Are you looking for a business or customer gift that is both practical and useful for your customers or employees? Think of mugs or gourds! This is THE type of goodies which is sure to please and which has daily use.

A cheap promotional item

In addition, the recipient, whether a partner, customer or supplier, will feel valued, as this advertisment object cheap will be useful throughout the year. In this section, you will find a wide choice of mugs and gourds to offer as advertising goodies or corporate gifts. With the different models, our mugs and gourds will be appreciated, while enhancing the person who offers them.

Mugs and gourds as promotional items

Opt for our promotional items such as mugs and gourds, offered online at very affordable prices, allowing you to show great attention to the recipient, while controlling your CE budget.

  • advertising-object-manaslu-thermos
  • mug-coffee-100-ml-mini-format.
  • mug-white-sublimation-coffee-house
  • mug-ceramic-330-ml-white-antana-flavoured.
  • mug-ceramic-multicolor-glass-metallised-fashion.
  • mug-ceramic-color-for-white-chalk.
  • mug-ceramics-supports-spoon-of-colour.
  • mug-heart-sublimation-300-ml
  • mug-slash-chalk-slash-word.
  • mug-white-sublimation-250-ml
  • mug-magic-black-effect-invisible.
  • sublimation-round-mug-with-spoon-holder.
  • mug-ceramic-sublimation-with-spoon-holder
  • mug-cartagene-sublimation-330-ml-blue
  • mug-ceramic-sublimation-sleeve-trend
  • mug-retro-sublimation-in-metal

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