Far from corporate gifts classic advertising, CE gifts must surprise in order to create an emotional and lasting bond between your company and the person to whom you give them.

The telescopic pole: a surprising high tech gift

Do you want to offer your customers outstanding gifts? Think of our telescopic selfie poles, a CE gift idea or original customer giftThis is a great way to make your company stand out from the crowd and move your customers. Also, this corporate gift, available in our Telephony / Connected both trendy and useful, will reinforce and embellish your brand image with the recipient.

Original promotional items

In this section, you will find our selection of telescopic selfie poles, to which you can add a sports cameraWe offer a wide range of selfie poles, guaranteeing an unbeatable price/quality ratio. Our telescopic selfie poles are made by well-known brands and will help you achieve your image enhancement goals.

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The selfie stick, a surprising promotional gift

Corporate gifts like business gifts are meant to surprise and create lasting emotional bonds between the company and the gift recipients. Do you plan to offer gifts to your customers, your partners, your employees? Think of selfie sticks. Being a business gift idea, an original business gift idea, this smartphone accessory will be perfect to move your business relationships. A personalized selfie stick or an advertising selfie stick will be all the more welcome since it will allow you to achieve your goal: that of enhancing the image of your company. A whole range of telescopic selfie sticks is available in the Telephony / Connected section of Cadeaux Hightech, a selfie stick wholesaler and selfie stick supplier. Each selfie stick comes at unbeatable value for money, at an affordable selfie stick.

The selfie pole: what is it?

The selfie stick or selfie stick is a telescopic rod at the end of which you can attach a smartphone, camera or camera. In general, the telescopic selfie stick has a trigger, allowing you to take selfies with a wider frame. Discover a whole selection of selfie sticks at your selfie stick wholesaler and selfie stick supplier

A selfie stick, what for?

The use of a selfie stick is very advantageous. Anyone who has experienced it should understand the value of taking a group selfie using a selfie stick. The telescopic selfie stick allows you to have more distance to properly frame the shot. This avoids severed heads or even unsightly arms in the final photo. The selfie stick is also essential for an individual selfie. The accessory allows you to play with the decor and to have shots with more perspectives.

How a selfie stick works

The selfie stick is equipped with a trigger button on its handle, whether it has wired or wireless technology. While wired models are powered by the smartphone, wireless models run with a battery up their sleeve. In most cases, especially on android smartphones and windows phones, the micro-usb port is used to charge the telescopic selfie stick. Charging is done with the smartphone charger. Thus, you will walk with a single charger. And if you have an iPhone, you can charge your boom with the mobile phone charger using a Lightning to micro USB adapter.

The technologies behind the selfie sticks

To find out if a selfie stick is compatible with your mobile device, you should do some tests. To this end, take into account the technology that the pole carries. To date, there are 3 categories of selfie sticks that you can find at your selfie stick wholesaler:

  • selfie sticks without trigger: these rustic poles are very sturdy. The late mode or a specific control device allows to activate the mobile device (smartphone, camera, camera);
  • mini-jack selfie sticks: these devices work without a battery. Their autonomy is limitless. You can use them even in places where mobile devices need to operate in airplane mode;
  • bluetooth selfie sticks: these wireless sticks are connected to your smartphone via the bluetooth protocol. Accompanied by a remote control, they offer great freedom of movement and allow you to take more setbacks in shots.

By going to Hightech Gifts, selfie stick wholesaler and selfie stick supplier, you will see personalized selfie sticks, telescopic selfie sticks of all brands and models. Make your choice according to your needs. And take advantage of our selfie stick prices!

A selfie stick wholesaler that meets your expectations

It's time for selfies! Come and discover all kinds of cable or bluetooth selfie sticks. These devices are ideal for immortalizing all unforgettable moments. With telescopic monopods, you will be able to take excellent photos and videos. The selfie sticks we offer as a selfie stick wholesaler and selfie stick supplier feature alluring designs. They are compatible with Android devices and iOS devices. We offer wholesale selfie sticks. Browse our online catalog to see the entire selection of connected telephony accessories, telescopic selfie sticks, personalized selfie sticks, advertising selfie sticks and various high-tech gadgets and connected goodies, at wholesale prices. Our selfie stick prices are suitable for all budgets.

A selfie stick wholesaler specializing in high-tech smartphone accessories

The telescopic selfie stick is one of the most popular mobile accessories and smartphone accessories by consumers. This accessory perfectly meets the needs of a large audience in terms of selfie. On the other hand, it facilitates the use of smartphones that are equipped with digital cameras, elements that manufacturers have decided to put forward. Selfie stick wholesaler and selfie stick supplier well known in France, Cadeaux Hightech specializes in the sale of high-tech computer products and accessories, smartphone accessories, connected goodies, selfie sticks. Let yourself be seduced by a personalized selfie stick, an advertising selfie stick. The fact that this accessory is personalized allows your company to increase its visibility tenfold. We offer different marking processes for selfie sticks, advertising selfie sticks. Order your smartphone accessory now, your original selfie stick. Your selfie stick wholesaler and selfie stick supplier is accessible 24/7.

Selfie sticks as a promotional advertising gift

With regard to personalized advertising items and promotional goodies offered by companies to their business relations, business gifts have a special place. The business gift is more luxurious, and inevitably much more expensive. It should therefore be offered as part of a professional relationship, to strengthen the professional bond already in place. The selfie stick, the personalized selfie stick, the advertising selfie stick, is intended for employees, collaborators, business partners and others. A company usually offers business gifts for special occasions: holiday season, reward for good results, birthdays, team motivation, trade shows and other conferences. For this, she places an order with a selfie stick wholesaler and selfie stick supplier.

Choosing the right selfie stick

To be able to choose the right telescopic selfie stick, personalized selfie stick or advertising selfie stick, there are certain elements to take into account.

  • The size of the selfie stick folded: a compact pole is easy to carry. If it is very short, you can store it in your purse, backpack, and even in your jacket pocket. The most compact models measure less than 20 cm.
  • The size of the selfie stick deployed: it varies from one model to another. In general, it measures 45 cl to 1.2 meters and more.
  • The type of device supported: some models of selfie sticks are compatible with cameras and GoPro cameras. Acquiring a versatile selfie stick is therefore recommended;
  • Waterproof Selfie Stick: This feature is useful when using your GoPro in a swimming pool or in the rain. This model of perch is quite rare;
  • The selfie stick with or without remote control: some sticks are equipped with a remote control, allowing you to control the shutter button and take photos several meters away.
  • Materials used: the quality of manufacture of selfie sticks varies from one model to another.

The top 3 best selfie sticks

Very popular since its launch, the selfie stick allows you to immortalize all the good times spent with family or friends. There is a plethora of selfie sticks on the market that it is often difficult to find the right brand. Here is a selection of the best selfie sticks, personalized selfie sticks, advertising selfie sticks to offer to your professional relationships. To be continued on the online catalog of your selfie stick wholesaler and selfie stick supplier!

  • The Bovon selfie stick : it impresses with its robustness, the long life of the rechargeable battery of the bluetooth trigger remote control, the 360 ° adjustable rotation head and the 225 ° adjustable rotation clamp, the soft rubber phone holder and the heels of non-slip silicone tripods;
  • The Alfort selfie stick : of very high quality, it is very resistant thanks to its aluminum alloy structure. Measuring over 1m10 when deployed, this telescopic pole is quite large. Its greatest asset: it is compatible with many brands of smartphone: Apple iPhone, LG, Moto, Sony Xperia, Huawei, Samsung Galaxy and many more;
  • The Elegiant Selfie Stick : this telescopic pole can be transformed into a tripod. It is supplied with a carrying pouch and a bluetooth remote control with a range of 10 m. This is a very compact boom model, an extendable monopod. The accessory will allow you to photograph your self-portraits.

Be aware that no specific application is required to operate the pole and its trigger.

A selfie stick supplier like no other

There are many suppliers of promotional items that specialize in corporate gifts and business gifts. High Tech Gifts is one of them. Selfie stick supplier and selfie stick wholesaler, we provide you with all kinds of gift items that may meet your needs. We offer high-tech business gifts, connected advertising gifts, selfie sticks, personalized selfie sticks, advertising selfie sticks corresponding to the tastes of the people who will receive their gift.

A selfie stick supplier with many years of experience

High-Tech Gifts is the culmination of many years of work and practice by a selfie stick wholesaler / selfie stick supplier experienced in the market for personalized objects and customizable high-tech accessories. The solutions and gift packages we offer are dedicated to professionals: very small businesses, SMEs and even large companies. By choosing your corporate gift or business gift from our wide selection of high-tech accessories, connected telephony goodies, promotional items, personalized selfie sticks, you will experience creativity and innovation. As a selfie stick wholesaler and selfie stick supplier, we offer unique and tailor-made services, allowing us to adapt to your needs. We are also able to respond to specific and targeted requests in terms of selfie sticks, advertising selfie sticks, with unparalleled speed of execution.

A very innovative selfie stick supplier

Experienced selfie stick supplier and selfie stick wholesaler, we are constantly looking for new advertising products and high-tech objects to be able to boost your communication through the object. Thus, we make sure that you discover the latest trends in selfie sticks, promotional items, advertising goodies, advertising selfie sticks, personalized selfie sticks and telescopic selfie sticks. Our goal is to provide you with unique, innovative and remarkable high-tech accessories. Focusing on quality to be able to make the difference, we rigorously select all of our partners. In addition, we test our products on a daily basis so that you can have quality and original products at prices defying the competition. For the sake of transparency, we trace the origin of our products and our service providers. Thus, our business gifts, corporate gifts, high-tech advertising gifts, personalized advertising items, custom advertising items will meet the requirements of the regulations in force.

Advertising selfie sticks for everyone

Treat yourself to one of our selfie sticks and become a photography ace! Bluetooth telescopic pole, monopod and tripod selfie pole, extendable selfie pole, trigger stick telescopic pole, selfie stick telescopic pole, cable selfie stick, personalized selfie stick ... Whatever type of selfie stick you are considering. offer to your professional relations, we will be able to answer your requests and desires. Our customizable advertising selfie sticks and personalized selfie sticks will allow you to make yourself known to a wide audience. Choose them from the catalog of your selfie stick wholesaler and selfie stick supplier.

The advertising selfie stick, an essential gadget for your communication

The advertising and personalized selfie stick is one of the trendy promotional business gifts. In addition to conveying your visual identity when your employees, customers and prospects travel, our customizable selfie sticks will create wonderful memories. Designed for selfie enthusiasts, our telescopic selfie sticks will help them take a variety of shots. Do not hesitate to make your choice among our many models of selfie sticks, advertising poles, customizable, and in the image of your company. Quickly ask your wholesaler selfie stick.

Advertising selfie sticks

You dream of catching the attention of your prospects and customers with innovative products and services. Refresh your communication through the object with our high-end corporate gifts, our personalized customer gifts, our promotional business gifts. The selfie stick is one of the trendiest smartphone gadgets. In recent years, this accessory has invaded public and tourist places. By opting for an advertising selfie stick or the promotional telescopic pole, you will surely make your business relationships happy. Indeed, with the bluetooth selfie stick, your employees, partners, customers will take beautiful photos during their personal or professional trips. Don't forget to mark the advertising selfie stick with your logo. You will surprise more than one!

A crisp personalized selfie stick

Fall for a selfie stick, a personalized selfie stick! Give this unusual personalized gift to your business relations, especially if they are crazy about selfies. Whatever the occasion, offer this practical high-tech object to your professional entourage. Choose a model that is To make the gift more effective, consider adding a little personal touch. To do this, consider putting your logo or your slogan on your personality selfie pole. In addition to our selfie stick wholesaler and selfie stick supplier services, we also offer different marking techniques for your personalized selfie stick, your advertising selfie stick, and allow you to impress customers and partners alike.

The telescopic selfie stick: 2 categories to choose from

Do you have any hesitation in choosing the selfie stick, the telescopic selfie stick, the personalized selfie stick, the advertising selfie stick that will please your professional circle? Call one of our advisers. This one will accompany you so that you can make your selection among the different models offered on High-tech Gifts, an exceptional selfie stick wholesaler. But above all, know that there are two main categories of telescopic poles: bluetooth telescopic poles and wired telescopic poles. The two selfie sticks have a trigger button integrated into their handle. They are relatively the same weight and length. The only differences lie in the on-board technology for the trigger and the price selfie stick.

The advertising selfie stick, an innovative means of communication

If you're looking for a high-tech giveaway or giveaway goodies, you've come to the right place. On Hightech Gifts, selfie stick wholesaler and selfie stick supplier, you can purchase a selfie stick, an advertising selfie stick, a personalized selfie stick. Modern, elegant and ergonomic, this technological gem will make a perfect business goodies idea. To personalize it, opt for one of our marking techniques: screen printing, pad printing… Our personalized selfie sticks will have a significant impact on all your communication actions!

A personalized selfie stick for your business relationships

Take a tour of the Hightech Gifts online catalog, a benchmark selfie stick wholesaler, to discover the personalized selfie stick that you will offer to your customers or partners. Thanks to its ergonomic and modern design, you will surprise its beneficiary. Whether it is during a business or private trip, your professional entourage will be happy to use your selfie stick, your personalized selfie stick to immortalize all the good times they have experienced. This advertising and customizable selfie stick will allow him to take a variety of photos from different perspectives. Do not wait any longer to choose the advertising selfie stick, the customizable selfie stick in the image of your company.

Selfie stick price: very attractive

As a selfie stick wholesaler, we offer a wide range of telescopic selfie sticks, including: extendable selfie stick, monopod and tripod selfie stick, trigger stick telescopic pole, bluetooth selfie telescopic pole, cable selfie stick, mini telescopic pole , personalized selfie stick, advertising selfie stick ... Practical and useful on a daily basis, our selfie sticks will certainly please your customers and prospects. If you also personalize them with your logo or your slogan, you will make them particularly effective communication media. Take advantage of our wide range of selfie sticks! Our selfie stick prices are very affordable.

A personalized selfie stick that enhances your brand

The models of advertising selfie stick and personalized selfie stick that we present in our catalog are very practical. In addition to being small and compact, they do not require any connection. Our selfie sticks are obviously customizable with your logo or your slogan. Whether you offer them as end-of-year gifts, business gifts for clients, or incentive gifts for your staff and employees, our poles will surely meet with enormous success. They will allow very effective visual communication. Order your personalized selfie sticks without delay from your selfie stick wholesaler! We offer advantageously priced selfie sticks.