is fast approaching, your employees are getting more and more excited and thinking about end of year corporate gifts and you are still looking for cheap corporate gift ideas, from corporate gift personalized and original to offer as a thank you. The objective is therefore to offer an original gift to please your employees while wishing them a happy end of year holiday with the best selling CE gift.

Here are some ideas for low-budget end-of-year corporate gifts:

  • Touch pad accessories
  • USB key
  • Headphones
  • Design digital weather station

Corporate gift box

Choose our corporate gift boxes for the signing of a contract, Christmas or more. Whether you are looking for a man's gift box, a woman's gift box, try new experiences with Satisfaction is guaranteed. The corporate gift box is a wonderful Christmas gift idea with an original gift box! Finding and buying gifts has never been easier! Be the gift maestro.

End of year corporate gifts

Andalusia red sangria company giftEnd of year corporate gifts for companies that want to build loyalty! Indeed, to offer end of year corporate gifts will enable a company to promote the social context of its employees and thus provide them with overall well-being. This well-being leads to better motivation at work, more involvement in relationships and a feeling of belonging to the company in question.

The end of year festivities are the perfect occasion to bring people together to celebrate the end of the year and to start the new year well. For this, nothing better than an original end of year corporate gift. For this great event some preparations are necessary! Cadeaux-Hightech helps you to prepare your end of year gifts. Don't forget to order your spirits from our large assortment of bottles with labels or boxes to be personalised. Wish your best wishes to your employees! Corporate gifts are a great way to maintain your relationship with your employees. The most popular gift for employees is the personalised gift made especially for them.

Business gifts are increasingly taking on the role of greetings, replacing the "paper card": an original, personalised way of wishing your employees well. All the more so as some business gifts benefit from the same tax advantages. It all depends on their nature and value: those that are part of normal management (which will be assessed by the tax authorities) are deductible as expenses, the others are not.


Original corporate gifts for everyone

Whether it is for the signing of a contract, to build loyalty or simply to thank your employees, offer them an original gift. Every occasion is good to offer personalised promotional items! Indeed, finding the original corporate gift is often much more complicated, which is why we have selected for you the best sales corporate gift. You should find original business gift ideas in our online catalog. Offer a gift on the occasion of the launch of a new product: Optimize the visibility of your product and the impact of your launch with an original corporate gift.

Corporate gifts legislation

Madagascar black pepper company giftPromotional gifts are offered to maintain professional relationships. As their value can be substantial (travel, touch tablets, fine wines, etc.), they are strictly regulated in order to avoid any risk of corruption.

Personalized advertising items can be entered in the company's taxable net income for deductible expenses, provided that three conditions are met:

  • The action must have been taken in the interests of the company
  • The corporate gift must be given without consideration
  • Its cause must be lawful.


High-Tech corporate gift: Smartphones and tablets

A selection of original corporate gifts is proposed to you to privilege your firm and to make sensation with the public.Samsung tablet customer gift s of your employees! A touch pad, speakers, selfie stick ... Nowadays, those who do not have digital equipment are rare. Having equipment for phones or touch tablets branded is a very effective way to promote your brand. You will find at all the trendy corporate gifts to offer to please your employees and honor your company.

CE gift vouchers

Corporate gift vouchers are essential in contests. The amounts are variable! Remember that gift certificates allow you to order products from sponsor brands. To optimize the chances of winning, do not hesitate to increase the number of participations in the various free contests.



Gift vouchers and gourmet baskets to motivate your employees:

this salted caramel gift boxAre you the owner of a small, medium or very small company? Are you looking for an economical and practical solution to motivate your employees? In addition to the improvement of work obligations and bonuses, the attribution of company gift vouchers is a very good solution to retain your employees from January to December. You will reduce turnover, while allowing the productivity of your managers and employees. Ease of use is the key feature of these employee gift vouchers.

How to make your corporate gifts unique

From the small attention to the big idea, from the small original cheap corporate gift to business gifts luxury you should find something to do here.
What exactly is an original corporate gift? For me, it's the little attention that will surprise, the unusual gift that will please, the little pearl that we will have found and that will correspond perfectly to the person to whom we offer this gift, without them expecting it. In a word, the ideal gift! So a personalised corporate gift at the end of the year is above all a nice surprise, without any notion of budget, so it is always possible to surprise, even at a very low price, the trick is to know the person a little, to have a good source in order to pick out the idea that will cause a sensation.

Original Christmas corporate gifts 

In general 90% of corporate gifts are used for more than one year. helps you in your search for your corporate gifts Christmas fun for the holidays. You are looking for an original corporate gift idea for women, for men, the corporate Christmas gift that you will find here is the one that will surprise you in all occasions. Consult the best selling business gifts.

Original high-tech CE gifts

ASUS 15.6 inch laptop CE giftAre you looking for high tech gadget gift ideas to offer, you adore new technologies and usb gadgets of all kinds, technophile, you are on the right site! Discover without delay our selection of high tech gadgets to unearth especially for your next corporate gifts! Find the trendy high-tech gift of the moment to wow your employees. Thanks to this selection of the best original and trendy high-tech gift ideas to offer.

High tech gadgets don't have to be as expensive as you might think... Our range of low cost high tech and USB gadgets confirms this. No need to empty your wallet for your business gifts! Discover a multitude of original corporate gift high tech, inexpensive and give multiple gifts at once. Usb gadgets are perfect for equipping an office. You will be sure to please enthusiasts of new technologies, without spending all your savings on high-tech gifts or USB accessories.



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