A must in the world of well-being ...epilator women ! It is designed to meet the needs of women who love to take care of themselves.

A targeted advertising object

This feminine accessory allows women to reserve a moment just for themselves ... It is perfectly suitable for a CE gift or a customer gift!!! The epilator for women, among all the products in the section Male / Female Beauty, will appeal to a large part of your customers. Find here our selection of women's epilator to offer as personalized business gift and striking!

The epilator for women: an EC gift on a low budget

Our women's epilators are available to you online at very affordable prices, allowing you to stand out without exceeding your EC budget. Our marking service is at your disposal to personalize your corporate gifts or CE gifts in the colors of your brand.

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The electric epilator, the cheap business gift on Cadeaux Hightech

The electric epilator is the essential accessory for the well-being of all those who like to take care of their body. The female epilator in particular meets the needs of active women. Appearing in the Men's / Women's Beauty section of Hightech Gifts, it is the ideal product to offer as a customer gift or CE gift. With a personalized electric epilator or an advertising electric epilator, be sure that you will stand out among your employees and business partners. You will just be happy with a gift on a low budget. Consult your electric epilator wholesaler / electric epilator supplier and order your tactile epilator, your personalized small quantity business gift.

What about the electric epilator

Home hair removal accessory, the electric epilator has evolved a lot compared to the first generations. Competing in terms of technology, electric epilators are today the best allies of women. Indeed, with more tweezers, more speeds and more accessories, these female epilators, in particular the tactile epilators, make it possible to remove hair with ease. The result is also remarkable: smooth skin in a single hair on the shaved parts. But what is an electric epilator, and how does it work?

What is an electric epilator?

The elimination of unwanted hair is part of the beauty and well-being of women. To achieve long-lasting results, using an electric epilator is rewarding. This device is used to maintain the skin. It helps remove unwanted hair follicles from the legs, arms, armpits, bikini areas, and sometimes even the face. The electric epilator acts on the hairs thanks to a rotating head equipped with tweezers. As the device passes over the areas to be treated, the hairs are pulled out at the root. The best electric epilators can remove over 10,000 hairs per minute. It only takes a few minutes to epilate an entire area. According to a study, the electric epilator is a woman's business. Indeed, nearly 93 % women in Europe use this device to get rid of bothersome hair. In this logic, the accessory is recognized as the ideal female epilator. As an electric epilator wholesaler / electric epilator supplier, we offer all kinds of electric epilators.

The benefits of the electric epilator

The electric epilator has become a real ally in the fight against unsightly hair. This revolutionary device offers many advantages. Your electric epilator wholesaler / electric epilator supplier will be happy to provide details. - Slower regrowth: electric hair removal is a quick method that offers very significant results. After a session, the skin remains clear and soft for 3 to 4 weeks. The hairs that grow back are more discreet, since they are finer. - A quick session: as an electric epilator offers various speed options, the epilation session is fast. Depending on the areas to be treated, it takes on average 2 to 3 minutes. On extended areas such as the legs, it is advisable to use the fastest speed. - Innovative technology: many brands equip their devices with technologies that limit the discomfort caused by tweezers. This is how you will find waterproof devices with interchangeable heads offering a surprising experience. Hair removal becomes a pleasant moment. - A good quality / price ratio: if the wax strips and razors are disposable and need to be replaced as they are used, electric epilators last longer. Knowing that an epilator costs between 40 and 100 euros, this price will be quickly amortized if you use it once or twice a month. The electric epilator, in particular the tactile epilator, thus constitutes an excellent compromise between shaving which damages the hairs and sessions at the beautician which are a little too expensive. Obtain from your electric epilator wholesaler for your corporate gifts.

The different types of electric epilator

With the technological innovations of recent years, the electric epilator often changes skin. You will find on the market (and at your electric epilator wholesaler) 3 types of electric epilators, advertising electric epilator, with an operating mode that is specific to each model.

- The electric spring epilator: the first epilator of this type was the Epilady launched by Mepro. The apparatus incorporated a coil spring, curved with coils and actuated by the motor. As it rotated, the spring flexed, gripping and pulling the hair follicles as it passed the skin. This continual sagging caused failure. Therefore the springs were sold separately as spare parts. Manual spring-loaded facial epilators are still available today.

- The electric epilator with rotating discs: the first model is the Lady Remington Smoooth and Silky. The device works almost the same as the Epilady model. The only difference: the spring is replaced by a series of metal discs.

- Electric epilator with tweezers or tweezers: a series of metal plates is mounted in a plastic case. When the epilator head is rotated, the tips of the plates create a pinching effect, thus mimicking the work of several tweezers by pulling the hairs out at the root. This type of device can be broken down into a tactile epilator and a woman's epilator.

Ask your electric epilator wholesaler / electric epilator supplier for advice to find the right electric epilator for you. Your electric epilator wholesaler will meet your wildest demands.

Find all kinds of devices at your electric epilator wholesaler

Are you looking for an efficient electric epilator, a female epilator, a touch epilator offering good value for money? Specialty shops are plentiful in town, but also on the Internet. Hightech Gifts in particular is an experienced electric epilator wholesaler / online electric epilator supplier. You will discover different models and brands of electric epilators to choose from, including personalized electric epilators and advertising electric epilators.

An electric epilator wholesaler to advise you

As an electric epilator wholesaler and electric epilator supplier, we provide you with diverse products. We wholesale electric epilators from top brands, which guarantee reliable results. You will find high-end quality epilators at very competitive prices with us. Braun silk Epil wet electric epilator, Babyliss ladygliss electric epilator, Calor silence soft electric epilator, Elite electric epilator, Epilady electric epilator, Easy white and blue electric epilator, pink and white Philips epilator… These female epilator models are also intended for individuals , only to specialist resellers, hairdressing salons, electric epilator supplier, stores. Several criteria must be taken into account at the time of purchase: number of tweezers, speeds, accessories, price ... To help you choose the appropriate electric epilator, a personalized electric epilator or an advertising electric epilator, do not hesitate to contact your electric epilator wholesaler online.

Choose your epilator woman according to the tweezers

The number of tweezers is decisive in choosing an electric epilator for women. It will depend on the effectiveness of the operation. In fact, the more tweezers there are, the more satisfactory the result will be. The number varies from 8 to 40 depending on the device. - Women epilators with less than 10 tweezers, such as the Philips epilator HP6565 / 00, allow you to epilate delicate and sensitive areas such as the armpits, face and bikini line. They offer gentle hair removal. - Epilators with almost 20 tweezers, such as the Braun Silk Epil 3 3270, are ideal for beginners and people with sensitive skin. - Epilators with almost 30 tweezers like the Braun Silk-Epil 5 5-531 epilator, provide a satisfying experience. - Epilators with a system of nearly 40 tweezers are recommended for those used to electric hair removal. This type of device guarantees fast and very effective sessions, but the unpleasant sensations are not limited. Get advice from your electric epilator wholesaler / electric epilator supplier at the time of purchase!

Other criteria for purchasing the female epilator

Other criteria should be considered when purchasing an electric epilator, a female epilator, from your electric epilator wholesaler / electric epilator supplier. - The pain relief system: this criterion is crucial since it is important that hair removal provides more comfortable sensations than unpleasant feelings. Massage balls and massage rollers associated with vibrations (for sophisticated models) are among the pain relieving systems most used by manufacturers such as Philips or Braun. They make it possible to limit tightness during the operation. - The Wet & Dry function: thanks to this function, you have the possibility of using the epilator in the open air and under water. The Braun Silk-épil Wet & Dry and the Panasonic Wet & Dry have this functionality. They can thus be used in the shower or in the bath. By epilating in water, your skin will be more soothed since the pores are better dilated. - Accessories: interlocking at the head of the device, they are essential for complete hair removal. The most common are: the swivel head, the shaving head and trimmer, the precision attachment, the face attachment and exfoliating brushes. - The wired or wireless option: battery operated, cordless epilators offer great freedom of movement. Corded models, on the other hand, offer more autonomy (30 to 40 minutes). - Light: being a small led on the head of the electric epilator, it allows you to see the shaved area. - The price: the price of an electric epilator varies from 25 € to 150 €, depending on its functions, accessories and options. Be sure that you will find the electric epilator offering good value for money from your electric epilator wholesaler.

A local electric epilator supplier

If you are looking for an electric epilator supplier near you, you've come to the right place. Also wholesaler of electric epilator, we offer a whole selection of electric epilator, woman epilator, tactile epilator, waterproof epilator for all budgets and all tastes. Whether you are looking for a leg epilator, an arm epilator, a facial epilator or an intimate areas epilator, we will meet your needs. We also provide you with personalized electric epilators as well as advertising electric epilators.

An electric epilator supplier that meets your needs

End-of-year celebrations, Christmas celebrations, company anniversaries… Whatever the occasion, give your employees and business partners a special corporate gift. As an electric epilator wholesaler and electric epilator supplier, we offer a wide choice of electric epilators, tactile epilators, women's epilators with different functions. To find the hair removal device that suits you, consult our catalog. We have many references in epilator. We have among others: - Electric epilator Braun (Silk Epil Wet; Silk Body ...) - Electric epilator Calor (Silence Soft, Flower Love ...) - Electric epilator Babyliss Ladygliss - Electric epilator Epilady - Electric epilator Elite - Epilator Electric Calor - Electric Epilator Easy - Epilator Lady skyn AEG - Epilator Philips

We also provide you with Flawless eyebrow and duvet epilators, Hangsun shaver epilators, Beurer epilators and peels, Rowenta leg epilators. Not to mention personalized electric epilators and promotional electric epilators. Quickly contact your electric epilator wholesaler / electric epilator supplier to be satisfied.

Offer a tactile epilator to your employees: an excellent idea

You want to please your work partners and employees, but do not know what gift CE to offer them. As an electric epilator wholesaler and electric epilator supplier, we offer you the latest generation touch epilators. You will have a wide choice between different rechargeable female epilators, such as the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 PL5137 epilator, the Transer Yes Finishing Touch with photosensitive sensor, the compact Lady Epilator Laser, the Wireless Soft Touch with laser sensor or the epilator eyebrow eyebrow eyebrow led light. Our tactile epilators remove hair instantly and painlessly. Our personalized electric epilator and promotional electric epilator are supplied in customizable boxes. Enough to move your targets and boost your image! You can order these small quantity personalized business gifts from your electric epilator wholesaler.

Indulge yourself with a latest generation touch epilator

You have decided to express your gratitude to your professional entourage with an original corporate gift. Trust your electric epilator wholesaler. We have the answer to your desires. Do you want to offer a practical and efficient tool that can be used in all circumstances? Think of an advertising electric epilator. Why not the FinalTouch touch epilator? This latest generation epilator offers a fast and painless hair removal experience. It is suitable for all parts of the body: arms, stomach, face, armpits, and even the least accessible and most sensitive areas. With its micro-oscillation technology, unwanted hair is removed in seconds. The skin becomes instantly clear and silky. By purchasing your CE gifts from your electric epilator wholesaler and electric epilator supplier, you will be guaranteed to enjoy a personalized electric epilator.

Offer an advertising electric epilator to your professional entourage

To find the best advertising object adapted to your objective and your target, ask for our services. We support you in the search for an effective advertising gift, a high-tech advertising object, a goodies dedicated to the beauty of the body, a business gift dedicated to well-being. Shaving set, hygiene accessories, electric epilator, tactile epilator, female epilator… Your electric epilator wholesaler and electric epilator supplier will meet your expectations. Our personalized electric epilator and promotional electric epilator will make perfect corporate gifts.

Find the right advertising electric epilator

Whether as part of a company party, end-of-year celebrations (Christmas), a birthday or a professional fair, please your professional entourage with an original gift, a corporate gift with a good quality / price ratio, an advertising gift that takes your breath away. Opt for an advertising electric epilator. Design and high-end, this goodies is prized by many companies. As a product intended for beauty and well-being, the electric epilator, the tactile epilator moreover, will appeal to the modern fairer sex. This female epilator will make an excellent corporate gift or CE gift. As an electric epilator wholesaler and electric epilator supplier, we can offer you products of remarkable quality. If you need help with product selection, please do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors.

The personalized electric epilator, the ideal corporate gift idea

Would you like to thank your employees and collaborators for their involvement? Retain your customers? Reach as many prospects as possible? Opt for a small quantity personalized corporate gift for a better communication strategy and better visibility of your company and your brand. To do this, opt for a personalized electric epilator, or advertising electric epilator. This goodies dedicated to beauty and well-being will seduce your professional entourage. He can keep it for a long time. As an electric epilator wholesaler and electric epilator supplier, we offer a wide selection of customizable electric epilators. Depending on your budget, choose between Braun Silk-epil, Calor and Philips touch epilators. You can personalize your personalized gift according to your desires and preferences.

Choose a small quantity personalized corporate gift

As corporate gifts have become essential, more and more companies are providing personalized promotional items at very advantageous prices. This is the case with your electric epilator wholesaler and electric epilator supplier. We provide you with a large choice of small quantity personalized business gifts such as advertising electric epilator, personalized electric epilator, personalized woman epilator, personalized touch epilator. We give you the opportunity to order electric epilators in a limited number according to your budget, but also to the number of your customers or collaborators. Moreover, know that it is better to bet on quality than on quality. Rest assured that the products we offer as electric epilator wholesaler and electric epilator supplier will satisfy your business relationship with their quality.