Offering corporate gifts is now a common practice that is part of a communication strategy. It is therefore important for a company to choose the right high tech gifts to offer in order to be able to achieve its objectives successfully.

Optical advertising mouse, practical original goodies

You want to stand out with a corporate gift original and striking? Is your CE budget limited for this year? Why not offer your partners, customers and employees a personalized optical mouse in your company colors? This Goodies high-tech, available in our section Computer science, both practical and innovative, will give you a modern and dynamic image.

Optical mice, CE gifts at low prices

Find our range of optical mice brand name, available online at low prices. Also discover our optical car-shaped mice, a CE gift or customer gift to offer if your company is in the automotive sector. Our service of marking is at your disposal to personalize your Original goodies to offer.

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Giving optical mouse corporate gifts is now a common practice and part of a communication strategy. It is therefore important for a company to choose the high tech gifts to offer in order to be able to achieve its objectives successfully.

Practical original optical mice

Do you want to stand out with an original and striking optical mouse? Is your budget limited for this year? Why not offer your partners, customers and employees an optical or laser mouse in your company colors? High-tech wireless optical mouse, available in our IT section, both practical and innovative, will give you a modern and dynamic image. Discover our quality laser or optical mice to benefit from the best prices and advantages that we offer.

Optical or laser mice, a CE gift at a low price

Find our range of branded optical mice, available online at low prices. Optical mouse definition: the optical mouse uses a led or a laser to detect movements. The optical or laser sensor mouse does not have a mechanical part, works on all surfaces unlike the old rubber ball mouse. Wondering what is the difference between optical mouse and laser mouse? laser or optical mouse? In reality the difference is minimal and lies in the use of your mouse. the laser mouse is more suitable for adapting to all surfaces when moving for example and the optical mouse more suitable for stationary use in an office. Also discover our original wireless laser or optical mice customizable according to your communication needs. A corporate gift or customer gift to offer without moderation to your employees. Our marking service is at your disposal to personalize your wired optical mice to offer. We also have mini wireless optical mice, mini wired optical mice, rechargeable wireless optical mice, laser or optical mice, infrared optical mice, advertising wireless mice… you will be spoiled for choice by consulting our online catalog.

The optical mouse an essential element for your computer

The mouse is an essential element for anyone who works in an office, it is part of our daily life and included in our personal lives. It is therefore an ideal and practical gift that will prove interesting to reward or retain your employees while allowing them to remember your brand. You can easily affix a personalized message directly on the optical or laser mouse. It is a gift that is easily transported and used on a daily basis that you can share at special times such as the establishment of the works council budgets or the attribution of rewards to your best employees. Custom laser or optical mice will also allow you to identify your structure with your best customers to remind them of your interest in maintaining contact with them.

The different types of advertising mice:

There are different types of personalized laser or optical mouse, in the first most common case it is optical mice that allow thanks to a sensor and comes an LED and setting to transcribe the position of the latter very quickly with extremely movements. precise defined via the quality of the sensor and the associated surface. At high tech gift we only offer high quality pc mice which will prove to be extremely practical and ergonomic for professional use but also for everyday use while avoiding technical problems or the obsolescence of certain low-quality products that we totally exclude from our based.

  • Ergonomic mouse: There are many types of mice, whether they are ergonomic mice or gaming mice, they will in any case meet the expectations of your employees with an extremely long lifespan. You also have the option of getting wireless optical mice which comes in handy on the go or for use at different locations when clients or coworkers are on the go. there is also a multitude of sizes available with mini mice and fits completely in the palm of the hand and others that have many buttons and customizable options, it is this kind of mouse that we find with gamers.
  • Laser mouse: Wondering how a wireless optical mouse works? In addition to a mouse that is managed via an optical sensor, there are also laser mice used to analyze the delay and the latency between two positions on a reflective surface, which is also why some mice work not well on some surfaces. Laser or optical mice We only recommend the best of corporate gifts and High Tech gifts with the right mice on loan, selecting the best brands and keeping the best products based on customer reviews.
  • Classic mouse: the mouse for universal use, it can be used in a professional context especially when we are working on the Internet or on a computer. it is a gift that will delight anyone who can in an office work situation and thus serve the loyalty of your customers with the position of a personalized logo on the mouse of your choice. Personalized ringtone with your company logo:

Optical mouse packaging

We also pay particular attention to the packaging which can itself be personalized so that the delivery of a unique gift is totally tailor-made. The gift is doubly useful because you can also offer a personalized gaming mouse to one of your collaborators or employee, knowing that he is likely to use it in a personal context if you give him permission. As mentioned previously, some mice are quite suitable for gaming use with mice on which we will find fully customizable keys or even bright colors that can be defined by the user himself. The best wireless optical mice, mice have a dedicated dashboard so as to adjust the sensitivity of all the movements ergonomics of the mouse itself. Knowing that a laser or optical mouse has a lifespan of several years, it is worth investing because the gift to stay and especially with your brand image or personalized message that will remain at the center of attention to be placed on a desk being given that the mouse breasts inseparable elements of the mouse keyboard totally present on all of the computer worker's desks.

There are different brands that give different types of benefits depending on the desired purpose but also your budget that you have.

Tips for choosing the right mouse:

On simple request you can ask us to what we want to recommend on the best possible personalized mouse solutions, you can also send us the file or the precise request for the logo message to be affixed so that we can offer you a preview rendering. This will allow you to be reassured on the purchase of your personalized gift and therefore allow the best face to your employees or the recipients of this gift.

The LED optical mouse

Optical technology is constantly evolving and we only offer a selection of the best fully customizable LED mouse products. If you can have a trendy product (wireless optical mouse, retractable, pc or mac) loyalty is also useful, it can only delight your employees or better customers. A mouse as a gift and therefore a practical object that also wants to be fun and interesting when you want to reconcile a low budget for a gift with significant repercussions in terms of visibility and loyalty.

You can also make your choice among us in wired and which will have to remain connected by USB port on the computer, peripherals or then sub which are said wireless mouse for which it will be necessary to take care to put rechargeable batteries, wireless optical mouse rechargeable and above all do not forget to recharge them to change the batteries in these are at the end of their life. You can easily have an overview pointer on the state of the charge thanks to a dedicated panel or an indicator mechanism directly integrated on the wireless mouse.

The optical mouse a cheap high tech gift!

The advertising wireless mice that we offer can of course also adapt to conventional computers, Windows compatible desktop tower and regardless of the operating system, in place which is Windows or Mac. You can therefore be sure that the gift of a personalized mouse will not have to worry about being used in the right conditions. We recommend if possible to enhance the gift of a rechargeable wireless mouse with other computer-related objects such as a gaming mouse pad or black USB extensions or even charging cables with a Power Bank. This allows your customers or employees to benefit from a complete set of gifts with the guarantee of a smile in their pocket.

The computer mouse is an element that updates itself automatically and very easily and therefore will not have problems of compatibility or restriction of use with different types of computers or computer support.

Complete description of an optical mouse:

You have access to a complete description of the product directly on your online catalog and you can thus with the overviews and your request have the assurance that the product meets your expectations. Thanks to our online catalog you can establish requests at any time of the day and any day of the year, we respond with a tailor-made quote according to the elements you have indicated. Know that the quantity allows to have decreasing prices it is therefore recommended to provide, in the context of a large order, the fact of directly mentioning the quantity when you establish your request online. Computer mouse: The computer mouse is also available in several colors depending on certain models, so you will have to take into account the color of the mouse if you want to put your logo on it so that it remains clearly visible and that there is no compatibility between the color of the elements to be printed and the color of the support. Wide choice of high-end mice personalized to your company, mini optical wired mouse offers you the best value for money with start of consistent and products that have been preselected according to their qualities, rgb but also their appreciation for the loyalty side and comfort of the user. We only offer usb mice, laptop mice with fully functional promotional laser sensor which prove to be practical and comfortable to use with increased lightness and neat design.

Advertising goodies: Optical mouse customize

Promotional items (mini wired optical mouse, rechargeable optical mouse, sensor or laser mouse, etc.) are wreaking havoc in business communication and remain very popular with professionals insofar as they allow you to be representative of your structure through personalization. in your image and tailor-made. The mini Cooper computer mice that you put on the desk are therefore strictly speaking advertising objects that help maintain the image of tomorrow and build loyalty among the employees who receive this gift from you. You can thus perpetuate images of your structure with an ergonomic design mouse in a timeless manner and over time because it is not a gift that is eaten there is a gift together and you can therefore remind your employees of your partners that you are present every time they use the computer and their office mice. We advise to avoid putting photos directly on the mouse but rather to use a clear and readable logo of good quality high resolution to remain consistent and qualitative on the placement of a gift of this type. The cables supplied with wired mice are relatively long and can be used even if the office has one to keep away from the work area.

Design computer accessory: Find your optical mouse here

The computer mouse One of the essential accessories, it stays small and fits everywhere to ensure optimal use of the computer whether portable or stationary. We recommend instead the use of a wired mouse to avoid any loss of battery or lack of battery which can become very problematic in the context of professional use on the move for example. in fact with a wired mouse you will not have to worry about the battery while knowing that now the mice are made available with a cable has an anti-winding system to avoid knots. In any case, you can choose from our selection of the best mice suitable for professional use but also for private use. The best choices of laser or optical mouse are only on high tech gift the best of corporate and CE gifts. We always try to be one step ahead of the products put forward (mini usb, supplies, macbook vip, mouse for wireless bluetooth, computer equipment) in order to offer you the latest trends and the latest innovations in terms of optical and wired mice. In the high-end category of promotional mice you can find mice with a silent mode in terms of their movement and also with a high speed of execution.

High-end optical mouse for business

Some high-end mice also have very interesting features such as automatic standby or the management of a silent click, you also have mice which are said to be ergonomic to avoid all tendonitis or hand problems related to force use and prolonged or intensive in mice which after several hours of delegation can have symptomatic repercussions on the individual. Note that it could be very interesting for you to combine the creation of a personalized mouse with the delivery of a coherent and concordant mat with the gift, the mouse mat being able to be of an important dimension it can be interesting to impose a message or an image may reflect your interest in the user or to develop your brand image with your target customers. We have the necessary stock of surfing to provide for the delivery of several thousand mice and it is your need in record time and with an after-sales service available.

The best customer gift: a laser or optical mouse to personalize

During our selection of fully customizable mice, we take care to choose the most ergonomic and light laser or optical mice so as not to encumber the user, while having an adequate quality of assembly and finish. you can also provide ambidextrous design mice to ensure their use with both right-handed and left-handed people.

the computer mouse and a trendy gift will increase your image quality of marc and also reward their recipients. So do not hesitate to establish a request on our site and to consult all the products related to laser or optical mice also in the world of office automation, you can contact us for any further information or for any related request. when ordering a computer or PC laser or optical mouse.