Another product that will be very popular with men ... razor or trimmer for men!!!! They are designed to meet the needs of men who like to take care of themselves very closely.

The men's razor and trimmer: please your employees

This hairstyling or shaving accessory saves time for those who are concerned about their image and want to save time and money by saving the costs of the hairdresser ... It is perfectly suitable for a CE gift or a corporate gift !!! The razor or trimmer for men, among all the products in the section Male / Female Beauty will delight all men, so go ahead and find here our selection of men's razor / trimmer to offer as an original and striking customer gift!

An original CE gift for men

Our men's razors / trimmers are available to you online at very affordable prices, allowing you to stand out without exceeding your CE budget. Our marking service is at your disposal to personalize your corporate gifts or CE gifts in the colors of your brand.

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The men's electric razor and the men's trimmer: professional gifts on Cadeaux Hightech

The men's electric razor and the men's trimmer are essential accessories for men. This type of gift is available at a low price. To find some, go to Hightech Gifts, your men's electric razor supplier, in the Beauty-man-woman / razor-trimmer-man section. There is something for all tastes and all budgets. Your men's electric razor supplier also offers women's trimmer razor models. The men's electric razor and the men's trimmer are perfect as professional gifts. You can offer men's electric shavers and men's trimmers for your employees, your business partners and your customers. At your men's electric shaver supplier, there are models of men's electric shaver and men's trimmer for sensitive skin. Visit the site to see the different offers that await you.

What you need to know about the men's electric razor

Having gradually imposed itself against the mechanical razor, the men's electric razor, like the men's trimmer, offers a quick and pleasant shave. It also turns out to be more economical since you no longer need to buy blades and foam as regularly. But its biggest advantage is the comfort it brings. In recent years, many brands have created models of electric shavers that are more efficient and respectful of the sensitivity of the skin. But faced with the plethora of offers on the market, how do you distinguish the right products?

How to choose your men's electric razor?

An essential element of the bathroom, the men's electric razor is available in different models. Here are some things that will help you choose the right electric shaver for men. - Cutting technology. Electric razors have cutting elements. Razors with 2 elements provide a “3-day beard” finish, those with 3 or 4 elements a precise shave, and those beyond 4 elements a perfect shave. - Food. A razor for every lifestyle. Battery-powered models are made for nomadic men who are constantly on the move. They offer more flexibility when it comes to their use. The mains-powered models are suitable for everyday shaving. As for the mixed models, they constitute an excellent compromise between the two. - Autonomy. There are 3 battery life levels for battery operated shavers: standard (less than 35 minutes) for shaving every 3 days, high (40 to 50 minutes) for daily shaving, and very high (more than 50 minutes) . - The charging time. Electric razors offer 3 types of charging: standard (more than 8 hours), fast (between 3 and 5 hours), ultra fast (less than 2 hours). - The cleaning system. Depending on your preferences, opt for an electric shaver offering a manual, automatic or underwater cleaning system.

An electric razor to please your employees

The men's electric razor is the perfect accessory for men who want to take care of themselves. Treat your employees by offering them an electric razor as a CE gift. You will find on the market (as well as at your men's electric shaver supplier / men's electric shaver wholesaler) two types of men's electric razor. - The men's electric razor with rotating heads: ideal for supple beards and very sensitive skin, this men's electric razor provides a clean and quick shave. The first model was invented by Philips in 1939. It consisted of round grids equipped with circular rotating blades. This men's electric shaver has two or three rotating heads, depending on the model. Thanks to the flexible support of the head, the shaver conforms perfectly to the contours of the face. The SweetLF electric razor for men is a standard bearer. - Men's electric shaver with vibrating blades (grid): this type of men's electric razor is suitable for hard and coarse beards. It consists of a vibrating blade under a microperforated grid which cuts the hairs with great precision. This men's electric razor offers an irreproachable shave by adapting to the shape of the face. Braun, Panasonic and Remington men's electric shavers have adopted this system.

What about the men's razor trimmer?

Shaving is an integral part of the new male routines. To maintain the beard, the razor clippers models are today the most coveted. The devices can be with rotating heads (for a clean shave) or with foils, waterproof or not. These models cost between a few tens to several hundred euros. The men's razor mower is the perfect corporate gift. From your men's electric razor supplier and men's electric razor wholesaler, you can buy branded electric razors, supplied with a trimmer accessory. You will have the choice between: - the Remington men's electric shaver and its retractable trimmer, - the Philips men's electric shaver (S Series) and its clip-on trimmer - the Philips RQ1175 / 32 men's electric shaver and its second beard trimmer head - the Braun Cooltec CT5CC men's electric shaver and its central trimmer - the Braun Series 9 9296CC men's electric shaver and its Direct & Cut trimmer that aligns the hairs before they are cut. The products operate on battery, mains or rechargeable battery, depending on the model. Able to be carried anywhere, electric razors are convenient on the go. They make it easy to trim beards and mustaches. Each device has a trimmer that helps to precisely outline the contours of the beard. Of course, a real electric mower will be more efficient. Some electric shavers are battery operated. On this type of device, a light flashes when the battery is almost empty so that you can make the necessary arrangements. Your wholesaler of electric razor for men and wholesaler of mower for men also sells razors equipped with a cleaning base.

The man mower, a practical and trendy accessory

The electric trimmer was designed to shape the beard. It is particularly aimed at people who want to sport the hipster look, have a well-trimmed 3-day beard and even a very long beard. The device has an undeniable advantage: it allows you to trim the beard to the desired height. In order to meet the needs of a large clientele, major brands have monopolized the electric shaver market. But how do you choose your mower for men?

How to choose your beard trimmer?

The electric trimmer is the best device to maintain the beard, without the risk of cutting or irritating the skin. Thanks to its many accessories, it becomes a multi-functional trimmer that can be used to trim the chest, cut hair, or get rid of unwanted hair from the ears and nose. To choose this beauty accessory, you must take into account a few criteria. - Cutting height: each mower is equipped with 3, 6, 9 or 14 millimeter clogs, similar to small combs. These combs allow you to choose the length of beard to cut and adopt the desired style. Some mower models offer over 40 different cutting heights. - Mains or rechargeable: you have the choice between a device operating on the mains and another rechargeable. While the cordless model offers more freedom of movement, the corded model can be plugged into any outlet. A versatile model also exists. - Autonomy: the autonomy of the mower for men is also an important criterion of choice. The battery of the rechargeable mower in particular has an autonomy ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours. For regular use and optimal comfort, a device with an autonomy of at least 50 minutes is ideal. To avoid battery failure during use, the fast charge function is preferred.

A quality men's trimmer to work the beard well

You are a hairdresser, barber, hair stylist and you are looking for a durable and efficient men's clipper. Be aware that a big mower is not necessarily a good mower. The best mower is the one that adapts to the uses you want to make of it (styles, lengths, gradients, finishes…). Treat yourself to a professional man mower kit that is durable and efficient. To do this, seek the services of a man mower wholesaler or man mower supplier near you. You can be sure to find the right mower for your needs. You will be spoiled for choice between: - the Remington man mower - the Philips man mower - the Wahl Stainless Steel man mower - the Braun man mower - the Panasonic man mower Note that the prices of these man mowers are very affordable.

You will also find hybrid male trimmer models on the market such as the Philips OneBlade male trimmer. This hybrid mower offers multifunctional use. It is perfect for all those who like to change their look: close shave, mustache, goatee, full beard… These cutting accessories allow you to work on the contours of the beard and to vary the cutting heights. The swivel blade perfectly conforms to the curves of the face, allowing for an even cut and a neat finish. Thanks to its smooth casing and more rounded edges, the trimmer blade will provide a comfortable and skin-friendly shave.

The women's razor trimmer, a very practical beauty accessory

Having a short haircut is not just for men. Women are more and more interested in the boyish hairstyle. The male lawnmower suppliers have understood this well! This is why they offer models of women's razor clippers: Wahl Elite Pro, Braun, Panasonic, Remington, Hatteker, Philips… Thanks to this device, women can carry out their cut themselves at home. The precise and fine size is guaranteed. If you are a barber or hair stylist, you can also purchase a ladies' razor from your male trimmer supplier.

Your wholesaler of men's electric shaver at your service

Discover a whole range of electric razors adapted to your needs on Hightech Gifts, your wholesaler of electric razor for men. We offer models from major brands such as Remington, Philips, Panasonic, Braun or Babyliss. We are also specialized in the sale of promotional men's electric razor, personalized men's electric razor, as well as men's trimmer.

Remington, a very popular brand from your men's electric razor wholesaler

Discover a wide selection of men's electric razor on Hightech Gifts. You will have the choice between different models of Remington electric razors: - the Remington Hyperflex Aqua men's razor trimmer - the Remington Powerseries PR1370 men's electric razor - the Remington Flex 360 men's electric razor - the Remington Comfort Series Pro men's electric razor Prices of our Remington electric shavers range from 31.98 euros to 135.89 euros. The wholesaler of electric shaver for men will make you benefit from many tempting offers and interesting promotions. We also offer you various possibilities for customizing our Remington shavers. Thus, you will find with us all kinds of Remington personalized electric razor for men and Remington promotional electric razor for men. In addition to electric razors, we also provide you with a whole range of men's and women's razors, trimmers and trimmers.

A men's electric razor supplier to personalize your CE gifts

Promotional items have become indispensable marketing tools. As a men's electric razor wholesaler and men's electric razor supplier, we are at your disposal to offer you customizable electric razors. Be sure that we offer you customization solutions adapted to your works council budget. You can contact us directly for advice or to order. We also take care of the delivery of your order. Your supplier of electric razor for men / wholesaler of electric razor for men ensures safe shipping. Your men's electric razor supplier also offers all kinds of promotional men's electric razors.

Discover our personalized men's electric razor offers

Do you want to personalize your business gifts and corporate gifts? Hightech Gifts, your men's electric razor supplier / men's electric razor wholesaler, offers a men's electric razor personalization service. We offer a range of personalized men's electric razors. We can put your company name, logo or slogan on personalized men's electric razor models. Your men's electric razor supplier is able to advise you to make your men's electric razor more stylish. Many customization possibilities are available for your Remington, Panasonic, Sweetshave electric shavers. Rest assured that our personalized men's electric razor models are unique and will appeal to their recipients. Also discover our promotional men's electric razor.

Get yourself advertising man electric razor

Offering an advertising gift is a mark of attention and recognition that will earn you points with your professional entourage, whether they are your employees, business partners or customers. This process will also help you to impose your mark on the collective unconscious. To do this, call your wholesaler electric razor for men. We provide you with various promotional electric razors for men, such as: - the promotional men's electric shaver Remington Hyperflex Aqua - the promotional men's electric razor Remington Powerseries PR1370 - the promotional men's electric razor Remington Flex - the promotional men's electric razor Remington comfort series pro As a men's electric razor wholesaler and men's trimmer wholesaler, we also offer Remington comfort series razor trimmer as well as Remington foil trimmer razor that you can customize and turn into promotional items.

A reliable male lawn mower wholesaler

In addition to being a men's electric shaver wholesaler, we are also a reliable men's trimmer wholesaler. In addition to our men's razor trimmer kits, discover our entire range of electric hair and beard trimmers. Also take advantage of our models of cheap man mower and personalized man mower. You can order our male mowers in small or large quantities, according to your needs.

Buy your mowers from your men's mower wholesaler

Discover different brands of mower for men on Hightech Gifts, your wholesaler mower for men: Philips, Remington, Philips, Wahl Stainless Steel, Braun, Panasonic. By purchasing from us, you will benefit from various promotions. Your men's electric razor wholesaler and men's trimmer wholesaler has a large stock of cheap men's trimmers. We also have trimmer models that can be used in the shower, as well as women's trimmer models. Thanks to our marking service, we are able to personalize your electric shavers.

Your man mower supplier: your satisfaction as a priority

Your men's electric shaver wholesaler and men's trimmer wholesaler aims to ensure your satisfaction. We are at your disposal to guide you towards the offer best suited to your works council budget. We thus offer products at unbeatable prices. Once you have chosen your model of electric shaver or electric trimmer from your male trimmer supplier, you can entrust us with its customization. We personalize your shavers and electric trimmers in your company colors. Your male lawn mower supplier can honor any type of order: small or large quantity. You can give away high-performance electric razors whether at a company party, an employee's birthday or promotion, or to thank a customer.

A personalized men's mower: a powerful corporate gift

Advertising from high-tech material is possible! Equipped with high-performance marking equipment, Cadeaux Hightech, your male lawn mower supplier, personalizes your electric mowers. We write your slogan, your logo, or the name of your company. We guarantee you precise work and an aesthetic result, just like your company. Several models of advertising man mower are available. You will find advertising male trimmers for hair and beards, cheap advertising male trimmers, high performance advertising male trimmers, advertising male trimmers in your company colors. Please note that our men's mower prices are among the best on the market. You can count on the team of your man mower supplier to ensure the delivery of your orders as soon as possible. The advertising man mowers are delivered in metal boxes. Your man mower wholesaler / man mower supplier can provide the quantity of promotional man mower necessary to accomplish your project.

The advertising man mower: a revolutionary strategy

Giving a man mower is a quick way to advertise yourself. You will be able to customize the device as you wish. In general, it is common to display your company name, slogan, or logo on corporate gifts. Use this technique to make yourself known to as many people as possible. For this, trust your male mower wholesaler and male mower supplier. In the section beauty-man-woman / razor-trimmer-man, we offer different types of personalized male trimmer. Offer these personalized man mowers to your employees and business partners at a company party or end of year celebrations. Also remember to thank your privileged customers for their loyalty with a personalized man mower. Count on your men's electric shaver wholesaler and men's trimmer wholesaler to provide you with the quantity of electric razors you need.