A corporate gift, intended to build a lasting and privileged relationship with your partners, must convey a targeted and powerful message.

Enhance your image with bluetooth headsets and kits

Do you want to consolidate your professional links by offering a striking CE gift? Think about our Bluetooth headsets and kits, among all the products in the section Telephony / Connected an original customer gift idea, allowing you to stand out. Our Bluetooth headsets and kits to be offered as corporate gifts or CE gifts will move the lucky ones while enhancing your brand image.

Bluetooth headsets and kits: corporate goodies

This kind of business goodies or CE giftsA modern and useful device will give your company the image of being dynamic and open to innovation. On this page we offer a wide range of branded Bluetooth headsets and kits, available online at unbeatable prices.

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For many years, in-ear headphones have been a trendy high-tech goodie. They are a type of connected corporate gift. They are still a popular business gift idea for employees. Nowadays, several new models are available on the market, following the evolution of technology. A personalised wireless headset or a personalised Bluetooth headset is sure to delight music-loving recipients.

What makes a personalised wireless headset a better corporate gift

After Apple's AirPods, earbuds are fast becoming the hot item of the moment. For a corporate gift idea, a personalised headset with impeccable sound quality is a great choice to impress employees. With some models being wireless, this technological gadget offers a sense of total freedom.

Customised Bluetooth headset: very practical equipment

The customisable wireless earpiece is a good quality ear product, perfect for a CE gift. As well as being attractive and stylish, it is a must-have promotional item for the phone. The promotional wireless earpiece even becomes a lasting visibility solution throughout its use cycle. This latest model of wireless headset would be very popular with music lovers who want to avoid outside noise. With a Bluetooth headset, you can move your head without untangling the cords. It is therefore a device that can only be comfortable to use.

Like promotional headphones and other connected speakers, a personalised Bluetooth headset is one of the best business gifts. Both modern and useful, this type of gift allows you to listen to music with impeccable audio quality. If you have a sporty colleague, the personalised wireless headset will be his or her best ally when going to the gym, for one simple reason: it is very light and therefore more practical.

Wireless headset: enhancing your corporate image

A personalised wireless headset is still a very practical and comfortable way to showcase your company. If you want to strengthen your business ties with memorable gifts, Bluetooth headsets with excellent sound quality are highly recommended. Indeed, the personalised Bluetooth headset and its silicone are exposed to everyone's view. With your logo or company name on the outside of the small mobile device, your brand identity will be on display for all to see.

As part of the telephony and connected products category, the wireless headset is a very original customer gift idea. These in-ear headphones are in vogue as they replace the classic promotional gifts. In addition, they give your company an image that is both dynamic and open to the various innovations of the day.

A personalised Bluetooth headset to keep your prospects coming back

There is only one way to make your brand resonate in the minds of your customers and employees, and that is to give them an essential and attractive gift. In the digital age, the personalised Bluetooth headset and earpiece are a good alternative. From the ultra classic version to the latest wireless model, these wireless audio accessories are perfect for building customer loyalty.

With the rise of mobile phones and computers, these high-tech aids are becoming a relevant marketing strategy. Customers can listen to their favourite music for long hours and carry them everywhere. Indeed, the wireless headset has hours of satisfactory autonomy with a very practical charger. It also has a built-in microphone for easy communication. With this premium gift, customers will feel confident to share your services with their acquaintances.

The personalised Bluetooth headset as a trendy advertising medium

All stereo headphones can be personalised according to the messages you wish to convey. In this case, this type of gift serves as an advertising medium for the company. A wireless headset is a very practical high-tech accessory that can be personalised according to your model.

A wireless headset is a personalised high-tech gift

Cadeau High-tech offers you the best customised Bluetooth headphones and earphones to enhance your brand. On the online website, you have a wide choice including a pair of customised wired or wireless headphones. You have a vast catalogue of in-ear headphones and a custom Bluetooth headset with a high-tech design that cuts through ambient noise. These accessories are available online at very affordable prices.

The great thing is that you can personalise all your headphones with your company name or logo. Cadeau High-tech gives you the best headset with an outstanding price-performance ratio. The brands of the personalised wireless headset also play an important role in motivating and retaining your customers. With Cadeau High-tech, you can choose the audio equipment manufacturers that suit you, such as Huawei, Apple, Samsung, Sony, JBL, Galaxy, Jabra, Sennheiser...

Personalised headphones: a corporate gift for all occasions

As a small promotional item, wireless headphones can be given away on any occasion. They are easily shared at trade shows, sporting events, holiday parties and open houses. The Bluetooth headsets have good audio quality with a mini-jack and a fitted charger. Customers will certainly fall in love with these gifts.

The customised Bluetooth headset can be connected to all high-tech devices and hi-fi. It is a portable and nomadic accessory that you can take anywhere. With the wireless earpiece and the headset, users can make calls or listen to music in better conditions.

The different models available

The custom Bluetooth headset is a great option to set yourself apart from your competition. It is sure to move the recipients with its entry level, microphone, equalizer and bass that make it so perfect. Similarly, the custom wireless earpiece comes in three different sizes:

- The button earphone: This is the universal model of the wireless earphone. It fits easily into the hollows of your ear to give you the ultimate in noise cancelling comfort;

- The in-ear monitor: This model offers sound isolation and better audio performance. This customised earphone fits easily into the ear canal.

- The semi-installed earphone: this is a very rare version that falls between the first and second formats.

Apart from the customisable wireless headset, Bluetooth headsets also come in several types, including the customised waterproof Bluetooth headset, the Bluetooth car kit, the children's headset, the Bluetooth pedestrian kit, the wireless TV headset, the foldable headset in different sizes and the Bluetooth box-charge headset.

To help you find these goodies, you can contact the supplier of stereo headphones and custom wireless headphones wholesalers, such as Cadeau High-tech. The latter offers high-tech gifts that are better value for money.