Are you planning to offer a corporate gift or a valuable EC gift to one of your partners or to your most important client? Whatever the nature of the occasion, a professional or private event, theHome Cinema set will know how to serve you as a prestigious customer gift.

Personalized gifts for the end of year celebrations

Luxurious but also useful, this gift will allow you to move your collaborator, while offering your company a modern, creative and dynamic brand image. We propose here a vast catalogue of top-of-the-range Home Cinema sets, available in our section Picture, in CE gifts or personalized gifts, offered online at attractive prices.

CE gifts for the joy of your employees

Don't hesitate any longer and come and choose among our branded home cinema sets to offer as a gift. CE gift prestigious. Our discounts on home cinema offers will help you save on your EC budget. You can also complete your gift with our LCD / LED TVs, to make your gift even more wonderful.

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Do you want to give a CE gift or a corporate gift to a dedicated employee, a business partner, a very important customer? The home cinema is a prestigious gift to offer in all circumstances: company evening, end of year celebrations, awards ceremony… With this luxurious and practical gift cinema, you will give your business a modern and more dynamic image. You can be sure that you open up your coworker. In our Image section, discover a whole selection of high-end home cinema sets, wireless home cinema, personalized home cinema, advertising home cinema offered at very competitive prices. As a home cinema wholesaler / home cinema supplier, we will be able to meet your expectations, whether in terms of quality or budget.

Home cinema

Home cinema is strictly speaking a home cinema. In recent years, the world of home cinema has become widely democratized. Technological advances have allowed many manufacturers to diversify their products and present more efficient systems. On the one hand, there are items designed for hobbyists who cannot invest in a high-end installation. Regarding sound bars, they are very efficient and reproduce undeniable sound effects. On the other hand, some models are dedicated to passionate customers who do their utmost to have an installation that resembles a movie theater. The choice of home cinema set will depend mainly on needs and budget. Focus on this facility that will delight the whole family! You will find different models at your home cinema wholesaler: wireless or wired home cinema.

What is home cinema?

Technically, it is all the devices and devices essential to reproduce the atmosphere and experience of a movie theater, both visually and soundly. It is arguably the best alternative for setting up a private home theater room. Generally, the home cinema consists of a TV screen (LCD or plasma), a DVD or Blu ray player, an amplifier, 2 front speakers and a central speaker. The whole often offers a sensational rendering. Additional elements complete the installation: subwoofer, surround speakers, retractable screen, overhead projector, video projector… Thanks to a home cinema, you will be at the heart of the action. The experience will be even more successful as the speakers are installed at strategic locations in the show. You will totally immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the movie you will be watching. You will also have the opportunity to discover your favorite films from another dimension. Strong sensations guaranteed! Take a look on the website of your home cinema wholesaler for some ideas of classic home cinema, but also of wireless home cinema.

The composition of a home cinema set

The home cinema set is an all-in-one device. It is advisable to pay particular attention to all the elements that compose it. - Image: A 16: 9 format retractable projection screen and a video projector are perfect for providing a "cinema" type rendering. A 42-inch HDTV will also do the trick. - Speakers: the number of speakers to install in the room depends on preferences (from 2 to 11). A home cinema set consists of 2 side speakers and a subwoofer, offering HiFi stereo sound. A 5-speaker set provides surround sound. For a more realistic experience, a minimum of 5 speakers is required. - The amplifier: this element is essential for optimizing the sound and decoding the different sound formats (DTS HD Master Audio, Dolby True HD, etc.). Depending on the model, it is possible to broadcast a sound in 2.1 to 11.2. Manufacturers like Yamaha, Onkyo and Pioneer offer “mainstream” models, while Anthem, Cambridge Audio, Arcam or NAD design high-end models. - Connections: the home cinema amplifier must be compatible with all the audio and video sources you have: DVD or Blu-Ray player, vinyl turntable, PS4 or Xbox console, NAS, Media Center, music library, USB key, disc external hard ... The device must have different connectors: HDMI, RCA, S-Video, component (3 red, green and blue sockets) and composite (yellow socket), phono input, headphone output ... - Connectivity: new amplifiers integrate wireless connectivity making it possible to adapt to various audio and video sources (laptop, smartphone, tablet, home sharing network, etc.) and to share audio and video files (stored or streaming): Wifi and Bluetooth. - The remote control: it is possible to control the home cinema set and the television set with a single remote control, if the 2 devices have the same brand and support the HDMI-CEC and ARC functions. Please note: AquosLink (Sharp), BraviaLink (Sony), VieraLink (Panasonic), SimpLink (LG), EasyLink (Philips), AnyNet (Samsung). In the absence of HDMI-CEC, a universal remote control must be used. You will find this set at Cadeaux Hightech, your experienced home cinema wholesaler. It can be declined in wireless home cinema and home cinema with wires

Luxury home cinema: what type of video projector to choose?

To live an intense cinema experience, it is important to choose the right video projector for the home cinema. The choice of equipment must therefore depend on the volume of the room, the distance between the projection screen and the video projector, the space between the screen and the viewers. Thus, the resolution of the image, the brightness, the contrast and the sound index of the fan constitute selection criteria to be taken into account. For total immersion in the home cinema atmosphere, preference should be given to Full HD (1080p), Ultra HD (2160p) or even 4K (Sony or JVC) type video projectors. These devices offer good contrast (2000: 1) in order to exploit the full potential of HD sources such as the Blu ray player, the PC with HD graphics card. The objective is to obtain a rendering close to that in real cinemas. In short, to enjoy a luxury home cinema, a wireless home cinema, a personalized home cinema.

Wireless home cinema: a very popular set

Over the years, the technology embedded in home cinema sets has evolved a lot. It is now possible to no longer have to worry about cables. In recent years, more efficient equipment has appeared in various homes: wireless home cinema. Focus on this latest generation luxury home cinema that you can discover at your home cinema wholesaler and home cinema supplier. Be sure that the wireless home cinema you choose will be a quality device.

How wireless home cinema works

A large number of state-of-the-art home theaters offer advanced technologies. Regarding wireless home cinema, the device allows you to view your favorite movie in an enveloping atmosphere from a smartphone or laptop. It should be noted that only the subwoofer is devoid of wired accessory, offering more practicality in the use of the whole. This communicates with the amplifier using wireless technology. It is also possible to directly connect the home cinema with other multimedia devices via Bluetooth or Wifi technology. Ask your home cinema wholesaler and home cinema supplier for advice to learn more about wireless home cinema.

Opt for a quality wifi home cinema set

Home cinema sets are accessible to everyone. Indeed, it is possible to find this type of product in specialized stores. Moreover, the big brands are working to offer consumers exceptional sound quality. Sometimes, the great diversity of offers on the market makes it difficult to choose. Some models may suit your needs, some may not. On the other hand, wireless home cinema sets like the LG LHB625 Audio System will be unanimous. In addition to the absence of bulky cables, the device offers good user comfort. When buying, however, it is advisable to take into account the basic criteria, including the brand (Bose, Sony or Samsung), sound quality, design, without forgetting your budget. Take a look at your home cinema wholesaler / home cinema supplier to discover the home cinema set, the wireless home cinema that suits you.

The best luxury home cinema with wireless technology

To give you a unique audiovisual experience, manufacturers have developed different models of home cinema, wireless home cinema. Top-of-the-range quality, these devices offer you a total immersion identical to a movie theater. You will be delighted to discover the home cinema set capable of bringing a whole new dimension to your media. The hottest luxury wireless home cinema brands are Sony, Bose, LG Onkyo and Samsung. Philips, the Dutch brand stands out from its competitors with wireless home cinemas that are easy to install and include innovative features. These equipments also guarantee you great satisfaction in terms of price. You will be able to have fun without breaking the bank. To do this, take a look at your home cinema wholesaler / home cinema supplier.

A home cinema wholesaler at your service

Fans of great movies and cinema love powerful sounds paired with quality visuals. This is the reason why many people go to theaters to see movies. The appearance of home cinema made it possible to get closer to the rendering in the theater. By equipping yourself with a home cinema system, you can reproduce spatialized sound. To discover all kinds of trendy products, trust us. We are a home cinema wholesaler recognized for the quality of our equipment. Also home cinema supplier, we provide you with inexpensive home cinema, personalized home cinema, advertising home cinema, wireless home cinema.

An experienced home cinema wholesaler accompanies you

Thanks to streaming, access to films and series is facilitated. However, the comfort offered is far from rivaling that of cinemas. To live an almost similar experience, it is advisable to have a home cinema, a home cinema set, a luxury home cinema, a wireless home cinema. You can, however, get lost among cables, receivers, hi-fi equipment and speakers. This is where we come in. As a home cinema wholesaler and home cinema supplier, we will offer you all kinds of home cinema accessible to all budgets, including advertising home cinema. Between Philips, Samsung, LG and Sony home cinema sets, the choice is vast. To allow you to select the equipment that meets your needs, we have listed the characteristics of all the devices.

Find a cheap home cinema with us

As a home cinema wholesaler and home cinema supplier, we provide you with a variety of products. The democratization of home cinema sets has lowered their prices on the market. This is why we are able to offer luxury home cinema, home cinema from big brands at low cost. With the plethora of existing models, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. To make things easier for you, we offer you the list of the best-selling home cinema systems from us. Samsung 5.1 home cinema, Samsung Blu-ray 3D, Sony BDV E2100 and Onkyo HT-S3800… You will surely find the personalized home cinema or inexpensive home cinema that matches your budget among our many references. We also have advertising home cinema, as well as wireless home cinema models.

The gift cinema adapted to all circumstances

You are looking for the perfect corporate gift. Trust us ! As a home cinema wholesaler and home cinema supplier, we have the answer to your needs. We offer you the ideal gift cinema according to your budget: a cheap home cinema, a personalized home cinema, an advertising home cinema, a wireless home cinema or a luxury home cinema. You can choose the different elements that make up the home cinema with us. TV screen (LED, LCD, 3K), DVD or Blu-ray player, amplifier, overhead projector, video projector, speakers, subwoofer… The quality will be there! We will help transform the living room of movie lovers or big movies fans into a home theater room. It will undoubtedly be the dream gift cinema for all occasions. We will not cease to satisfy you by offering you magnificent gift cinema at reasonable prices.

A home cinema supplier near you

For the purchase of your corporate and business gifts, trust Cadeaux Hightech. We offer you turnkey solutions. Do you want to offer a gift cinema, a branded high tech gift to your employees and business partners? Think of a home cinema, a personalized home cinema, an advertising home cinema, a luxury home cinema! As a home cinema supplier and home cinema wholesaler, we will meet your expectations. Also discover wireless home cinema models.

Enlist the services of an experienced home cinema supplier

You wish to offer a CE gift, a corporate gift in your image to your professional relations. And you wonder what branded high tech gift to give. In the world of corporate gifts and business gifts, there are many gift possibilities. A plethora of offers are also available on the market, allowing you to show your appreciation. If your goal is to surprise and move recipients, choose a gift cinema that is useful, practical and upscale at the same time. A home cinema, a cheap home cinema, a personalized home cinema or an advertising home cinema will do the trick.

We offer a wide range of home cinema, to choose from according to your budget:

- Samsung black 5.1 home cinema - Samsung 3D Blu-ray home cinema - Philips home cinema set - Sony home cinema set - LG LHB655 black home cinema set - Samsung 5.1 home cinema set HTJ5500 - Philips 3.1 home cinema set CSS5330B - Samsung home cinema set HTJ5550W - Philips Fidelio Home cinema set - Sony BDVN9200WB home cinema To find the right gift for your needs, contact your home cinema supplier. We put a team of experts at your service. Depending on your preferences, you can also turn to a wireless home cinema.

Advertising home cinema, a luxury business gift

It is customary to encourage your teams and reward the loyalty of a client on the occasion of a company evening, end of year celebrations or a professional event. This award allows you to express your gratitude, your esteem and your support towards your professional entourage. To surprise your employees, your business partners and your customers, give them the best high tech business gifts. In short, the gift that is out of the ordinary! Think of a home cinema, an advertising home cinema, a personalized home cinema. It could very well be a wireless home cinema. Request the services of your home cinema supplier and home cinema wholesaler. Listening to your requirements, we will assist you in choosing the advertising home cinema with logo that will make you known to your professional entourage

Indulge yourself with a personalized home cinema

Whatever the occasion, make your professional relationships happy. Give them a customizable corporate gift. To find the right gift for them, ask for our services. We have nearly 5,000 references in terms of trendy corporate gift ideas. In terms of gift cinema embedding innovative technologies, home cinema is the present to offer. As a home cinema wholesaler and home cinema supplier, we offer you personalized home cinema and advertising home cinema models. These luxury corporate gifts will delight your employees, partners and customers. We have selected major brands like Philips, Sony, LG, Samsung, Yamaha or Bose in order to provide you with quality products. You will make an impression and will undoubtedly please your professional entourage with a unique advertising home cinema, such as wireless home cinema.